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Moonlighter is a journey of a shopkeeper who wants to be a hero. Released on PC and Console this amazing Offline Premium Game is now available on Android. Moonlighter is a charming action RPG Android game which you would love to play on your android devices.
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11 bit studios
Feb 21, 2024
7.0 and up
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Moonlighter is a cool spin on the role playing game formula. you play as will the young owner of a shop named moonlighter in a town whose fortune was founded on the mysterious dungeons that can be accessed nearby but the dungeons have proved dangerous and people are now afraid. To go inside them the town is starting to wither away so will decides to explore the dungeons.

Download Moonlighter APK Full for Android Devices

Moonlighter APK is a pixel-style Roguelike action game. You will be a forest night worker, responsible for guarding the order of the forest and destroying those enemies who try to destroy the harmony of the forest. “Moonlighter” is a role-playing game that combines simulated business gameplay. Hunting at night, and taking the trophies to the shop during the day. Yes, our protagonist is a night worker who doesn’t need to sleep.. The game forms a loop here and combines Roguelike elements to create a highly playable A- RPG games.

Manage the store during the day, and go through time and space to fight monsters at night~ Although it is a pixel-level game, the graphics part is more detailed. Although the routine is relatively fixed and there is not much novelty, it is quite satisfactory and extremely stable.

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10 comments on "Moonlighter APK Download Full 1.13.57"

  1. Pablojabebo says:

    Vaya sorpresa!
    He estado buscando el juego mientras lo lanzan de forma global, y aquí está… Es verdad que la principio dudé de si era un virus, hasta lo comprobé, pero me decidí a instalarlo. Ahora estoy disfrutándolo, está en Español además.

  2. Matt says:

    The save files are gone im on the second dungeon and then the save was reset I don’t know what happened

  3. mager says:

    cannot install, failed location bla bla.. say

  4. Marlonn says:

    how to install this?

  5. Atlas says:

    RG the files came out as apks. How do you install apks on android. I really don’t know

  6. Loneliness Wolf says:

    finally, been waiting this for years!!! 🔥

  7. Yahiro Mizuchi says:


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