NBA 2K18 APK MOD Android 37.0.3 Unlimited Money


After a long waiting time, NBA2k18 APK MOD is now finally arrived on Android. NBA 2k18 APK is brand new title from 2K Inc. which is just arrived on Android. After comparing 2018 version with 2017 version i must say that we have got so many a brand new game this year. Different modes and of course MOD APK NBA2k18 for Unlimited Money and Coins which might be added soon. is it any good? did it fix some of the bugs that plagued last year’s version? how does it compare to the console version? and most importantly is it worth your money? you can find it out yourself by downloading NBA 2k18 APK+DATA.

NBA 2K18 APK MOD Android 37.0.3

firstly the game NBA 2k18 Android is fun. let’s go over the modes and what they all entail we’re going to go in order first Association which happens to be the mode I almost always play. Association is cool because you get to have full control over what happens with your team. you can control rotation sign trade draft and release players and also upgrade your players by training them. you can play a full 82 games or drop it down to whatever is comfortable to you as a manager of the team you get email that you have to check and you manage what the front office tells you and what the morale of the players are.When you make trades or any personnel changes you need to be careful that you keep the salary cap other than that it’s just like playing an entire regular season.

Android Free Download NBA 2018 APK MOD

The next option is my career it starts with you creating your own player which is pretty cool because you get to choose what position you want to play. you can even really tweak your facial features in depth but ain’t nobody got time for that. this mode includes a story that leads you through the process of getting into the NBA 2K18 APK. first they start you off missing the NBA draft and being part of a five-on-five black top game from there a scout spots you and signs you up to a tryout where you shoot a whole bunch of places and try to beat the other person.


Every time you go through a level and do well you get points to upgrade your player. If you have downloaded NBA 2k18 MOD APK you will have unlimited gold coins and money. next the Scout gets you a chance to play with former NBA players in a black top again which is really cool and this helps you gain connections. If you are a fan of NBA series then you must be playing NBA 2k18 MOD APK Android. At least try it once.

What’s In The MOD of NBA2k18: Credits: RoyalGamer
Unlimited Money(You can always use your Virtual Currency even if you have 0 balance)

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 37.0.3



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.



  1. on first/second playoff games always force close but if i skip the playoff, it’s not force close…
    please maybe get fixed..
    before thank you for being read..

  2. Rg why when im play the last quarters or in third quarters my game always force close, my handphone ia Xiaomi redmi note 5

  3. hi rg, is there a way to make it fit to my unit. 5.99 display 18.9 ratio sd625 adreno506. because buttons doesn’t fit the touch well.

  4. hi RG.Good pm. currently with version 35. Now i would like to update to ver 36, will there be any problem since I will only install the apk and not the obb file. Hoping for your response. Thank you

  5. I played it and it randomly hang up and forced closed. So i temporarily re installed 2k17 again and waiting for its fixed update.tnx

  6. Hey RG! does the “my Career” modded too? cause my rtg is 99, and i don’t want to use cheat. i want to work hard for it. thank you.

    • No your rating is above 60 I think,if you see your player’s rating 99 in black top it means that your player isn’t join any team yet

      • oh i see, another question, is there a way to backup my saves, in case i updated the apk + data, so i can load my created player again? thanks man.

  7. What’s new here from the previous upload? If it just the apk, can you provide link for the APK only because I can’t redownload 2gb+ of data now. Please or somebody :(

    • Nothing changed dude,you still can play with your older version of the apk without redownload the new version again but if you just install the apk over the older data,your game will corrupt

  8. I downloaded the older version which doesn’t have mod in it, I already started My Career and is almost half way through, if I install the new apk will my character be gone? Will the mod work? Pls help

  9. I downloaded nba2k17 on my device but it didn’t run, please help me, I want to be sure of the compatibility of this nba2k18mod before downloading, my device has quad core processor, 1gb ram, 32gb extenal sd card and has Mali 400mp GPU. can it run this game, reply please I need the game I really love it. thanks.

  10. After I rebuilt it with lucky patcher, my career gameplay is running slow like slow motion. But when I play quick game or association, the gameplay is normal. Anyone can help me to fix it?

    • Here’s a much better way. Delete the mod apk and the data file.. Let’s start from scratch.
      First make sure you have LUCKY PATCHER (VER. 6.5.2) You don’t want the updated version. Now, Download the original NBA 2K18 apk (NOT THE MOD VERSION ) but the Non Mod ver. Then Download the Data File. Once it’s downloaded. Extract it, instal NBA 2K18 apk but do not open. Move NBA 2K18 data file to Android /Obb file… Now
      Rename the Data file by adding an (X) At the end EXAMPLE: (NBA2K18X ) Now use your lucky patcher to modify the apk only you should at least have 2 successful patches.. Uninstal old apk Instal New Apk. Now go back to the Android/ Obb file and Remove that (X) Then close it and open the NBA 2K18 Game.. After you create your player you should be able to go into the NBA Store by tapping the (+) Next to the VC you should have NO PROBLEM GETTING YOUR MONEY NOW If you did this correctly.

  11. I finally got it working. 1) DL the proper mod apk 2) DL lucky patcher 6.5.2 3) rebuild the apk 3) uninstall and install 4) BUT before you run the game make sure that you have placed again in OBB the data from RG 5) then run the game.

  12. 1st you need to do if you want to get more is to nstall older version of lucky patcher then.. rbuild nba2k mod – and uninstall it .. then install the rebuild apk . then thats it you get more money just buy in store..

  13. Why is everyone thanking Royal Gamer. The Mod doesn’t work at all. There’s no Unlimited Money and it definitely doesn’t work with Lucky Patcher. I’m sorry, no disrespect, but I will not thank anyone who postes A SO CALLED MOD APK that’s supposed to have unlimited money but then…there isn’t any.

    • The 99 rating in first matches is normal in the game, but the unlimited money isn’t working…. You can still mod the game for Unlimited VC using Lucky Patcher

  14. How to download NBA 2K18 Android version


    Download Mega App in playstore


    Open the download link on your browser:

    Choose open in Mega App

    And wait to file being downloaded

    ©2klive modders

    And Christian Rhey Moral Herrera


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