PK XD 1.49.3

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Afterverse Games
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Jul 12, 2019
May 14, 2024
Varies with device
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PK XD is a mobile game that represents a virtual world where players can create and customize characters, communicate with friends, explore various locations, and complete diverse tasks.

The key features of PK XD include:

  1. Character Creation: Players can create a unique character, choosing their appearance, clothing, hairstyle, and other characteristics.
  2. Social Features: In PK XD, players can interact with other players, add them as friends, play together, and visit each other’s virtual homes.
  3. World Exploration: Players can explore various locations in the game, such as parks, beaches, city streets, and more, encountering different characters along the way and completing tasks.
  4. Mini-games and Events: PK XD offers various mini-games and weekly events that allow players to earn rewards and have fun.
  5. Home Customization: Players can acquire and decorate their virtual home, adding furniture, decorations, and other items according to their taste.

Overall, PK XD offers players an interesting and diverse virtual world where they can express their individuality, socialize with friends, and have fun.

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