Nimian Legends BrightRidge APK Open World Offline 8.1


Nimian Legends BrightRidge APK finally arrived on Android. A beautiful Indie Android game with full open world offline gameplay brought to us by Protopop Games. currently this game is only in unreleased version it means its being developed or developer is fixing their game. A premium game with a little price available in the play store.but get Nimian Legends APK free from Andropalace.

Nimian Legends BrightRidge APK Android Download 8.1

If you are a fan of open world games where you can explorer entire world and enjoy thrill rides on mounts just like skyrim then this game is for you. No IAPS and no Internet connections just a pure open world adventure stories awaits for you. This game has been on IOS since 2014 and now finally it got an Android version.Since its a premium game and has no IAP System then you probably do not need a Nimian Legends BrightRidge MOD APK at all.simply you can complete the game without any blocks. Almost 1 Dollar game with a great adventure this game just worth every penny.get Nimian Legends Bright Ride APK now.

This game has 3 stories and an explore MODE where you can explore entire world easily.In explore MODE you will see no enemies or no quests its just based on pure exploration and visit entire world and every corner and find new places.Three stories MODE has different protagonists and their different quests. There is another a unique feature available which lets you transform in to various animals like Butterfly,Eagle,Fox,Deer or even a dragon and fly in the sky and go everywhere.There is a Photo Mode you can capture various moments from the open world scenarios.

Features Of Nimian Legends BrightRidge APK:-
Full Premium game with NO IAP and Ads
Beautiful Graphics and gameplay
Different Game Modes,story mode and exploration
Transform freely in-to Animals
Take advantage of Day and Night cycle and click in Photo Mode
You can change graphics details as per your liking even you can change weather


Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 8.1



Download Links:

Install NIMIAN LEGENDS APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.
Thank you Rob Kabwe(Developer of this game) for this amazing game.if you like this game then please buy it from the play store and support further development.



  1. my device xiaomi redmi 3 pro
    -cpu snapdragon 616 1.4ghz octacore
    -gpu adreno 405
    -ram 3gb internal 32gb
    the game runs very well with medium settings. when using high resolution and etc, it’s become laggy ..

    another device oukitel u11 plus
    -cpu mediatek mt6750t 1.5ghz octacore
    -gpu mali t860 mp2
    -ram 4gb memory 64gb
    setting low resolution, low shadow and etc, game running slowly, laggy
    high setting (resolution, shadow, etc) about the image, its awesome, its superb notting issue bad image or anything. but game running very slowly, sometime frezz or stuck around 5-7 minute.

  2. I install the game with with follow the guide, but after I play it, its black screen after the logo. How I can fix it? Btw, my device is xiaomi redmi note 4x.

  3. Well its not working on my device,can’t install it fails.
    My device is One+ 5. Can’t identify the culprit, maybe its oreo update on my device.

  4. Please help,it doesn’t work on my evercoss R50A.
    Your device doesn’t match the hardware requirements of this app.
    And when I click continue,it’s force close

    • Warning!
      Your device doesn’t match the hardware requirements of this app.
      And when I click continue,it’s force close help! i put the file of this game in obb but i cant play it! Why??

      • It doesn’t work on all devices, so maybe it isn’t compatible. Sometimes trying to install a few times fixes things for some people, or restarting the device. But if that doesnt work, it just might not be possible to play it on your device unfortunately

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. This has become my favourite android game. Thank you for your hard work. The game plays well on my Honor 6X in medium settings and on my redmi note 3 pro in High settings.

    • Thank you – ive added the information to my list – im working on the sequel and it has taught me a lot about optimization, and i will be bringing that back to BrightRidge – hiopefull it will help it run smoother:) Thanks for playing the game.

  6. Hello I have galaxy grand prime with adreno 306 and snapdragon 4×1.2 ghz and 1 GB ram. I’ m waiting on this game for since march last year. Its werid because before i make root or mabye that is other apps and with that less ram avaible the game working for me.
    Now when i want start adventure game crashes. Even with GLtools. On galaxy J5 (2016)
    With the same specification but with 2 gb ram it works good. It is posible its because of RAM? On the start it worked for me even radiation island where world is muuuch biger its working for me even on 200 mhz settgins on cores. So what causing that? And what is that version number on google play now from 1st august because there isn’t writed there. I see its big update and optimization mabye that will work for me. Google store doesnt work for me so imI geting game from internet. So can anyone tell me that version number and what causing that the game doesnt work now on grand prime? Sorry for my english

    • Sorry i didnt see this earlier – generally the game has trouble running on less ta 2gb ram and 2ghz CPU so that could be the problem. The version on Google Play is BrightRidge 7.2, the IOS version is ahead of it at 7.6, and i am working on the 7.7 update, and the sequel Nimian Legends : Vandgels. I learned a lot about optimizations working on the sequel and ill be bringing that to BrightRidge s soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know about your device – ive been rounding all of this information up and it will be very helpful to troubleshoot.

        • Honestly I’m not sure. Most octo cores I’ve seen have four slower cores mixed in and don’t run the game super fast. If you do try it and don’t like it you could get a refund.

  7. Game is running with slightly low fps on my lg g4 but high on lg g2 its annoying cux lg g4 is better device then g2 all settings were same on boht devices

    • This is very helpful because it gives me a comparison. I checked your specs and the G4 has more cores but they are slower – this leads me to believe that is the issue.

      In general what i have learned from this page is that the CPU is responsible for how fast the framerate is, and the RAM is responsible for handling the textures. Your feedback gives me more clues into how things work – thank you :)

  8. i have 3gb ram on android 6.0 but it is still very laggy. i have also read a few things about the requirements to play the game and i think putting the minimum requirement of the gpu must also be stated at the description, as far as i know Mali T760 and andreno 5066 are the minimum for some devices

  9. wow it amazing… It running smooth on Sony Z3. The game is wonderful.I’hv searching for game like this for a long time;)

    • Thanks Hazzard_00:) Ive added the Sony Z3 tech info to my list – it sounds like an ideal configuration – 3gb ram is good and the 2.5ghz quad core – all of this helps me figure out what works:) I glad you enjoy the game too – i really enjoy creating worlds and adventures, and there is a new game on the way.

  10. Ok thanks for replying me, anyway this is a good game, never seen open world game n android like this before, keep up the good work

    • Thanks for the feedback – It might be they are 1.5ghz processors? Even though there are 8, maybe they “run” 4 at a time? I dont know because 8 cores sounds like it should be very fast, but it may be another factor. I still have not organized all the feedback, once i do i should have a better idea of which cpu/gpu combos work which way.

  11. The game is Running on the lowest low setting smoothly, Redmi Note 2 Prime (Android 5.0.2)… there no frame skip, but there a graphics flickering on the terrain landscape.

    • Thanks reMiiXOo! Someone let me know about the redmi note 3 so compared wit your phone that gives me a good benchmark:) Can you try OPTIONS > SETTINGS > QUALITY > RESOLUTION and choose FORWARD RENDERING, and let me know of the flickering dissapears? Is the flickering blue?

        • i am soooo glad to hear that. It was actually an android user who pointed out the fix to me, so a big thank you to all the players and all of you who are taking time to send me feedback, so i can continue to improve and grow the game:)

  12. would really love it of we can have a lower version that can play on a 1300ghz,Mali 400 or 450,4.4 KitKat and 2gb ram..thanks

    • There’s a free version for IOS that doesnt have quests but has better performance. I made a note to see if i get time, maybe i can export it to Android now that I know how to get the game on android. I will look into it:)

  13. I’ve tested this game in Xiaomi redmi note 3 device, I set the ultra setting and the graphich is pretty well, but the frameskip and laggy issue is cant avoidable. I cant wait to try the final version official this game

    • Thanks Harry:) Thats pretty much the same response i got from other Redmi note 3 users – i think it will always lag at high resolution on this device – the ultra settings are really just there for future proofing the game, youre free to try it on any device, but not every device can handle all the high settings. Still im always optimizing it, and even when i work on the new game Vandgels, ive set it up so any optimizations that go into the new one will also be applied to the original game – so please stay tuned and there MIGHT be some more improvement as time goes by.

  14. I tried to play on my ZTE l3 blade 1gb ram (I know its not much ;-;) and it didn’t work.. It looks soooo pretty I wanna play, basically I see the “T” with the leaf around it and the 3 pink boxes appear and game force closes, Halp

    P.s I saw my friend playing this, it’s a beautiful game for real awesome!!!

    • Thanks Agostinho:) yeah, based on all the feedback, i think 1gb will crash. The RAM is responsible for handling the textures, and there are a LOT in the game. But i am planning to simplify the texture use in the future. For example, instead of using a separate texture for the Beer Barrels in the Inn, i might be able to use the same wood texture i used for the walls, and this would save some texture memory. Im looking into it:)

    • Me too:) My fav games are skyrim, gta v, shadow of the colossus – they inspired BrightRidge with focus on exploration, less violence, and relationships in a natural world. I hope i can keep making these, and thanks for taking an interest in the game.

    • Thanks for the technical feedback – i think at this point its pretty much anything with less than a 2ghz quad core cpu will have lag – see above for more details, but the short version is that i will try to optimize the cpu usage as much as possible in updates to see if we can get any improvement on earlier devices.

  15. Hey developer,
    This update has fixed little lag but still it is unplayable even at low settings please fix this i’m eager to play this game.I’m using ASUS ZENFONE MAX please look on to the problem i am waiting for the next update hope you fix it.Thanks in advance.

    • Im glad to hear there is a little improvement, but i think the issue is a lot like the one above. With a 1.3 ghz cpu i dont think it will be able to play at a high framerate (although the 2gb of ram should eep it from crashing, even if the ram doesnt help the framerate.). But i do see some areas in the game where i may be able to decrease CPU usage and i will keep exploring that.

    • Its actually been a really great source of feedback. there’s so many Android devices, and im a solo dev, i dont think i could get such a good overview of how the game works on android without the help:)

  16. Im playing the game on my meizu m2 (its also called m2 mini) despite having 2 GB ram and a decent processor/graphic card the performance is a bit… bad, at everything on low settings possible it goes for 15-20 fps but it takes away the beatiful scenarios of the game.

    Ive watching videos of the game and everything looks great, music, relaxing scenarios while controling animals, the whole idea is pretty good but there is a lot to work on the performance but i also understand a solo dev working on everything must be hard, congratz for the game.

    • Ive added the tech info to my list- thanks for taking the time to let me know. Update 7.5 will have more optimizations, but i think there’s a limit to how much that helps on certain devices. Im still learning more aboyt making the game run smoother, so over time you might see more improvement, but i think it needs at least a 2ghz processor to have smoother framerate – the RAM helps with the textures and keeps it from crashing, but the cpu is more responsible for the frame rate. i will keep at it though:)

  17. Run smooth at about 27 fps on my xiaomi redmi note 3 pro at high res. This rame is very amazing everything looks like a console game does, the thing that this game lack was at the story i think, i think its good for future update to adds main quest and some extra npc that give you some side quest just like skyrim does, so that the game has its story told from the quest. Btw in my opinion its a very amazing game that have a good potential and sorry for my bad english, its not my native language

    • Thank you Iqbal:) Im glad its working so well on the redmi and i appreciate the technical feedback. Im working on a new update that has a lot of optimizations and some new features, and i am working on a new story for brightridge, and a completely new separate world as well so i hope you will stay tuned:)

  18. Sir, Rob your game is amazing in such every thing the tracks, characters , open world , even animations like grass or waterfalls. im really enjoying this piece of art on my s4 active v5.0.1 besides some lil lags and some dark shadows than normal especially in the inn which are not countable . keep up great work

    • Thanks Khaled:) There is so much to fix that its also nice to hear when something works.

      By the way, you can lighten the shadows in OPTIONS > PLAYGROUND > SHADOWS, or turn up the ambient light in OPTIONS > PLAYGROUND > LIGHTING

      Yeah the In is actuallu TOO dark at time – i can barely see anything. But im working hard on updating the game and making it look better, and ill take a close look at that. Eventually, depending on how the technology goes, i might be able to use Global Illumination – that bounces light around the room and lights up dark corners, and im using it in the mac and PC versions (in development). The phones crash so far when i use them, at least earlier ones do, but they are changing so fast that i think it will be possible to use Global Illumination of phones soon too:)

    • Thanks for this information – a few people have blue shadows, and im trying track down the problem. The other phone with this issue has a Mediatek MT6752 CPu – the mediatek and 8cores are the only thing i can see thats the same between the phones and i will keep looking. Are the shadows blue only when you walk, or all the time?

  19. As everyone says it lags i also have same problem it lag too much it is like frameskipping while moving..i am using asus zenfone max…and developer it is not easy to make a game as a single person kudos to you…it would be great if you fix this problem..

    • Thank you Aravind:) Im sorry to hear that. Im takinga look at your phone specs and will compare them to the other phones that are lagging. Maybe i can find something common. I’m optimizing the game now, and hopefully there will be better performance in one of the updates. Thank you very much for the compliment and the encouragement. It is very hard sometimes building this game on my own and i appreciate the support:)

      • Very responding developer…thanks for the reply….waiting for your upcoming updates and games…i request you to make an wwe game if you can….if not make an open world games like this….i appreciate your hard work…

    • It sounds like it isn’t working at all. Im sorry about that, and thank you for letting me know. This phone information will help me find others who have the same problem:)

  20. Nice game but i think its still unplayable
    On redmi note 4 medium setting all +full texture only got 15-20fps and have black artifact issues
    On meizu m2 note low med setting all+full texture only got 15fps not stable

    I dont testing in shield though

    • Thanks Teflon Mike:) Its cool to get these device names – i havent heard of many Android devices and this is my second Android game, ive put the Axon 7 into the “Works great” list:) I hope you enjoy it.

  21. For the developer,you need to but exit bottom. And another one to save changes on sitting. And some work with shadow’s problem. Thank you.

  22. Blue flickering not only shadow but character, land , some part of pole. haven’t progress far, turned off the shadow but still blue, fps is ok, around 30. From zenfone 2 ze550ml.

    • It sounds like the blue might not be from the shadows then, or it might be the shadows and something else. Thats good about the frame rate. I will try to separate how the game performs frame rate on different cpus – i think the cpu is what affects the speed of the game, and the GPU i think is what might create the blue. Ive got a lot of data from this page (thanks everyone) and i think it will help.

  23. working smooth on redmi note 3 pro , in low resolution with ultra graphic (shadow , terrain ,grass ,etc) got 25+ fps , at full hd res with ultra graphic only got 10-15fps and phone heating up faster haha , nice game btw

    • Thanks for giving me the two performance details – and the compliment:) I’m going to check all of these devices against geekbench and try to get a good idea of what configurations work best with BrightRidge

    • That’s encouraging – its so great that so many of you are leaving the device and performance information. Im getting more feedback here than from the official Alpha and it helps a lot:)

  24. what the hell ……graphic rendering is worst in this game…blue color is jumping everywhere …cant see images properly……

    • yeah, on some systems the shadows turn solid blue (turn them off in options>playground>shadows but i know thats no solution). Could you let me know what device youre on? If i can list all of them that have this issue and check the specs, maybe i can fix it.

    • Don’t whin around dude. It’s probably because either you don’t know how to set up the graphics settings or you have a very poor device to run this game. Even the game is at initial stage it’s almost perfect few bugs here and there that’s all.

  25. Sir rg plz upload WAR OF THE ZOMBIES..its a paid game..i cant buy it..really want to play it..plz..bin requesting it 2 u for long time now..plzzzz

  26. I’ve tested it in my redmi 4a
    its so laggy even i turn off all the effects and set the resolution to the lowest…only 3-6fps
    and the joystick not responsive

        • Yes, and thanks for answering bolikapato about the PLAYGROUND settings. I think I might change that to QUALITY instead because i think most people dont know whats in the playground, and it will be clearer that way:)

      • The game is working fine on one plus 3T, but there are few bugs. 1. Everytime i re-open the game all the set up graphics settings are gone and set back to lowest settings. 2. There are some black dots in trees and other stuffs, which looks like graphical glitches. Please optimize it for one plus phones.

        • Thanks for the feedback:) The next update will save some of the quality settings, and i am working on adding more with each update. Its a bit tricky because if i save a quality setting thats too high for your phone, it will crash when you return to the game, so im working out the best way to let you reset custom quality if that happens. Yeah, the black dots i think appear most when Bloom is on (options > playground > filters > bloom) and when theres blur on certain scren sizes. The update after next will use an upgraded engine, and i will see if i can get a better bloom effect that doesnt create these artifacts – thanks again:)

          • Thanks <3 even this game is at initial stage it's one of the best games out there. Keep up the good work you're the best :) hope to see more games from you in the future thanks ^_^

          • It’s looking like that happens if teh device cant handle the game. From all the feedback im receiving, it looks like the game needs about a 4cor 2ghz cpu, and at least 2gb ram, although there are a few cases where it still doesnt work on a newer device. There are a lot of moving parts here so i am collecting and using all the very helpful device feedback from everyone to try and figure out ways to optimize the game.I am about to release update 7.2 – i dont think it will solve the problem, but it does have some optimizations, so maybe oin some cases it might help. Thanks for trying the game, and im sorry about the pink screen.

    • Some peopel have sent me screenshots where all the shadows are blue – you can turn them off in OPTIONS > PLAYGROUND > SHADOWS but then you dont get the shadows. Im trying to find which devices have this problem so i can find the common link between them and maybe track it down. But theres so many android devices (im one guy) that i dont think ill ever be able to vet all of them. I am still working in it though.

  27. i can’t enter that game, when i entered, the screen had only color is pink… :( why, any suggest for me to play please.

      • Hi, please mine shows Pink screen after I open the game, my device has 2gb RAM, 1.4ghz, open GL 2.0 and I have 32gb ROM.
        How can I solve the pink issue please? I really want to play this game. This is my gmail… [email protected], thanks.

        • Someone else had a similar configuration – they had a mediatek something inside, and about a 1.4 dual or 4 core processor and the pink showed up. Could you please let me know the name of your device? Im listing all the devices that are affected by this oink screen, and im hoping that ill be able to find something in common between them that will help me track down the problem. This is very helpful and i appreciate it.

    • It’s split into two files – did you download the apk and the data files? Before i had mis-named them and it was closing after the logo, so maybe its related to that.

      • Woah developer working directly with the piraters that’s something you don’t see often lol…your game is amazing by the way copy purchased :) please don’t become greedy like gameloft and EA and end up spamming your game with IAP and DLCs

        • Thanks waspASS for your support:) I grew up without a lot of money, and every dollar from teh game goes into making it better, and hopefully alowing me to work on it full time some day. Imagine what i could do if i could work on the game more than just at night after work:) I dont think ill become greedy, my goal is to create and share worlds, and try to tell some stories that make people think, and give people a different place to go and relax, because most of us have a lot of stress, and its nice to escape now and then in a healthy way. Anyways my goal is not money – although some is good just so i can keep working on it:)

          • This game is right fantastic. It reminds of PC games like skyrim, dragons dogma and co. It’s so brilliant and when it comes out full, if you accept donations or choose to make it cost even a dollar I will support you all the way.

    • I’m not sure yet. I tested in on a Nexus 5 and it played OK. But some people said its slow even on an 8 core system. Im currently gathering feedback so i can figure out how its performing on different setups, but i would say at least 2gb ram and cores

      • Thanks for the feedback, and im sorry about that. Ive took a note about your decacore and your feedback will add to the knowledge base im building on android phones. I dont know much about them but im learning that there are a LOT of configurations,and all of this feedback is helping paint a clearer picture so thank you. You can turn up the graphics quality too in OPTIONS > PLAYGROUND, but if its running super slow on the default setting it will probably come to a complete stop on higher ones. Still, there some settings there if you want to take a look. Maybe something will help (if it does, please let me know)

        • I played on samsung galaxy tab s .black lining follows on evry thing.on chaning to ultra resolution , graphics is increased but black line still persists. What to do. On making all ultra high choice game lags & force close. I think game should work fine in high mode with better quality.but sucks.

        • Shadow line problem solved after disabling shadow .game runs good in samsung tab S . Pls add save option & exit button. Evry time i close game by menu button in my tab, all settings incl resolution settings r gone.also add interaction button to npc.ultra resolution lags though graphics is great in ultra res. If possible you could increase high res graphics & add very high lesser then ultra.i think more updates will arrive in future incl wild animals,hunting,meal cooking,etc sorts.thanks for the grt game in such small r marvellous.i wonder if massive update could be done to this game in respect to increase size of obb todays game r almost larger than 1gb. Once again hats off to u Rob Kabwe?????

          • Thanks Rivant:) Does the shadow problem look something like this:

            I had this problem originally until i switched to supprt ARM, but there is something else going on here that im trying to track down. Some players have all blue shadows for example. Could you let me know your version of Android too? It might help:)

            The next update is taking awhile because i am rebuilding the original adventure using the new system that is more stable. But ive already added to it to save some of the quality settings. Im also working on quality presets so we can switch instantly between low and high.

            One things ive noticed is that some Android phones have resolutions past 1920×1080. Some people are asking for even higher options so i am working on this too.

            Thanks again:)


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