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Super Mario 64 is back on Android and what will surprise you most is that its a remake HD version on Android. A fully remastered Full HD Version of Super Mari 64 APK+DATA is now available on Android.
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21 September,2020
Android 4.0 and Up
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Super Mario 64 is back on Android and what will surprise you most is that its a remake HD version on Android. A fully remastered Full HD Version of Super Mari 64 APK+DATA is now available on Android.

The Remade version of Super Mario 64 Full HD version does not need emulator. Its an Android port with APK+DAT Files which can be easily installed on Android devices. Its an optimized version with amazing graphical updates which you will be amazed to look at.

Instead of Side Scroller left to right gameplay rules in original Super Mario, Mario 64 took those rules and annihilated them. You were no longer going left or right, you were going east and west. You were going north-west, you were going south-west.

The analog stick controls is so revolutionary, that they were actually alienating. Even today I’ll watch seasoned gamers pick up Mario and just witness them flounder around the screen like a baby trying to take its first steps.

There is no music pushing you forward, just the relaxing ambience of birds chirping over the sound of a waterfall.

There are trees to climb, little hills and ramps to slide down, and a lot of open space to ease you into how Mario moves. The way Mario handles in this game is so fluid, so precise, so inherantly fun and liberating, that it is honestly absurd!.

You got the triple jump,the wall jump,the long jump,you can crawl,you have the sweep and slide kick its simply an amazing gameplay experience.

The gameplay of Mario 64 APK Android is so dynamic that at any given minute, the player is making hundreds of decisions without even realising it. And all of them feed into this central idea of freedom. From the moment you enter Peach’s castle you choose which levels you wanna play, in which order and which objectives, from those levels, you wanna pursue.

The game has a beautiful way of prodding your imagination with atmospheric little touches. Mario 64 HD APK is more than an important game. It’s an infinitely replayable wonder with an airtight foundation that has shaped my thoughts on what a video game should strive to be.

What's In The MOD:-

Install Super Mario 64 HD APK and Place data folder in Android/data/



24 comments on "Super Mario 64 HD APK 1.0"

  1. Luca says:

    My rar can’t access to data folder…how i can skyp sound error?

  2. skykiller says:

    is there a way to remove the touch screen controls overlay?

  3. MacAndMayo says:

    How do I change the in-game models to the original models?

  4. STARDART says:


  5. DaRk says:

    Error Android/data what is that i am unziping data to directory Android/data why she give error?Talk me about pls

  6. Neupry says:

    At first I’m facing error, then I watch the Video from RG, and fixed. So guys, first you have to download RAR apps, then Open the RAR Apps, search Mario RAR you’ve been download before, and Tap the file, then tick the com.(blabla) and .apk then extract it but before extract change the direction to the Android/data/ directly, afyer extracting install the .apk, and the error should be fixed now.

  7. Crzo says:

    Works fine for me, no crashes so far Galaxy S10e.

  8. arrow says:

    Game Android/data/ error

  9. Kamanak says:

    Game crashes near chomp omps

  10. MildCappuccino says:

    Sound/sequences.bin fatal error sir, please help, thank u, more power

  11. larukuholic says:

    i’ve got error. already put data games on android/data

  12. TECHUTOPIA says:

    I done Gameplay of this game.
    Thank you for porting this to HD quality with gamepad support.
    Tho not all gamepads work.
    Youtube link:

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