Jade Empire Special Edition APK Remastered All Devices Support

Jade Empire Special Edition is Now Finally Remastered and Supports all android devices and screen resolutions including all Screen Aspect Ratios. Play this amazing classic PC game on your android devices.
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September 8, 2021
Android 4.0 and Up
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Jade Empire Special Edition APK finally arrived on Android. Masterpiece RPG game released in 2005 for PC now arrived for Android devices.if you have enjoyed the epic gameplay style of star wars knights of the old republic and you also like to fable in some martial arts fantasy action well then this game is for you.Game jade empire apk is available in premium titles but from Andropalace you can get it free for your Android phones.

Jade Empire Special Edition APK Remastered

This is jade empire MOD APK developed by bioware and released for the Xbox and PC in 2005 jade empire is an action RPG set in a mythical world based on ancient China. Game puts you in control of a male or female kung fu master that can follow either the way of the open palm or the way of the closed fist now those aren’t necessarily equivalent to good or evil or the light her dark side of the force the games philosophies are a bit more ambiguous and open as you can still fight with honor as you head down either path your character. characters are heavily customizable and you’re leveling as you can choose to upgrade their body mind and spirit which affects your levels of health focus.

You progress through the game thoroughly engaging storyline you learn plenty of new martial arts styles and transformation techniques to use in the game’s real-time combat the combat is precise frenzied challenging and just plain beautiful to watch.there’s a lot of depth in that aspect compared to your typical action RPG and it makes the 20-plus our storyline and addictive joy to play.

References to classic kungfu legends and movies and you’ll easily get sucked into jade empires APK universe. and maybe my only complaint about this game is that there’s nothing to complain about really this game is awesome and can appeal to a wide variety of players out there whether you’re into rpgs or beat’em ups.

What's In The MOD:-

Remastered Version of Jade Empire now Supports all android Devices Up To Android 12
Disabled Google Play binding;
Added support for high-resolution screens when playing on modern smartphones;
Added hardware acceleration to the main activity;
Android API version of the game has been raised to 30;
Implemented native isolation of the code from the OS kernel;
Fixed developer errors in the native code of the game;
Optimized application manifest.



24 comments on "Jade Empire Special Edition APK Remastered All Devices Support"

  1. The Nza says:

    Doesn’t work. Just says external permissions not granted although I have

  2. Koushyar says:

    I downloaded jade empire remastered , installed the apk and put the data in obb

    But when I open it says give it external storage permissions , I did it but again not work

    Had put the data both in external storage/android/obb and internal storage

    Device : a33 ram 8

  3. Mooncake says:

    I don’t know what Xiaomi did to this game but this game really hate Xiaomi, all of the problem is on the Xiaomi phone user, they’re both from China but why guys why!!!????, What’s with the hate!.

    • Nobody says:

      What are you on about? The devs that ported the game are not Chinese and neither Bioware. It’s your phone, the game runs fine on my vivo phone, without gamepad.

  4. antok_adjah says:

    tombol kontrolnya tidak terlihat.
    please fix the bug …

  5. Mr. Obvious says:

    Fix the game pls

  6. Anil rathore says:

    Game to play hor raha hai par button hi nahi dikha rahe he RG fix karey Please aur sirf apk ka link dey obb to hai

  7. Gaming king says:

    Game is working butt button not showing how to complete first tutorial please update only apk my device redmi note 9s

  8. Does anyone have same problem? I already download this game and when open it work! But I have one problem… The button icon to punch etc not appear and it’s difficult to attack. My phone was Redmi 9 Android 11 please RG do you have the solution?

  9. Rifaiburhanpurnama10 says:

    Does anyone have same problem. The game is work but! The button icon to punch etc not appear! Is this bug ? I’m using redmi 9 Android 11

  10. Rifaiburhanpurnama10 says:

    Umm… Can anyone solve my problem… I’m using redmi 9 Android 11 and the button icon to punch etc not appear. How to fix this? It’s so difficult to play!

  11. verxosa says:

    Button control not show in screen. Please help me

  12. Michael Agustin says:

    i only need the apk. can you upload it separately. thanks

  13. clarenshio says:

    works in Redmi note 9 android 11, thank you

  14. PURGATORY says:

    Thanks man.. You’re the best

  15. can you only upload the apk? i accidentally deleted it. but i already have the obb. thank you.

  16. mr shigureasa says:

    Thanks. For anybody wondering, this has controller support.

  17. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    Finally,a version that have no unlimited mod,yay

    Imma wait for the links though,Advance TY RG!

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