The Adventures of Tintin APK Remastered All Devices

Finally We have got The Adventures of Tintin APK for All Android devices including all GPUs and CPUs.
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Gameloft SE
Android 2.2 and Up to Android 10
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Finally We have got The Adventures of Tintin APK for All Android devices including all GPUs and CPUs. Thanks to david rice for Remastering this classic game. TinTin HD APK is from the golden era of gameloft when they very actually making amazing games. Amazing premium games like Shadow Guardian, Modern Combat 1 to 4,Backstab and Tintin. Right now we have got tintin Remastered APK which is working fine on Android 9 and 10 with maximum graphics.

Adventures of tintin secret of the unicorn was released in 2011 for Android and ios. Game is published and developed by gameloft. let me tell you a little bit about the story he’s a young Belgian reporter who solves cases and gets to the bottom of suspicious activities and mysteries. he does this with a combination of with humor and a little help from his sidekick dog snowy and other friends.

The Adventures of TinTin APK Remastered (Andropalace) has surprisingly stunning graphics. We have modded this to work with max graphics enabled. It’s one of Gameloft’s best-looking titles there’s great polish to the characters and levels. this being an old comic strip it actually gives you that vintage feel with a modern twist which is really great. The gameplay is amazingly unique and makes it much more enjoyable. In different levels you will be able to play as your dog snowy to save you and do various stunts as well.

We are not getting such games on Android nowadays because of the online trend. But we are here to save our favorite classic games so that we can play them on our latest android phones. Adventures of Tintin MOD APK is Ready to work on most of the android devices. IOS has max graphical options which is also Enabled in this MODDED APK. Enjoy this classic game and make sure to signup using Email so that whenever i post such new games you will be notified through email.

What's In The MOD:-

Remastered to work on All Android Versions and Devices
Max Graphics Enabled



54 comments on "The Adventures of Tintin APK Remastered All Devices"

  1. nishant says:

    dosent work. cant click mission it scrolls up/down . (android9)

  2. Artem says:

    Xiaomi x3 Pro – levels are not selectable

    • kamisama says:

      For those who can’t touch the mission you guys can touch the mission, you guys must tap the mission with 2 fingers, 1 hold (touch the misson) 1 tapping the mission, some how i can touch the game, my device Poco X3 Pro

  3. Emon says:

    Resmi 5A not working . Please fix it 😭😭😭

  4. V5q says:

    Game installed and ran perfectly. But when I click new game to start the first mission, it doesn’t respond and won’t start.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      sorry cant do anything since its really an old version. just managed to run it on newer devices. some devices showing errors and most of devices run it properly

  5. Jeter says:

    Is this remastered? Thank you royal gamer

  6. Jasper says:

    Is working fine,thanks people

  7. Jed says:

    I played that game back in 2012 on my ASUS tf300t. I was never able to complete the game due to constant crashes. Then, once I got better Android I devices, I wasn’t longer able to install the game from the store.

    I wanted to play that game since years and now I do! 🥰
    Thank you so much for your work!!

    I also wonder if it would be possible resurrect Batman: Arkham City Lockdown (low memory error occurs) and Spy Mouse (sound doesn’t work anymore during the gameplay).

    I would be very grateful!!


  8. Jay says:

    admin i am having a problem with this i followed all guides installed the apk and placed the files into the android/data the game opens then after the gameloft logo and somewhat animation it goes just black screen have any idea
    I have a android 10 phone
    realme 5 pro?

  9. Speed Master says:

    This works excellent on my phone core prime which has android 4. 4. 4 kitkat. So far it runs smoothly with no error, controls are smooth, graphics are excellent. Thanks for remastering the game.

  10. Speed Master says:

    Could you remaster the games grid autospor, forza horizon 4, real driving sim, taxi sim 2020 for all Android devices. Those games seem epic and it”s sad you can’t play them on all Android devices. If possible try to remaster the games mentioned above for all Android devices.

  11. sa i ba says:

    i remember when i have the Galaxy Ace. and n0w i have galaxy s10 and still i’m here in this site. thank y0u s0 much Rg <3.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Galaxy ACE yes HVGA Device right. Enjoy and thank your for your support.

      • Gowtham Chand Narayanan says:

        Wow, those days we need to download according to screen size, I forgot most of the things. Now all the things are made simpler. Used HTC Explorer to play mc4 , GRio , gta3 , arolan .. nostalgic XD

  12. ALam says:

    WHen you upload part 2 of this game r.g

  13. pintudada says:

    Thanks RG

  14. Rohit Beer says:

    Hey RG, I hope you remember me, Rohit Beer, we used to talk back in 2011 when you had andropalace blogspot, We used to talk about the graphics of Gameloft games, how they are so good and we required an expensive device to play them, I was 10 years old back then

  15. Rohit says:

    I have OnePlus 7 android version 10 phone and when I installed Tintin game in it and clicked to play the game, it started to work but when I click on new game and then click on chapter to play, it doesn’t work and move ahead. How to play the game? How to work this?

  16. Vivo z1 pro says:

    Work fine, Sometimes randomly crash, if u cant touch new game, use two fingers

  17. RexM says:

    Is it possible to make jade empire playable?

    • Random says:

      Yes, i was able to play it on my moto g4 plus @ android 6.0. just make sure you place the data folder properly to its directory.

  18. Hancell Martinez says:

    Yes indeed I noticed those years were the golden era of very good unreal engine mobile games.
    All was well but these days..nothing.
    a lot of free to play rubbish. Sad.

  19. Batter says:

    this works in oreo but it is very annoying when in the middle of the game is FC doesn’t know why and i have to play from the starting point.

    i appreciate modder but still need to fix a few bug.

  20. Kuro says:

    Hi RG thank you for your hardwork can you mod some vpn or update some vpn apps that you mod already this will help us a lot thank youuuu

  21. Mark says:

    works fine, good one thanks

    • Royal singh says:

      Where did u put ur data ? I mean in which folder

      • Royal Gamer says:

        place data folder in android/data

      • Mark says:

        put data to Android/data

        • Royal singh says:

          Okay I did it before just wanted to confirm if I have to move it into Gameloft games here or android obb here …
          Because my game isn’t functioning well I’m facing trouble in starting the game the new game button doesn’t work but keeps scrolling up and down , if i repeatedly press that button ( name of mission in typewriter ) then sometimes game works but after minute or two it force closes itself
          I reached in game where he jumps in water while escaping bees

  22. Anonymous says:

    Its not working on android pie, when i launch the game it say the aplication is only for the older version of android

  23. Escanor says:

    I click on new game but is not moving after d next page.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Restart your game and then try again.try continue options

      • Royal singh says:

        I did but it is not letting us go through I think it is not detecting touch on new game page which is in typewriter whenever I click first mission it just scrolls up and down , plz refresh files of backstab hd

  24. Khaled says:

    Im pretty sure it’ll wiek smoothly.. You’re my secret Santa RG long luve the palace

  25. Muneeb says:

    let me try

    • SouljahBoy says:

      For those who can’t play game past New Game menu and can’t select chapter. Try turn off motion control in options menu. That Andro for years of amazing uploads!!!!!

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