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UFO VPN(Free VPN Hotspot)
January 5, 2021
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Released in October 2018, UFO VPN is one of the new VPN apps. It currently has over 500k downloads and has the potential to reach to millions of users. Anyway, after testing and reviewing I thought lets let everyone know about UFO VPN MOD APK. It has dedicated Premium Servers for playing Soft Launched Gaming Titles like Call Of Duty Mobile or you can use different PUBG MOBILE Free Rewards servers as well. They are premium servers but downloading UFO VPN MOD APK will give you access to all premium servers for free.

A unique feature I found in UFO VPN is it finds the fastest and closest server for you. If you want just to hide your location, then you can tap on Smart Location. If you want to choose your location, then you can tap on choose location. A list with countries names will come up, and then you can select the country you want and then tap the server which is best for you.

Another cool feature of UFO VPN MOD APK is if you’re not sure which country to select tap on the button on the top right corner. This will find the optimal server for you. When you tap OK, it will find the closest server to you. The close the server is the speed you get. The free version comes with limited servers. But here you are downloading UFO VPN MODDED APK so you will get Free Premium Servers unlocked for free.

MOD APK UFO VPN does a good job of hiding your location. In the left panel, we can see options including sign in, sign up, premium, language which only supports English and Farsi at the moment. One of the main reasons to test VPN App is for Torrenting or playing Soft Launched Games. After ExpressVPN,UFO VPN is one of the top notch VPN App on Android.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlocked All Premium Servers(Use Smart Servers)


35 comments on "UFO VPN MOD APK 2.4.5"

  1. sangpoeyan says:

    Express VPN plis ..

  2. MR PERFECT says:


  3. Jhon says:

    Need latest version. Old version is not working anymore.

  4. J says:

    Hey RG! This needs an update. Latest was released a couple of days ago. Was working excellently prior update, by the way. Would greatly appreciate it if you can please accommodate. Thanks! 👍🏼🙂🙏🏼

  5. Artast says:

    Please upload new version, old version is not working anymore.

  6. Kunal kd says:

    Today it has an update…so can not connecting to anyone network?

  7. Roro says:

    Thanks it work

  8. CrunchyBoi says:

    Cant connect, im using smart location tho.

  9. gerald says:

    do you plan on updating this vpn in the near future sir RG?
    thank you always for all the contents…

  10. Shaun87 says:

    Please update this RG. Thanks

  11. juDz says:

    RG last update (2.3.2) is not working, from the notification it says connected, but from the app it was stuck to connecting,
    switched back to version 2.3.1 which is still working for me,
    thanks for all the hardwork :-)

  12. Kuro says:

    Please update this app RG

  13. Slayer says:

    Please up RG

  14. Gary McFadyen says:

    Please update to new version Thanks

  15. Mbah says:

    Please Update this app RG, thanks

  16. ecompton59 says:

    rg 2.2.2 is still working has few issues with 2.2.3 out if you get time update this

  17. Anna Ngoc says:

    Update v2.2.3 please admin

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yes…thanks for this rg

  19. Anonymous says:

    2.2.1 is crushing when i open it please update
    2.1.1 still working

  20. eCompton says:

    works great in usa wish they had little more speed get 8.12mbs others get higher but dont connect to right place thanks again man

  21. Asif says:

    This version is crashing and never opens whereas the previous version was working fine

  22. byakkorb says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    its already have a new update..plz a new update vers..

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this app. My favorite vpn so far. Please keep this upated.

  25. virus13 says:

    Please update it to 2.2.0

  26. John says:

    Can you MOD Speedify VPN for unlimited free data?

  27. iamdeeflow says:

    Can this be modded for android tv? I was able to install it but premium/ mod is gone.

    Thanks and more power!!!

  28. virus13 says:

    Thank you Devs. Hopefully we’ll see more modded Vpns in future. 😊

  29. ado says:

    yes… thank you

  30. Joshie26 says:

    Can it work on COD mobile? Because I tried the express vpn on canada and australia..it failed to connect..saying its terminated..sorry for my bad english

  31. FanofU says:

    Hi RG.I am Big fan.can u Mod Skyvpn or Highvpn for Unlimited Limit GB please?

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