Immerse yourself in the coulorful pixelart world of alchemy and became a master.
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May 3, 2022
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Alchemy game Potion Party is now released on Android. publisher FusionPlay and developer RP Games have announced. Potion Party requires you to strategize and set up an alchemy shop in order to deliver potions to your customers efficiently. Potion Party is an insanely fun game where you run an alchemy shop and hand out the desired potions to the customers. The idea behind the Potion Party is to make and sell potions to your customers as quickly as possible in order to earn gold and grow your humble serving shop.

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It’s a lot of fun to race to the potion shop mixing and brewing potions, but you have to be on the lookout to keep up with the Potion Party. The goal is to keep your alchemy shop running smoothly, quickly crafting potions for your customers to meet their daily quota. You don’t know what each customer will need when they walk through the door of the alchemy shop, but it’s better to have the potion ready or be in the process of brewing the required potion. Sometimes you have time to brew a potion while waiting for the next client; if you’re lucky, you can instantly enter and withdraw them, which will help you in your attempts to see as many customers as possible.

When I really want to move on, I try to brew a potion before placing an order, so when a customer walks into the store, I can sell that potion immediately. There’s no way to turn metal into gold though, as you’ll be running around the store like a lunatic with the sole purpose of synthesizing ingredients and making potions for eager customers. Spending gold in the potions you sell will be essential if you want to progress further in the potion party, as purchasing certain items will drastically reduce your time. Then spend as much money as you can on upgrading your alchemy shop to give you more potion variations that allow you to beautify the place with decorations.

Potion Party is a relatively short game. Potion Party’s mesmerizing graphics and addictive game loop provide enough to justify swapping a few potions and opening a store, but I couldn’t help but want a little more variety in the basic design.

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Immerse yourself in the coulorful pixelart world of alchemy and became a master



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