Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK MOD Paid Heroes Unlocked


If you’re a fan of tower defense games Kingdom rush vengeance will definitely be right up your alley in a non-sexual way. Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK MOD is the latest in the kingdom rush franchises just hit the Apple App Store and the Google Play store and it’s a solid evolution of an already excellent bit of core gameplay. Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK MOD is a Premium game but downloading KR Vengeance MOD APK will give you all paid heroes unlocked MOD with Unlimited Money,Gems and Coins.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK MOD Paid Heroes Unlocked 1.9.1

This time ill not be reviewing the game but ill give you few tips and tricks about winning in Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD APK with your Paid heroes unlocked. When you’re building your defenses I definitely recommend starting at the back and rather than building lords of crappy level 1 and level 2 towers. try construction just a handful of towers and then upgrade in them as soon as you got enough cash in the bank. The Gameplay is same as its predecessor. Build Towers and stop enemies at any cost.

For the most part, tower Defense games function admirably on versatile because of their straightforward tap controls and mechanics, which is presumably why such a significant number of them exist on our stage. While we have a lot of dependable alternatives to browse, it’s as yet decent to see somewhat of a restoration for a more established arrangement that many have likely overlooked. If you are fan of kingdom rush series then you will surely like kingdom rush vengeance APK MOD for sure.

Features Of Kingdom Rush Vengeance:-
Brand New 16 Towers and their unique upgrades
Strategic gameplay with different strategies to stop your enemies
16 Different stages in 3 Different Maps
Unique different Heroes and their special Abilities
35 Different enemies to kill
Different achievements and Offline Play

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlocked Heroes/Unlimited Money

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.9.1



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.



  1. Hi RG I’m really hoping you reply to this. Can you make an android version of the game Fairy Godmother Tycoon??? Its one of my childhood games and I’m wondering if you can make it playable for android devices

  2. I agree on your review, I really love TD games but they have yet to capture the variety, frantic and epicness of Dota 1 TD mods, I often get like the generic TD games like 1 warrior barracks with melee summons, an archer tower, a mage tower, an artillery, I’m lucky if they even have a 5th tower like a low damage AOE slow tower. I also like the Tower placement in Dota 1 where you can just snap a tower and dont have to maximize every single pixel.

    There was only like 3 TD games I ever like, like Castle Creeps, Kingdom Rush(I think it was Origin?), now this new Kingdom Rush Vengeance, and the other one I forgot the name where you can combine towers, it was 3D. so far Vengeance suits me the most, but there’s just a tiny inconvenience, some maps have too wide a space w/out tower placement and only a single tower can be placed in quite a large area.

  3. hello thanks for the update, but I wanted to ask you to bring an APK only with heroes and towers unlocked without infinite gems, so that the game has some challenge please I would appreciate it very much

  4. Hey its me again im so happy that you listened to my request and made a link for the paid hero and tower and unlimited gems mod… i just finnished downloading it but im stuck on the loading screen 😔 can you please fix it? Please

  5. Hey!!! My game save was deleted out of nowhere and i was sooooooo far… can you please bring back the mod for gems? Like just the apk for the gem mod for those who wanted to have them? Cause that would be really usefull right now

  6. Can you bring a mod only with the heroes and towers unlocked? , without gems, so that there is a bit of challenge please

  7. Nice m8, thanks. Btw can you make a mod where premium heroes and towers are unlocked but the gem is normal (not max from start)? It will be nice to collect and stockpile gems from gameplay.


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