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To the moon is a recently released independently developed by freebird games and published in Google Play Store by X.D. Hong Kong. to the moon and interactive method of storytelling than I would call it a traditional video game you play the role of two scientists who can thanks to the glory of science fiction grant any dying person their final wish the dying man in question is Johnny his goal is to go to the moon and the only way you can make that happen is to go back into his earliest memory and inception the crap out. Its a premium offline game but you can get To The Moon APK free from andropalace.

Android APK Free Download To The MOON

The game To The Moon plays out as an incredibly simple point-and-click adventure game with only one real purpose in mind to continually drive the story forward the controls are awkward and in a few puzzle elements that do crop up they contain latency issues if you try to complete it quickly enough. the gameplay can be basically broken down to mashing on the action button as you explore any given room. Its an incredible piece of art with amazing detailed storyline and in-depth adventure.

There are a few unresponsive puzzle sequences and a poorly controlled terribly executed action moment late in the game I suppose they’re there to vary the gameplay but they come off as unnecessary at best it may seem ridiculous but the lack in quality and quantity of gameplay is not enough of a reason to pass to the moon. up the strength of to the moon lies in its storytelling and music while the visuals will instantly remind you of Chrono Trigger. the environments and backgrounds are significantly more serene.

It’s a retro style that really works the music will absolutely move you each tune is a wonder for the ears and the placement of the songs for emotional impact is superbly done I can’t remember a more beautiful soundtrack in any video game if you know of one by all means let me know in the comments section below. Its a fun and amazingly developed indie game where all RPG gamers will enjoy and surely remember in upcoming years.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.5



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