Pocket Monster Remake MOD APK Pokemon RPG Latest Update 1.0.4


Pocket Monster Remake MOD APK is an online monster capturing pokemon game from li moyu.a new game from the cult of the universe about the world of Pokémon. Gamers will be able to once again plunge into the adventures and with familiar characters to become one of the best coaches. They are waiting for the numerous candidates for the role of men, interesting tasks, different city and arena for the battles, as well as PvP mode that allows you to demonstrate your skills real gamers from around the world.

Pocket Monster Remake MOD APK 1.0.4 Android

After billions of players downloaded Pokemon Go, this monster capture universe catches eyes from every developers and they have developed so many games with favorite pokemons.This game is not available in the play store yet.you can download it from Andropalace. Pokemon Pocket Monster Remake has rich story base and so many quests and monsters to capture.you can set your characters on world adventures and capture different types of pokemons every-time. since its an online game unlimited money is not possible but this MOD APK will give you 100% success rate in capturing pokemons and also in battles your pokemons are immortal. currently there are 2 servers Pikachu and charmender i think more will be added when there other players joins. There are events to follow and so many PVP events to take part it.its a must play if you are a pokemon Fan.


What’s In The MOD APK:-
Your Pokemons having God Mode
Your Pokemon’s Damage Increased
100% Success Capture Rate

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.4 February Update



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.



  1. rg can u mod pocket monster remake new version with unlimited diamond and vip membership and god mod and capturing other player pokemon also

  2. hey royalgamer can u tell me in
    pocket monsters remake if i caught a pokemon its not in computer were will it go and in hunting ground if i caught pokemon they are also not in computer

  3. RG is it possible if you could not put the 1 hit kill. We can’t catch any pokemon because of, I mean we can but it doesn’t show in our Pokemons. With 1 hit kill it skips the tutorial for catching Pokemons. Which is the reason we can’t catch any. So if it’s possible Thanks.

  4. RG the 100% catch not working, when i catch wild pokemon it says success would u like to give a name?, And then no pokemon that i catch in inventory or computer. I do it many times still the same result

  5. RG my Man..

    Bout this game
    I successfully catch a pokemon in “hunting field”
    When I checked it at “home”
    I can’ find it (the data) anywhere

    Please fix this my friend (y)

  6. Is this game only available in Online Mode?

    I think it would be much more fun if it was both Online & Offline in the sense that one can play offline n develop their Pokemons then later on battle online to test their trainer skills. That’s the only drawback for me.

    Make Offline play available.

      • Bumbohole I was just giving my opinion on the topic. And 2. I only asked RG if it’s only available to play online. But seeing as how you took it up on your head to provide a response in RG’s place maybe all you had to do was say “Yes it is only available for online play”.


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