Yeager is an amazing fully action monster hunter like game on Android. You will be battling with lots of monsters and monsters. Its basically a Monster Hunter World on Android devices but with amazing storyline and a portable version.
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Kicas Games
December 24, 2021
Varies with device
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Yeager for Android is a 3D open world adventure game, in this game players will come to the world of monsters, let you try more different gameplay in the game to hunt various giant monsters. The entire game will bring more challenges to players allowing you to hunt all monsters in different ways.

Yeager Hunter is a classic 3D engine magical mobile game, feel the fun, share all the tasks, you can get a lot of resources, quickly improve the level of the character, outstanding comprehensive ability, perfect display Develop personal combat ability, explode your own potential, grasp the details, believe that your level can also be improved quickly, perfect moments, always like so much, rich resources, also must participate in activities to get a lot of award.

1. Become a warrior, raise the weapons and equipment in your hand to fight the devil, and release unlimited passion and enthusiasm

2. The colorful and detailed short story chapters produce extraordinary adventure experience, and feel the stimulating and stimulating battle

3. Grasp a lot of powerful energy, use your fingertips to actually operate to create a glorious honor

4. This game will provide players with more adventurous combat experience

5. A lot of different gameplay will give you more ways to fight in the game



11 comments on "Yeager"

  1. Reyn says:

    It’s working RG thanks
    But it just don’t have yet a setting for graphics
    I want to make a little adjustment on my graphics it’s too high it getting lag…
    My phone is Redmi note 9 pro

  2. Chowpu says:

    Should i use vpn?

  3. Ryukun says:

    Same, what happened with this game?

  4. EbiKatsu says:

    pink screen, static visual not working on RN9P

  5. Jeff says:

    I uninstalled it already. Broken graphics. On poco x3 pro
    Just a color pink. Suddenly turn to black with a white graphical bug border

  6. Hadi Sayed says:

    Im having a pink screen error on my one plus 7

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