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Selma and the wisp is an innovative adventure platformer firstly released on PC and Consoles its now finally arrived on Android as well.
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March 8, 2022
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Selma and the Wisp is Finally landed on Android. First Released on PC and Consoles its now arrived on mobile. Selma and the Wisp is the first game from the developers which is released on Android. enjoy the ultimate platformer in ten different adventuring levels which plays offline.

Controlling Selma by guiding her through the darkness with a will-o’-the-wisp is an interesting concept that sometimes interrupted the game as it took a while to properly scan the area in front of her. Wisp can move freely around the screen and can ask Selma to follow her or stop. As you move the wisp through the lead, Selma will follow you, jumping over obstacles at the right time as you push the wisp in the direction of travel.

Download Selma and the Wisp APK on Android Devices

You can fly almost anywhere as the owner of Wisp, and the owner of Selma follows you blindly unless you tell her to stop and wait. You just need to put yourself in the right position so that she understands what you want from her. Guided by a magical ball of light – Wisp – the main character leaves his bedroom through his wardrobe, and then travels through a fantasy land of nightmares and dreams. Acting as her guiding star, the glowing will-o’-wisp should guide Selma through her worst nightmares and keep her safe from any harm.

In order to safely guide Selma in the dark, the player must consider the direction of the Lightspawn. The only way to recharge the light source is to consume the glowing orbs along the way, but you get stuck in the puzzle for too long, the Fire will shut off and Selma will die, fearing she will be left alone in the dark. Using the power of the will-o’-the-wisp, you must navigate terrifying platforms and avoid hideous monsters or seal a destiny lost forever. Selma follows her trusty beam through every turn, so be careful to guide her on the right path.

Selma and The Wisp Gameplay

Although Selma and the Wisp lacks a lot of small details, the graphics are good enough to keep you interested and make you feel like you’re browsing through a beautiful and engaging storybook. The puzzles in the game are quite simple as nothing here can confuse you, but with more difficulty from trying to maneuver the lost, you have a great network of platformer puzzles in this game. With ten chapters to go through, solving the puzzles in relatively small blocks is all that can really slow your progress through Selma and Wisp.

Overall, Selma and the Wisp was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the aesthetic of dark stories and puzzle platformers, but people who are easily frustrated or looking for a long experience may want to weigh your options. before abandoning this nightmare. The game is short but enjoyable and has all the qualities of a good indie adventure, especially with this trend of dark and creepy games we’ve seen lately. Mixing puzzle elements with some action, perhaps with a touch of horror, given the grim ways the protagonist might meet Selma and Wisp passing by, isn’t a very long game, but it’s at least somewhat unique.



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