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"Suicide Guy" is a first-person action puzzle game set in a fantasy world. You will play the role of a good guy who can't wake up from his dream. Your task is to help him get out of trouble. Players will have to solve the original brain teaser using various items. Despite this title, the game is not suicide or depression at all. Released on PC and Consoles this game Suicide Guy APK is now finally arrived on android as well.
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January 21, 2021
Android 6.0 and Up
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In most games it is a bad thing when your character ends up dying. but in suicide guy APK it’s actually your goal. suicide guy is a 3d puzzle game where your goal is to kill off your titular character. the game is broken up into 25 different levels and each one has a different contraption that you’ll eventually have to set off to kill off your character.

The levels range in different themes from some being parodies like Portal or Indiana Jones to just being more straightforward situations. after the game’s opening segment you’ll be dropped into a restaurant which works is the game’s hub where you’ll be able to select which level you want to go into.

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Features of Suicide Guy Android Game:-

25 suicidal Levels to play with

Story-driven game

Physics based Gameplay

Extreme sports: Ability to pick up items, turn them, activate mechanisms and even hiccup.

Annoying weird guy

Vehicle driving

Collectibles to be found

In Suicide Guy, you play as a drunk, fat man who fell asleep with a beer in his hand. In his dream, he saw that beer was about to be released and had to go through several different stages, appearing as a dream in a strange dinner-centric world, and killing himself in order to wake up. This story is as meaningful as the most abstract fever dream, it doesn’t matter, because the gameplay here is very important. There are more than 20 stages and you have to figure out how, literally, to die. In the early stages, you are trying to be hit by a train, while some stages imitate other video games.

A funny and humorous casual game with cute 3D graphics. You can take risks freely in the game and have a strong brain-burning ability to complete stages. You can solve puzzles by themselves and find a way to succeed in the level.



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