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Looking at the premise of sheltered APK you might notice how much it’s like the mobile game fallout shelter. you’re in a shelter protected from a nuclear fallout that has turned everything into a you guessed it a wasteland. I’m sure it’s hard to make a post apocalyptic premise feel original but what shelter does compared to Bethesda Zobel game is much more involved with complex and challenging sheltered apk. Released currently in the play store Sheltered apk is a premium game.

Sheltered APK Android Free Download

Starts by making your choose for family members. it’s always two adults and two children and everyone has specific traits. you can choose that affect how well they function in the world. for example a small eater won’t need as much food to feel satisfied or a heavy sleeper won’t need to stay in bed as long but if you don’t take care of those family members those same attributes can flip causing a heavy sleeper to become a light sleeper and needing more time in bed.

It’s an appropriate complication that adds consequences for neglecting the well being of your family. while permitting you some semblance of control of your time in the shelter your first couple of times playing might be incredibly challenging. there is a lot to think about and it could be very overwhelming not only do you have to manage the necessities of all four of your family members food water sleep going to the bathroom showers you have to constantly fix things around the sheltered apk.

Sheltered Android Survival Game Download

Anything that was already there or anything you crafted must be fixed unless you’re okay with spending the resources to rebuild it but you don’t want to spend your resources rebuilding
things, because it’s extremely hard to require the necessary parts just to cram necessities in order to get parts. you have to make trips into the wasteland there are specific points on the map you
travel to in order to get parts but what you get and how often you get them is it consistent. I need a freezer in order to store meat from animals I caught in my trap I had three elements to build it and all I needed was one hinge it took me twenty seven days to finally get that hinge and it was completely.

Visiting houses farms and schools and I can’t find one door hinge really with that said shelter apk does bend towards being realistic in order to go into the wasteland you need a gas mask or else you might get radiation poisoning. if you are looking for a sharpened survival fun then sheltered apk is a nice try.

Requires Android: 4.0 and up

Version: 1.0

MODE: offline


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