My Perfect Hotel (MOD, Unlimited Money) 1.11.0

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Aug 11, 2022
May 22, 2024
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“My Perfect Hotel” is a mobile simulation game where players take on the role of a hotel manager, building and managing their own hotel. Here are the key features and characteristics of the game:

Key Features:

  1. Hotel Management:
    • Players are tasked with managing all aspects of their hotel, including building rooms, hiring staff, and ensuring guest satisfaction. This involves strategic planning and decision-making to create a successful hotel business.
  2. Customization and Upgrades:
    • The game allows for extensive customization of the hotel. Players can design and decorate rooms, choose different themes and styles, and upgrade facilities to attract more guests and increase revenue.
  3. Guest Services:
    • Ensuring guest satisfaction is a central part of the gameplay. Players must provide various services such as room service, cleaning, and entertainment to keep guests happy. Happy guests lead to better reviews and more business.
  4. Expansion:
    • As players progress, they can expand their hotel by adding new floors and facilities. This expansion allows for more guests and higher potential earnings. Players must balance expansion with maintaining high service standards.
  5. Staff Management:
    • Hiring and managing staff is crucial. Players need to recruit and train employees, assign them to different tasks, and manage their workload to ensure efficient hotel operations.
  6. Financial Management:
    • Players must manage the hotel’s finances by setting room rates, controlling expenses, and making investments in upgrades and marketing. Effective financial management is key to growing the hotel business.
  7. Challenges and Objectives:
    • The game includes various challenges and objectives that provide goals for players to achieve. Completing these challenges can unlock new features, rewards, and progression in the game.
  8. Graphics and Interface:
    • “My Perfect Hotel” typically features vibrant and colorful graphics with a user-friendly interface. The visual design is aimed at making the gameplay experience enjoyable and intuitive.

Impressions and Popularity:

“My Perfect Hotel” has gained popularity among fans of simulation and management games. It appeals to players who enjoy strategic planning and creative customization. The game’s blend of management challenges and customization options makes it engaging for a broad audience, from casual gamers to simulation enthusiasts. The focus on guest satisfaction and hotel expansion provides a rewarding gameplay loop that keeps players coming back to improve and grow their hotels.


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