True Skate MOD APK Patched Full Unlocked 1.4.27

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True Skate MOD APK is an offline skateboarding Android game from True Axis. It’s only $1.99, which is great… But for that price, you get almost nothing. Everything else is added on. The menus are confusing, probably because the design is so bad. White text on gray scribble was out of date 20 years ago. True Skate APK Free is added and also the Premium MOD APK True Skate is added for Unlimited Money and all the skateboards and grounds are unlocked for free.

True Skate MOD APK Android Unlimited Money 1.4.27

Let’s say you want to set a session marker. That’s a pretty basic thing in a skateboarding game these days. Here’s how you do it. You have to go a couple menus deep in the options, and scroll waaay down. Even below the HUD opacity! They expect people will need to access that more often than the session marker?! Another weird thing is the spin mechanic. You aren’t told how to do it, and it’s listed in the options as ‘spin cam’, which isn’t very clear. Now, I’m afraid to hit any buttons in this game because it might cost me money or require me to sign up for something. Like the slow motion button. Every time you hit that, it tries to charge you a dollar.

The game feels good at least. After playing Touchgrind, it was tough to get used to a single touch skateboarding game, but it works and I got used to it in time. I had to switch it to goofy for it to make sense though. Touchgrind also has a landscape mode for tablets, which was sorely missing here. So here’s how the game works. There are high score challenges, but primarily you’ll just be copying a trick or line. You watch the ghost skater do the trick, then duplicate it exactly.

A lot of reviews say that the best way to play the game is to ignore the missions and just free skate in realistic mode. So I Unlocked More levels and MODDED it for Everything Unlocked Hack. Ignoring the missions is really your only option anyway because all these levels I unlock don’t even have any, not counting the high score challenges. Look at the point totals you get for completing these! It’s nothing! The cheapest stuff is about 10,000 points. You earn points just doing good tricks, but it’s very slow. There are also achievements, which are also impossible. One is to do 10 kickflips in a row. That’s pretty simple.

What’s In The MOD APK of True Skate:-
Unlimited Money
Everything Unlocked

Requires Android: 3.0 and Up

Version: 1.4.27



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