My Cafe Recipes & Stories MOD APK 2020.1.1 Unlimited Money


My Cafe Recipes & Stories MOD APK is a casual restaurant based Android game from Melsoft Games. In this simulation Restaurant game you have to feed your customers with different cuisines and different recipes that’s why this game is named as Cafe Recipes and Stories. It’s not just the cafe or restaurant but this game has little taste of RPG games where customers comes and they not only fill their hunger but also talk about their stories and ask you to choose what is best for them. small talks between you and your customers and you can create so many stories with it.

My Cafe Recipes & Stories MOD APK Unlimited Money 2020.1.1

Game feels so good with its original and unique concept with rewarding stories and quests. There are joyful graphics for the ultimate restaurant cooking game. It is in your hand to increase or decrease prices of your dishes this will directly affect your income. Price changes colors if you increase them from green to red like if prices are in green it means customers will love it and more likely to come again. and if its in red then customers will shout about the prices and you will see only few customers.

It is great to see such a nice and cute restaurant where AI controlled waiters work in your cafe.Decorate your cafe and expand your restaurant to its max abilities.Unlock new recipes and you will have a lot to do when you level up. Easy MOD APK for Unlimited Money will give you instant boost in unlocking new items and recipes and upgrade further.


What’s New: v 2020.1.1
Celebrate the Holidays with our limited-time offers!
New update: 5-festival marathon on 13-30 December
• All kinds of prizes for festival marathon participants and winners
• Special offers with huge discounts and holiday decorations
Also in the update:
For players level 8+:
• “Holiday Adventure” event with new rewards
• Candy Season!
For players level 37:
• New stories to reach level 38
• Matcha Tea device on level 38 with new recipes

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money(Free Store) Everything Is Free

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 2020.1.1



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.




    • Please update guys diamond decrease no village page error code and money decrease when hire and u should make all unlimited it’s not free shop

    • There is something mod missing with 2020.1 version, personally I really like the 2019.12 version where we don’t have to wait on preparing the drinks. Is it possible to do the same stuff on the next update.

  2. Diamonds still go down even with update, and VIP page doesn’t work, just says error 14 profile changed restarting now. Coins work fine though, they don’t go down. Tho I hope you can make that happen to diamonds too please

  3. Hi RG
    First i would like to say thank you for the update but gems are decreasing also coming up with error and restarting game when try to buy herbs from vip or when try to fill car orders. Could you please help? Thank you for your time Amy ☺

  4. Diamonds decreased when buying offer items, in my case stylish machines..
    Diamonds decreased when buying spices then the game will restart..
    Cannot send Diego’s order when finished.. The game will restart..

  5. Hi,
    Tq for fixing the previous loading problem.. But I still have 1 problem regarding buying spices.. Diamonds are deducted then the game will restart because of an error.. Having trouble doing special requests.. Thank you in advance..

    • Yeah me too. I have been banned yesterday. Before that my gems not increase when I earn diamond.only gems from gift are counted. I have go to several apk mode but all doesn’t work. Now im download from play Is it possible to create a cheat apk mode combined with original apps from playstore? Coins and gems doesn’t decrease and we have a VIP (can purchase item by real money).

      • Only RG can answer all your questions.. im so very dissapointed of what the unexpected outcomes occured, But you know this is illegal hihihi.

  6. The VIP status only allowed me to purchase vip spices, but not open more slots or open a second box. Really wish I could do those too

  7. Please RG while setup my cafe in bluestacks the game couldn’t be downloaded and gives me starting and not downloaded the it can be solved ??

    • Go to play store and start downloading my cafe, when Play store is downloading Obb File at that time you have to install the MOD APK. it will work

          • I got blocked! So sad im in my 19th level.. when the leader of the township report some problems in distribution of the diamonds in the game developer I suddenly get blocked and
            they wont allow me to continue my game anymore.. pls help, I want my cafe back.. :(

  8. Hi, I’m a town leader with a regular account and then I have a modded account as a member in the town. Can I donate any excess spices? Or diamonds from the modded account?

  9. Is the VIP active? Game crashes when I tried to click on it. Also, I cannot start my own township. Can this be fixed?

  10. It says I didn’t purchase the app. How do I install it properly? I installed the Apk and then moved the com. Etc folder to my android obb folder. It said failed cuz i didnt purchase the app. Help. I really wanted to play this game so much.

  11. been a year since i last played this game.. great job on the vip 7 .. though mod on diamond gone when ordering drinks or pastries .. but its still working when buying spices .. can you pls bring back the mod on that? TIA

  12. RG.. The game keeps closing everytime it loads the opening screen.. Please.. Fix this… I love this game and the modded version of yours 😭😭😭😭

  13. Please RG update the game and Before 2018.13 update,there’s no deduction for diamond except for ruby cases. But now, even in spices my diamond has been deducted.😭😭😭
    Last thing if U can make no deduction in rubis or when im paying diamonds to obtain the rubies faster, my diamonds has been deducted if you can make it free please. And thank you for the game

  14. Hi RG! how are you? there’s a new gamehouse game called Delicious World, can you mod it please? all levels unlocked and full version .. I’d like to play the game .. 😊❤️

  15. Pleaseeee…we need FREE DIAMOND TOO…. T_T
    Before 2018.13 update,there’s no deduction for diamond except for ruby cases. But now, even in spices my diamond has been deducted.😭😭😭

  16. Hi. Thanks for the game again. :)
    VIP 5 works well. But somehow, the diamonds are decreasing again upon purchasing in stores and when buying clothes (which are not decreasing in the previous versions). That’s too bad but I’ll just wait if there’ll be another update. :) Thank you so much for the hardwork! :)

  17. hi RG, can you check the VIP status. im having the same problem with the last comment. and can you do something about the rubies? and other VIP previlege? like the ATM machine that dispensing rubies? when im paying diamonds to obtain the rubies faster, my diamonds has been deducted. :(
    anyway, thanks for always updating this game :)

  18. Hi. The previous version of this (2018.12) works well with VIP Level 7 and some of its privileges, diamonds are not decreasing in some parts (mostly things bought on stores). Thank you for that. :)
    However, upon updating this in version 2018.12.4, the VIP Level went down to 5, and whenever I do phone orders, my excess staff comes floating in the middle of the screen. Hope there’ll be a fix. Thanks again!

  19. hi! any new updates? the previous one still works but it seems that my XP doesn’t count as I’m on level 30 and no matter what I do, the XP level remain the same so I won’t get new storyline. Any help is appreciated.

  20. can someone help please – whenever i install this mod and try to get back my saved data it doesn’t work.. i click on google play, link but it gives me the error “to access google play services, you should be authorized in the device settings” but i have already given the app full permission .. PLEASE HELP

  21. already download the MOD APK VIP Fixed. checked it and i am a VIP lvl 7. but still cant get the benefit of that VIP 7 things. hope you can do something about this. and thanks for the mod anyway :)

  22. Good afternoon, thank you for the link. because it came as vip1, I wonder if you could not put it again as vip seven, because even the person being vip 2,3,4,5,6, or 7 It stays as vip one, pack it if possible, I’m waiting for the answer.

  23. I am very grateful to have the new version available. However, you made a mistake in the vip option. With this error who is vip 2, 3, 4, 5 … again to be vip 1 and this disrupts in the development of the game! Can you fix it?

    You’re doing a great job! If you need anything, donations to keep the site or anything else, I make myself available. I am a group administrator on games with 5,000 members and I know how much you help them.

  24. Can I play “My Cafe” without internet connection?
    You can’t play “My Cafe” without internet connection. The game uses it so we could make improvements and add new features.

  25. Hi…will be update again at 25 okt. Hope the unlimited diamonds and coins still works by time…please update it before Friday pleaseee..thank you RG

  26. Wondering if I could get unlimited diamonds if I play it offline but it’s not even connecting though it says above that this is an offline game. I’m enjoying the game though with unlimited money. I’m just wishing diamonds could be unlimited/increasing too. Great job!

    • the possibility for now is 0, devs put something in the game to prevent gamers from getting any gems and vip privileges .. but this mod used to be that .. that’s why the mod apk is only for coins 😊👍

      • Aww, that’s too bad. I would like to purchase stylish equipment but it costs more than 900 diamonds each. It’s hard to get diamonds. But anyway, I still hope it would be possible in the future. :)

  27. Hello RG, just installed this game again and I can’t play right now because there’s a new update .. can you please update the game? there are a lot of events .. please 😊😘❤️

  28. I know most of you, like myself are looking for a mod with diamonds but after doing a little research and looking around different sites that offer a modded version of My Cafe Recipes and stories… I discovered through comments from other players and the ones who do the mods, that there maybe a patch included in the original apk that prevents the modding of diamonds and granting VIP. Either way I’m happy with what I get from RG, it’s better than nothing

  29. Hi RG…. thank you so much for the game…but today my cafe has new update…can you update it before festival end…thank you RG.

    • Hi RG, can you please update this game? there’s a new update last Feb 18 2019. New contents like costumes, decorations and events .. Thank you in advance .. lav ya! hope you have a great week ahead 😘

  30. Thanks for this RG. I absolutely love this game and the mod. It has been a great help.

    I was wondering if there was a way of increasing diamonds/gems/rubies aka via watching videos and possibly getting VIP?

    • No do not uninstall your current mod game. simply install latest version mod apk over your installed old version then replace old obb with new ones. now open your game it should work fine with your save game data

  31. The diamond trick does not work
    There is no diamond in this update
    Please open VIP 5 if possible and thank you
    I am waiting for a response from the Royal Gamer
    “sorry for my bad English by google translate”

  32. vip modI can’t save it now.??????
    I am looking for vip mode for each update.
    It’s a request. Answer my article.

    • And there’s a new festival will be started in 1 hour.. I hope you can update it soon so I can participate in the Township Festival. Because right now I can’t play the game.. :)

  33. i cant play it anymore after i install new version 2018.3 which is the new version. After i login to my facebook, it took soooo long for downloading my previous data (and didnt process to the end) so i cant play it anymore. Please help! Thankyou xoxo

  34. Cant play anymore.. After real game in playstore was update.. Game cant run anymore. Hope can find way to play the game again and continue the previuos .

  35. Is there a way that i can play my previous save here in new apk mod . Coz when i installed thereis no option to connect on google play unlike the previous mod

    • Same here. But i can login to my facebook, but the downloading process didnt come to end. So i cant play it my previous data, but when i play the new game it can downloding sooo i can play it. But i want play my previous data :(

  36. I absolutely enjoy this game! But is it possible to run on Bluestack or Andy? Cause I can’t find the folder to extract the data

  37. How do you really install the app? Everytime I install it it asks for permissions such as access to GPS, status and odentity of my message etc… But in the end the application doesn’t exist.

  38. Error.. i dont know if im the only one having problem installing the game .. i tried reinstalling it 3x but the game just wont open..

  39. Question .. how to connect game to google play? Everytime i link it it says..should be authorized in the device settings. TIA :)

  40. Question help .. anyone..why did i got banned from the game?is it because my fb is connected? It says im banned and will be able to use it after 365 days. Help


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