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In a driving game, as we all know, the aim is usually to go as fast as possible.But in “Absolute Drift APK MOD Zen Edition”, speed was not in fact that important because instead,it was all about skillful, elegant pure driving. Usually done on your side.

Absolute Drift APK MOD Free Download Zen Edition

You know, that thing that they did in the terrible third “Fast And The Furious” movie,where you slide around corners with the side of your car trying to face the front. It’s an unusual way of driving, It’s makes a whole lot more sense than bouncing around in a rotating limo and I’ve already given that a go, so may as well check out drifting then.

Now, I’ll be honest- when I first started playing this game I was terrible at it. In fact, I have never been so bad at a new game before, in any genre, as I was in “Absolute Drift APK” and you just know that things have gone wrong when you can’t even drive into the the thing that made it go into easy mode without crashing. It was constant crashing and spinning out
of control and… probably more crashing- it was like having to learn a new language or something, where, when done right, it looked pretty effortless.

For example, you had to have the right speed, the right angles, the right amount of steering,the right amount of counter steering all to pull off just one simple turn. You finally got a feel for the car and could start to predict its motions and when you did, there was a certain satisfaction to pulling off a chain of perfect drifts.

There are different levels and tracks as well as challenging mode where you can practice or test your skills. You can simply unlock more cars while completing different levels and all. since Absolute Drift APK MOD is a premium game you can download its APK+DATA free from andropalace.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0



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Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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    please add #DRIVE, because it’s offline too.

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