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Siegecraft commander APK is a new Strategy Tower Defense game developed and published by blowfish studios ltd. stagecraft commander at its core is an RTS centered around the idea of building a network of towers to take control and ultimately defeat the opposing force and the way this is done is that you start off with a keep and then you can fire off basically bombs and packages and they will land and transform into a tower and then the two towers will be connected by a wall that instantly grows.Released for PC Siegecraft Commander APK is now finally available on Android Priced 10$ but you can get its APK+DATA free from the play store.

Siegecraft Commander APK Android Free Download MOD

There are multiple different buildings that you can create such as an armory and then from an armory you can spawn various buildings such as a ballista or a mortar and then you also have Garrison’s which will then form a barracks and then the barracks will periodically spawn units that you have no direct control over they will just go and seek out a target on their own. game has a nice variety of various buildings and from those sub buildings that you’re able to do things from and create more buildings on top of that you have direct control of outposts and I’ll both have access to basically a throw able tnt which you can do yourself.

Siegecraft commander is really simplistic but also has a sense of depth to it so the building’s have a tree system and you have access to various buildings depending on the environment around you. so for example if you land a outpost on a crystal formation on the ground which is the denoted by blue circle you can then have access to a library and that gives you access to a Tesla building and the Tesla building basically uses that crystal formation to create this energy shield that is impenetrable by enemy units.

The multiplayer offers a turn-based strategy version rather than a real time strategy version so that people who are concerned with things like skill and you know the fast paced nature of the build there instead of worrying how fast they’re going it gives them time to think about strategically. it allows people to play that way and I was really impressed that the developers put that in there because I certainly think that helps it appeal to more people so overall I certainly recommend it to people if you are interested in it it’s one of those things where I would completely recommend it to everyone.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.2.4270



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Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play. Must Need Joypad to play.

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