Walking Dead Season Three APK MOD Unlocked

The Walking Dead Season Three 3 MOD APK finally arrived on Android.
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March 16, 2017
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The Walking Dead Season Three 3 MOD APK finally arrived on Android. after a huge debate about the release dates on Android and a 2 days delayed its finally on Android. Its available on as a paid app but on Andrpalace you can get The Walking Dead Season 3 APK new frontier for free with IAP unlocked and all chapters unlocked.The Walking Dead – A New Frontier (AKA Season 3) is an interactive story rich experience involving zombies.

The Walking Dead a new frontier also known as season three is an interactive story rich experience involving zombies. the first two episodes of season three are available right now but the last episodes will come at a later date. it isn’t completely necessary to have played the first two seasons of The Walking Dead but i do recommend it if you play them first you have a better understanding of some of the season two characters that also make an appearance. in the game and you can choose for your choices to carry over into this season if you want to in season 3 you play as happier or happy as he likes to be called instead of Clementine at first I was unsure of how i would like this new character but he seems like a solid protagonist. character is flawed but not too flawed that he becomes unlikable he feels like a real person a believable character was just trying to do the best first family in tough times.

I’m very intrigued by the direction that the story is going in and quite enjoyed playing as happy I’m glad that Clementine still make some appearances. throughout the story even though she isn’t the main focus a new frontier is exactly what kind of game you would expect from Telltale Games it’s a cinematic game focus mostly on creating an immersive atmosphere and rich story you spend a lot more time watching the game than actually doing things in the game.

There’s a tiny bit of point click play here and there but for the most part you just need to react to events and select dialogue options when prompted to do so. it’s not a style that will appeal to everyone when picking your dialogue you have limited time to make your selection and your dialogue choices influence how the story plays out. but it might not necessarily influence the final outcome on top of the well written dialogue the voice acting is phenomenal the music and sound effects are on point the graphics look good and I love the telltale visual style and how it’s like an animated graphic novel the style is consistent with many of Telltale’s other games.

What's new

Minor bug fixes.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlocked all Chapters



57 comments on "Walking Dead Season Three APK MOD Unlocked 1.04"

  1. Finella says:

    “app not installed as package conflicts with a consisting package problems.” my device is always saying this whenever I install the apk and I can’t find any “com.xyzxyz.xya” file when I extract it.

  2. Ivy says:

    The end of the file is in .rar instead of .apk and I can’t install it. all the links provided ends with .rar

  3. Justice says:

    Does the hacked app have all the episodes?

  4. D says:

    Can someone tell me where to download s1 of TWD?? Plz

  5. Dan says:

    Does this game surport powervr gpu

  6. Shikhar Raman says:

    From where we download in Android it’s showing link of PC??

  7. Shreedhar uchiha says:

    Dude apk is not installing

  8. DangHajo says:

    Can’t download eps 2, it says coming soon, how do i fix this??

  9. Buntu says:

    Black screen how to fix

  10. Ronin says:

    Can not play season two, it is said already purchased but coming soon available. How come?

  11. It's Kap says:

    Love the game and thanks for this game in free .I played the game complete the game . All episode download perfectly and again thank you so much

  12. RickGrimes says:

    Working on power vr device?

  13. Gabstech says:

    Click the link to fix and solve the stuck start game problem. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO CLICK SUBSCRIBE

  14. Anonymous says:

    RG.. I’m stuck at choosing beginning of story, because of the resolution of the game, I can’t press continue button.. can u help me plz? Or anyone else have a idea?? (Btw, I’m play it at Mi A2 lite) plz.. i want to play this game :((

    • Chetan Oswal says:

      What is the issue that you are facing? I was too facing issue with the resolution on Asus Rog phone 2. Some space of the screen was left uncovered. Just see my comments for what I did to adjust the resolution. There also must be some way for Mi A2.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Uh RG .. my phone is xiaomi mi A2 lite.. it was Pretty hard to press every section on the right of the screen, but it’s only happen on this game.. can you help me? Anyone??

    • Still the same person says:

      Anyway… I’m still stuck at choosing the beginning of story because i can’t press the continue button

    • Milenko Popov says:

      Same problem I have too.I have like you same phone.I’m playing walking dead season 1 and 2 without problem,but this game I can’t even open,same problem I have with Eisenhorn Xenos?

  16. Chetan Oswal says:

    Hey RG… One request… Can you please look into the resolution of the game? On ROG phone 2, some part of the screen is left uncovered by the game. It feels awkward then. I want to play this game.

  17. Kesha says:

    Ek tarika hai isko kisi bhi device me khelne ka mera device bhi support nahi karta bas ek kaam karo vmos naam se ek app hai usko download karo link de raha hun https://www.vmos.com/ ok to ispe jaao aur ek baat pro ko download mat karna tumse nahi chalega normal download karo ye app ek virtual os hai isme Android 5 run hoga isme file import kardena install ho jaaega simple trick hai

  18. Anonymous says:

    App not installed how to solve

  19. Anonymous says:

    Will it work on samsung j2pro

  20. rocky says:

    please upload the MALI file i cant play it on my bluestack, i tried your version but it keeps crashing

  21. Keshav says:

    How I play it on android 9

  22. Harris says:

    The download failed because it is not purchase….help

  23. Pablo says:

    Doesn’t Let me start the new story or continúe….. Why could be?

  24. Kelvin herbert says:

    Am using infinite s4 can it work?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Is this compatible with Mali devices??

  26. Styno says:

    I can’t click on continue to play the game

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