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Railbound is a comfy track-bending puzzle game about a pair of dogs on a train journey around the world.
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Sep 11, 2022
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Solve puzzles as you travel the planet by downloading Railbound now by clicking on one of the links below. Railbound isn’t just about solving puzzles; there is a wordless story that accompanies the puzzles, about two dogs traveling on a train around the world. Railbound is a low stress puzzle game set in a series of eight worlds with new gameplay additions. The latest in Afterburn will be Railbound, a “relaxing railroad repair puzzle game” that sounds like just Railbound to me.

If you’ve never heard of Afterburn Games, you should learn about the wider work of Afterburn Games by spending some time with Railbound. Some of its later levels are a bit abstract, but overall Railbound is a great puzzle game with a lot of great ideas. For a simplistic game, Railbound has amazing depth. With a few tips thrown in, Railbound doesn’t disappoint; in fact, it’s quite a relaxing game.

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For a game that prides itself on a lighter approach to railroad puzzles, Railbound sometimes feels like it’s moving too fast. With over 150 levels to complete, this puzzle game isn’t something you can rush into, although the hint system will be helpful when you get stuck, giving you real clues rather than giving you complete solutions. You sigh when things go wrong, but in the end, solving every puzzle is very, very satisfying, and Railbound is always on the right side of frustration.

While many of the 150+ puzzles could fit better into the main puzzle track, the game still requires you to explore every nook and cranny to see how it challenges you later. What you’ll be looking forward to is the next puzzle Railbound throws at you and what new elements it will introduce.

Titled Railbound, it is about the journey of two dogs on a train that travels around the planet like a train for the planet. Railbound APK is a puzzle video game about two dogs traveling on a train around the world and encountering many obstacles. In Afterburn Railbound, a fantasy puzzle game, two railcars are cause for celebration.

That’s where Railbound comes in, a charming independent transport simulator turned puzzle from Afterburn Games that will take you to a relaxing evening in front of your phone Afterburn Games. One of the most mundane items of daily use that has gained overwhelming popularity is our favorite trains; with potters, train sets, the amazing worldwide hit Thomas the Tank Engine, and now a new Afterburn puzzle game, Railbound Afterburn. In the game world, enjoy Railbound’s comic book-inspired visuals and relaxing original soundtrack from the Golf Peaks and inbento development team. In Railbound, players will solve puzzles by changing train routes to connect the train cars to the locomotive in the correct order.



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