My Cafe Restaurant and Stories MOD APK is an amazing cafe simulation game with a twist. The twist here is that you will be able to hear out all the stories of your customers. Since you will have a My Cafe MOD APK you will be granted with unlimited coins and money.
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Melsoft Games
March 24, 2021
4.1 and up
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My Cafe Recipes & Stories is a casual restaurant based Android game from Melsoft Games. In this simulation Restaurant game you have to feed your customers with different cuisines and different recipes that’s why this game is named as Cafe Recipes and Stories. It’s not just the cafe or restaurant but this game has little taste of RPG games where customers comes and they not only fill their hunger but also talk about their stories and ask you to choose what is best for them. small talks between you and your customers and you can create so many stories with it.

Game feels so good with its original and unique concept with rewarding stories and quests. There are joyful graphics for the ultimate restaurant cooking game. It is in your hand to increase or decrease prices of your dishes this will directly affect your income. Price changes colors if you increase them from green to red like if prices are in green it means customers will love it and more likely to come again. and if its in red then customers will shout about the prices and you will see only few customers.

It is great to see such a nice and cute restaurant where AI controlled waiters work in your cafe.Decorate your cafe and expand your restaurant to its max abilities.Unlock new recipes and you will have a lot to do when you level up. Easy MOD APK for Unlimited Money will give you instant boost in unlocking new items and recipes and upgrade further.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money


55 comments on "My Cafe MOD APK 2021.3.8"

  1. Bigpigfarm says:

    Pretty please update <3

  2. Michael says:

    Please Update.. new version available since August

    Thank you!

  3. Andy says:

    Hi! The mod it’s working great, there were some things that weren’t working in the last version, and in this are working again fine, the only thing now, is that, that part always worked it’s the interior design, before that didn’t take the coins, was free, but with this version they are not free anymore. With the interior design the coins decrease.

  4. Andy says:

    Hi! Thanks for the mod. You know why in this version 2020.7 the machines and displayers of pastries, take time for refilling? In the previous version, they were refill immediately. What I’m saying is that, is doing it like in the original game, that you have to wait for the machines for refilling .

  5. Andy says:

    Hi! Thanks for the mod. But i had to delete everything and download and install from zero, and when i opened the game, to start everything, in the beginning it show a message saying that i dont have enough memory??? And doesn’t let me start the game. And i dont know why because i have 80 GB free in my phone.

    • Andy says:

      I was finally able to install it, after 2 hours, thank God. But there’s a glitch with the pastries showcase, because they look empty but i can take the dessert. And happens the same with the icecream, they look empty but i can take icecream like the freezer is full

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Place data folder properly in Android/obb/

  6. Andy says:

    Hi! I downloaded the previous version and worked great. There were some things that consumed the diamonds but a lot os other things didn’t decrease. But with this version i could not run it. I had to delete everything and downloaded everything from zero, but when i installed it and opened the game, went to a black screen and said “looking for resources to download” and stays there stuck. I dont know what to do! Please help! I love your mods!

  7. denslife16 says:

    RG please upload castlevania symphony of the night apk/data, the game is already ported to android/ios yesterday

  8. G says:

    Is VIP going to be fixed? Can’t unlock another spice box and there’s an error in the VIP section. Thanks.

  9. Mynecovet says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Please update..

    • Anonymous says:

      Please update guys diamond decrease no village page error code and money decrease when hire and u should make all unlimited it’s not free shop

    • CJ says:

      There is something mod missing with 2020.1 version, personally I really like the 2019.12 version where we don’t have to wait on preparing the drinks. Is it possible to do the same stuff on the next update.

  11. Marie says:

    Update please…

  12. Sam says:

    Diamond decreasing. Could not buy anything yet using diamonds..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Diamonds still go down even with update, and VIP page doesn’t work, just says error 14 profile changed restarting now. Coins work fine though, they don’t go down. Tho I hope you can make that happen to diamonds too please

  14. Oracle says:

    Please is the Diego bug fixed?

  15. Amy says:

    Hi RG
    First i would like to say thank you for the update but gems are decreasing also coming up with error and restarting game when try to buy herbs from vip or when try to fill car orders. Could you please help? Thank you for your time Amy ☺

  16. yuna says:

    plz fix diegos order😫

  17. Anonymous says:

    Diamonds decreased when buying offer items, in my case stylish machines..
    Diamonds decreased when buying spices then the game will restart..
    Cannot send Diego’s order when finished.. The game will restart..

  18. Oracle says:

    The game don’t pass level 7,once ur fill in a special order the came restarts pls fix

  19. S says:

    The diamonds are decreasing…please fix it…thank you

  20. Hannah says:

    Tq for fixing the previous loading problem.. But I still have 1 problem regarding buying spices.. Diamonds are deducted then the game will restart because of an error.. Having trouble doing special requests.. Thank you in advance..

  21. M.M says:

    the loading bar doesn’t complete till it’s end and the game doesn’t can i solve that ??

  22. Mamaronack says:

    Your website is updated faster than other websites Thanks Andropalace

  23. Yuna says:

    Please update 2019.7.2

  24. M.E says:

    this version can’t be opened….there is a new version..please update it..thank you RG

  25. Wagamama says:

    Updated just now, requesting new version sir. Ty.

  26. Gift says:

    Rg the mod did not work didn’t recieve any coins neither gems…pls fix this ..thanks

  27. Xyanide says:

    For almost 6 months, now im Banned. They still detected it.

    • Sherly says:

      Yeah me too. I have been banned yesterday. Before that my gems not increase when I earn diamond.only gems from gift are counted. I have go to several apk mode but all doesn’t work. Now im download from play Is it possible to create a cheat apk mode combined with original apps from playstore? Coins and gems doesn’t decrease and we have a VIP (can purchase item by real money).

      • Xyanide says:

        Only RG can answer all your questions.. im so very dissapointed of what the unexpected outcomes occured, But you know this is illegal hihihi.

  28. S.s says:

    Why diamonds not increasing from prizes from townships or from done tasks ?!.. i hope that fixed in next update

  29. Nur Aisyah No'man says:

    The VIP status only allowed me to purchase vip spices, but not open more slots or open a second box. Really wish I could do those too

  30. M.E says:

    Please RG while setup my cafe in bluestacks the game couldn’t be downloaded and gives me starting and not downloaded the it can be solved ??

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Go to play store and start downloading my cafe, when Play store is downloading Obb File at that time you have to install the MOD APK. it will work

      • Andrea says:

        In massage:
        Download failed you may not have purchased this app..

        Please help RG..

        • Royal Gamer says:

          install the APK and wait until Google Play Download Completes its obb downloading. Then try playing it

          • Marie says:

            I got blocked! So sad im in my 19th level.. when the leader of the township report some problems in distribution of the diamonds in the game developer I suddenly get blocked and
            they wont allow me to continue my game anymore.. pls help, I want my cafe back.. :(

  31. Andrea says:

    Rg. Please this game use for apk. Because Rar its not support in my phone. Thank you.

  32. R4sseru says:

    Please update RG, there is a new version in the playstore thank you.

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