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Star Traders Frontiers APK is a free roam space game and just arrived on Android. Star Traders Frontiers APK MOD lets you create your own captain and then puts you in command of an independent ship in a feudal universe. feudal means almost everyone is very suspicious and will treat you like at best until you’ve build up some reputation. the game compares best to mounted blade warband. if you like this one you’d probably like star traders as well.

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The game is completely randomized and dynamic and features lot of rivaling factions politics and contexts play a big role in the universe and you have to feel like a little fish. you’re free to go where you want but still there’s a complete storyline. Star Traders Frontiers APK MOD’s world also advances without you which means you don’t need to play the story but I’d recommend to do so because its quite good.

Star Traders frontiers feels a lot like warband and it also reminds me of the sid-meier’s evergreen pirates from 1987. it’s a fun game if you like space and boxes you also need to be able to relate to randomly generated characters. the developers are super nice and did a stellar job in integrating community feedback on top of that the game was updated several times a month during its beta releases on PC. more content is and will be constantly added but where’s light there’s often also dark some parts of the game aren’t as well crafted as the others.

The star traders Frontiers APK shines in terms of world building resource management and mission running. unfortunately ship-to-ship engagements and ground combat can’t keep up with shining examples of game design like darkest dungeon and FTL both are too simplistic and especially in space combat. The game gets repetitive after sometimes though its still a great game.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 2.4.69



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  1. Cho says:

    Dear RG please update the game

  2. xenoexpo says:

    omfg. i love this game. PLEASE we need the NEW update <3

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