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The Swords of Ditto APK is an action RPG which puts a modern gaming spin on the tried and tested tale of ” hero who must overcome evil and save the world!”. Swords of ditto is a PC Adventure game and is now finally arrived on Android. Your story begins as you’re awoken on a beach by a ghostly dung beetle named Puku, who VERY quickly guides you to claim an ancient sword thus you become the next Sword of Ditto.

Download The Swords of Ditto APK PC Game on Android

You set out to destroy the evil sorceress Mormo. So you rush off to her lair, fight some monsters,solve some puzzles, step up to face her.Aaaand you’re dead!. The words of ditto is such an interesting twist on the standard fantasy adventure, made even more intriguing by the idea that each time you’re defeated you return 100 years later, where, not only will things be better or worse for the people of Ditto.

The game is left for you to discover through trial and error. Probably the biggest concept to wrap your head around is what you can and can’t take with you into a new adventure, because this helps direct where you should be spending your very limited time. Once you have got a handle on the story,you can begin to explore the worlds deeper and try and uncover their many hidden secrets. It almost feels like a love letter to adventure games that have come before. I definitely got a ton of old-school Zelda vibes playing this.

The Swords of Ditto manages to mix up a whole heap of interesting gameplay ideas that require you to plan out your adventure and play smart. The Words of ditto is a smart and amazing premium adventure game which will surely give you some good play time.

What’s New: v 1.1.1
Added virtual thumb stick.

Requires Android: 4.0.3 and Up

Version: 1.1.1



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.

27 comments on "The Swords of Ditto APK Android Game Download"

  1. christoffer says:

    This game works but we have to remove license verification first.
    This is what I did to make this game work.
    Download and install Lucky Patcher, open it, click Sword of Ditto in the list > Menu of Patches > APK without License Verification > Rebuild the App > Go to file > Install.
    Congrats, you can play it now.
    ** You should have internet to play this because it will keep on checking license if no internet detected.
    ** You dont have to backup or do anything to obb file because it won’t be touched by LP.

    • jo says:

      Thanks it worked with the lucky patch, but I’m not sure how secure the lucky patcher is. I wonder if it would have been best for it to have even patched and then uploaded instead of going through all those processes

  2. Aman says:

    Please fix license error rg like you fix Pascal wager license error

  3. janu ares says:

    the game does not work, says error in the Obb file, please dear Admin fix it

  4. markco says:

    license check error ,pls help RG

  5. packyou says:

    works fine now..just use shitty lucky patcher..

    • ThenFvckYou2 says:

      I have 2 device, which one is rooted and one another is non-rooted. Using internet or not-internet it is the same. Check license u should buy the game. Which one is ur shitty lucky patcher version?

  6. Reniel Sam Sevilla says:

    Me too install lucky patcher and viola!!!
    Follow YouTube instructions “how to remove license check”
    Hope this will help

  7. Anonymous says:

    For those who have a license problem , use lucky patcher and remove or rebuilt the app without license verification function. It works for me !

  8. Minecraft says:

    lucky patcher fixed my -license check failed-problem 👍🏼

  9. Ukuteru says:

    License check meh

  10. Anonymous says:

    license check every time

  11. Anonymous says:

    How to fix fatal error in action # 1?

  12. RetroGamerBoi says:

    This game looks awesome RG. I’ve dwnldd it but yet to try it out.
    I have a request.. Can this game, KOF All Stars be modded RG? It’ll be awesome if u can.. Thx RG!

  13. Fábio Júnior de Souza Félix says:

    Fatal error in action number 1…

  14. Jd says:

    Apk expansion file is unavailable,,, help

  15. Pam says:

    Every 10 seconds theres a pop up saying you must have an active internet connection to check lisence?

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