This War of Mine Stories APK MOD Father’s Promise DLC

This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise
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11 bit studios
May 27, 2022
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This War of Mine Stories APK MOD is a DLC game and following its original game, THIS WAR OF MINE. Instead of DLC update about Father’s Promise Content Developers 11 bit studios has released new game called This War Of Mine Stories. it’s a long game taking over three hours it is a moderately complex game. in war not everyone is a soldier, a simple idea but not one commonly explored in games. the players control a small group of survivors hiding out in a ruined building, scavenging food and water to survive while ducking snipers and living in fear that someone will turn up to harm them.

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The setting is a modern European city and it is heavily inspired by the siege of Sarajevo cooperative. the players collectively control the group of survivors no one has a specific character they control narrative-driven. the game comes with a large book of scripts that you will reference during the game dice. many encounters will be decided by dice roles.This game This War of Mine Stories APK MOD Father’s Promise DLC is less about winning than it is about surviving the siege. You must not only make it through until the ceasefire is declared you must maintain your morale and fitness Raiders, illness, the cold and starvation will be your true enemies here.

This war of mine stories APK MOD is unique. it deals with a very serious and very dark subject matter in a very honest and true way. The game does not glorify war in any way it is sad, it is frustrating and it is a bit depressing. but in a thoughtful and considered way and underneath all that it’s still a good game. With solid planning required and a lot to explore discover. the single best thing about the game are the reality impact cards. It’s also very somber and dark and those people looking for light-hearted escapism in their gaming might want to avoid this.


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3 comments on "This War of Mine Stories APK MOD Father’s Promise DLC 1.0.4"

  1. Thiery Marshal says:

    Some scene stuck when u meet the suplier! U cannot exchange item! There is no Deal button appear! Iam using Android 11, fix please… because i love this game, and on my phone this game frame rate not smooth like TWoM (the other twom) there such like lagging! in my place have 50ms but why this game a bit lagging there.. thanks RG hope you fix this one. I’am waiting for that, maybe next update i will download again.

  2. Renzi says:

    Oh god! Thanks man to making this works mod! I tried search all modded website, there just fake mod!

    And this one is really working, i appreciate that!
    Thanks and keep it up, I need more download from your website, your mod looks amazing!

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