Sonny MOD APK Android Unlimited Money 2.0.24

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Posting a new MOD APK for Unlimited money, Sonny or Sunny, A 2017 remake of the original flash games released almost 10 years ago by crinyou. what the heck is sunny about well you play as the titular character sonny a zombie that is sent it for some reason and suffering from a bad case of amnesia your recipe. Sonny MOD APK is a free game in the play store with NO IAP but with ADS. Hack APK will give you unlimited Money. Sorry its not an OFFLINE Game.

Sonny Android MOD APK Download Unlimited Money 2.0.24

A mysterious man named Luis not long before the zpc, a zombie extermination group tries to kill you. on Luis you take out the squad but Luis is mortally wounded by them and gives you a tape right before he dies. the sonny must explore the world gain new allies and figure out who he is all while being embroiled in a conspiracy. There is a shop option from where you can purchase armors,cloths and new weapons for Sonny MOD APK.Its a place where you can spend your unlimited money.

As for the game itself it’s a turn-based RPG with combat system similar to that of grandia where different combatants move at different times depending on when they’re focused gauges fill up. Sonny MOD APK can have up to eight abilities splash passes activated on his ability wheel at once. so you need to figure out how you want to play so you can always respect at a cost unlike the original game. game runs at a smooth frame rate constantly the combat itself can be pretty enjoyable especially because of the great auditory feedback of the abilities.

Sometimes you can get into a zen-like state as you and your allies combo abilities together on enemies however the screen wobble does get annoying and can make some people nausea so I’m disappointed that there wasn’t an option to turn that off. outside of combat there’s the occasional conversation inventory management and shopping but truth be told there’s not much to do outside of fighting. however is reimagining of the original Sonny MOD APK games I gotta say I’m disappointed the visuals took a step down while the comic books cutscenes look better than ever.

The characters from the original games the combat animations also took a big hit is there incredibly basic I mean your characters just shuffle along a plane not even raising their arms their legs the attacks have spells this is a huge step down from the original. since they actually had combat animations they weren’t particularly brilliant but they had something in this remake no matter what weapons and armor you equip you’ll always see the same half-naked sonny. where the original game had full armor customization that would reflect on your characters. the game isn’t fully voice acted like the original games and is incredibly inconsistent. If you are a fan of Sonny MOD APK, then this game is still great and worth trying.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money/Skill Points

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 2.0.24



Download Links:

Install MOD APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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