Asphalt 8 MOD APK 4.7.0j Unlimited Money


Asphalt 8 MOD APK is an arcade racer from gameloft. Asphalt series has been tremendous for its unique and exciting racing game. game has been downloaded millions times since it was arrived back in 2013. After almost 4 years of its release date Gameloft has released biggest content update yet. Its named BIKE UPDATE. Get the MOD APK Asphalt8 with Anti Ban and Unlimited Money.

MOD APK Asphalt 8 arcade racer from gameloft is one of the best Android racing game ever created. to be playing classic racing mode in one of their very many tracks Iceland has some amazing graphics and visuals involving let us know here a bunch different areas are you transition from different areas one to I really love the lens flares returning the warner’s kinda had is nice to can see all the clouds everything just has the amazing graphics build into now as you guys know last fall even the little bit more along. arcade style so were slammed cars on the way doing these huge job collecting money.somewhat different cool arcade style features built in the game ome games like real racing and need for speed: try to allow these a little bit more in-depth racing experience in the house. different features that you have with asphalt eight now you can see here theres different classes of cars going all the way up to you I the high-powered cars. upgrades you can add your cars you have an acceleration. nitrous upgrades all the stuff really adds to the way your car handles, now unlike some other games the paint jobs are free so you can change the paint.

What’s New: v 4.7.0j
Warm up your winter with some holiday heat!

2 weeks of challenges & gifts starring the Lotus Elise Cup 260 & Koenigsegg Jesko!

A new vehicle type that requires no upgrades.

Ride the Italdesign Zerouno, Pininfarina Battista, and Ferrari SF90 Stradale!

Class-S vehicles can now be unlocked in special events and the Shop.

Fuse Cards to get coins you can spend to apply upgrades!

What’s In The Mod APK:
Unlimited Money
Free Shopping

Requires Android: 4.3 and Up


Version: 4.7.0j


Download Links:

Install APK,Download data files directly from game and play.




  1. Can I install this version on my Asus ROG phone 2? When tried to download from playstore, it says cannot install everytime. And I read the comments in this post. I have installed 4 Gameloft games and have reached certain level in them. I cannot uninstall those games to install this. Do you have any other idea?

    • If you have installed MODDED GAMELOFT Game then you can not install original Gameloft games at all and if NORMAL APK is installed then you can not install other modded gameloft games

  2. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been looking for this mod for a while now. Would it be possible to mod it further so that you can upgrade the cars? Thanks so very much!

    • Hey Admin, It’s is possible to only mod the credits ?, like cheat engine for Windows ?, so we can purchase the other cars with token normally?, I noticed that cars that only can be purchased with token, show his value in credits too with this mod, and when we are tuning the car, it shows around 205/300 credits at levels 2/4 and the game return with the error 9002.

  3. If you are banned install the samsung app lock from playstore.Then mask the asphalt 8 game.Then unmask it immediately.You will be unbanned.By this method your game progress will be reset but you will not have to download the whole game offline as much as possible.

  4. Version 4.2.0l…
    Can not playing fully offline, because we asked to connect to the internet every time tuning the car.
    It’s not crack properly bro!

  5. Please fix mod. Cant upgrade storage u cant buy all the items in shop u can buy only the first and last item in shop the rest will give u error.

  6. RG, I completed download data but when I start the asphalt 8 , it says update game . When I click on update then open playstore but there are no update …plz help how to I play asphalt 8

  7. I got crapped and banned me for good when I’m online. Even switched to offline I still get a banned message. Defeat 😣😣😣

  8. I’ve tried installing game but it’s not installing, what could be the problem? according to cpu-z my phone is opengl es 2.0. I need help on this pls.

  9. RG this game is offline right so on this game we have to download laps to unlock them so what about them id we use this mod apk they are already unlocked or we have to download them

  10. I cant install all mod version on my asus zenfone 3. It always says app not installed, I also tried installing old mod version but still cant install. Please help!

  11. Version 3.6.1a still got banned,
    I turn off the internet and everything fine..
    But the next day i open game it asking for internet then close..

  12. 3.5.1b
    Mod does not work bro!
    Always need to update,
    and I try to install mod over original apk it always says “can’t be installed, conflict with the existing file”. So, mod apk useless…. what happened?

  13. If I have already downloaded the data file from original apk and I have it stored in my memory do I need to download it again in this one

  14. Question, sir.
    If I backup modded data > uninstall > install original version > restore data:
    1. Is remaining credit still there?
    2. Am I gonna be banned?
    Ty in advance, regards.

    • 1. Your main account credits are still there even if you got banned with the offline/modded account but you should backup your game data first.
      2. I’ve just got banned when I’m using WiFi, so i think you’re better not use your wifi when you open the game its not including your mobile data, you still can open the game with mobile data i

  15. Woow….this new update and the hack of Asphalt 8 is working…..smoothly…i got 10crore gold and 1000 this mod thanks #Rg …kindly make a mod of #WILD_BLOOD this game is also a game of gameloft please do it soon…i m loking forward ur support *Rg*

  16. All guys who are having problem and the gameloft is asking you to update the game. Just download
    appvn and goto downloads and update your mod game. Note: Some games Like modern combat 5 has no update and it is not available in appvn and I think that Asphalt 8 is also not there but you guys can check I am not really sure about it.

  17. Now Bike’s Moto Blitz and stages data are asking for download on 3.2.2a.. and with internet it asks for nonexistent update and it has become unplayable, fix it asap!

  18. Chutiya bana k rakh diya hay GL nay , her 2 din baad update nikaal daytay hien .. admin kehta hay overwrite karu aur khelo jub k her dafa over write ker k game open karu to likh ara huta hay need to download 1302 gb data… mien to ub jesay he game ki main screen ati hay wifi forun off ker dayta hun phir araam say offline khelo

    • yes , and I got banned …. RG kindly first test your mod then upload just because of you I lost all my data & force to play with normal APK…

      • Thanks RG.. andropalace MODs is very reliable for me , but this time very bad experience download around 2 gb data with your mod and got banned wasted my 2 gb and time .. and now you updated the MOD means again download 2 gb :) are you sure this time MOD will work ??

          • I downloaded from playstore yesterday and now i try to overwrite your mod buy error occur : App Not Installed due to existing signature conflict. what to do ???

  19. Rg,
    While downloading extra content from the apk do I lose my downloaded content if I pause it in between and then resume it….
    Plz Rg REPLY

  20. without buying ktm1290 bike ,game would not move ahead and its need blueprints either purchase or collect but both cant be done , do something about it

  21. RG, when the new update comes do i lose my previous save games??
    If not, how do i install it (so that my saves Remain there when the new update comes)

  22. For those who get error “app not installed”, RG have told that uninstall other Gameloft games.
    I tried that, but still error.
    Then I tried to delete my Playstore library of Gameloft, that works.
    I suggest you to do that also.
    Mod works, and don’t forget to make it offline, or you will get banned.

  23. RG, when the next update comes, Do we have to again download the whole content??
    Also will it effect my saves in the game??

  24. Hey RG.. i have downloaded all the additional data (1.4gb) when i try to race in career mode.. it ask me to dowmloaded some additional data again.. i do it but, It stuck .. the download progress is freezing.. please fix this rg.. i run my phone on good 4g signal..

  25. Are you installed this mod apk on android 6.0 marshmallow.

    because after downloading this mod, when start to install it says that app not installed

    but Original apk i mean when i downloaded Asphalt 8 from playstore it worked.
    but cant play the mod apk

    I’m using xiaomi redmi note 4 (Android 6.0 Marshmellow)
    Any tips ????

  26. I tried installing this on my Redmi Note 4. It does not happen. I even tried downloading it first from Playstore and to overwrite it with this mod APK. Even that didn’t work out. Please help!

  27. I’m unable to install the APK. I even tried installing the game from Playstore and then overwrite it with this APK. It still doesn’t work. Phone- Redmi Note 4.

  28. please some one help me, i cant play this game, always stuck when i choose a map/track to race, a download dialog box always pop up, it tell me to download some file, but it wont download, stuck at 0.0mb/0.0mb, please help, it nott occured when i replace the mod apk with original one, download many version of this game before but always same problem..

  29. In my samsung galaxy j7 after downloading this mod, when start to install it says that app not installed

    but Original apk i mean when i downloaded Asphalt 8 from playstore it worked.
    but cant play the mod apk

    I’m using Samsung Galaxy j7 (Android 6.0 Marshmellow)
    Any tips ????

    Only gameloft mod cant install.

  30. Hay can’t install mod apk but original apk when I download from play store the game run smoothly
    Please help me. …………

  31. Pls ,, hlp ….In version 2.6 mod money .. The game dose’nt start ,,, it says .. Some app purchase .. .. And thats . Not patched .. Pls hlp me how can i unlock the main game

  32. sometime mod apk from gameloft cant instal from your phone, cause you was instaled official apk gameloft….. you must root and instaled xposed framework then instal luck patcher modul for fix it… it happend with android lollipop or higher, its fine in jb (idk in kk) you can fix it with instal on system but you cant instal another official game from gameloft in play store ?

  33. Hey RG

    Love all your mods btw but i installed this game. All works well until i start racing, the visuals of the road are all black and can’t see any of the other racers? Huawei p9 lite

  34. R.G.

    Just want to ask, bec. i cant download the other maps using mod apk’s. Is the older versions of Asphalt 8 still playable? The older one that has no new maps like the san diego harbor. Id prefer playing the old modded Asphalt with all the old maps than just a few. XD

    Please reply. Thank you for providing us modded apk’s :D

  35. I m using samsung galaxy j7 and asphalt 8 mod is not install.
    But the official version of same game can install .so help me …

  36. hi RG
    i can install either mod asphalt 8 or Gangstar vegas in my redmi note 3.. is there any other way to install both games in my mobile..

  37. Hi royal gamer, I downloaded and installed it but when I tried to open the game, the gameloft is showing and then it closes automatically… and i dont have any other gameloft games. help me

  38. Hey there I have downloaded the mod apk and I had installed it but after when I downloaded the data the game is chrash unfortunately asphault 8 has stopped plzz help me out plzz

  39. Hey r.g, I play this with mod but is force close and I play this with download in play store is work. How to fix that?. SM T331

  40. Hi RG,
    can i install this then backup the save?
    uninstall and install the play version then restore the data from the mod save?
    can it work?

  41. Dear RG,
    I cant play the game, it says u need to update ur game if i got online.
    I cant download the track becausethis game need to update.
    How to fix it?

  42. plz…..tell me……do u have any version of asphalt 8 mod apk which have all region downloaded…..such like version 1.8.0 or before versiobn such as v1.0.1 etc……..plz friend……..plz i need a solution

  43. Can’t play it at all .. It is asking for update but when i got to playstore theres no update what should i do RG? I can’t download the tracks because every time i go online it ask for an update that does not even exist . please help me RG

  44. Hey RG Why not unlocked all races.. I can play just some stages. Then it says need internet and when i am on my data its saying need to update :/ but playstore not got any new update for this game. Then how to unlock all racing stages?

  45. Pls, RG some tracks can’t be played (London, San deigo,China, Alps etc) if I try to download it, the game will say update .what should I do. Thanks

    • Same problem here. if I try to download tracks, the game will verifying and ask to update even I Have the latest version but when I choose update there is no update option in playstore,
      My Version is 2.7.1a
      Please help royal gamer

  46. Im using a Huawei P8 lite (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) and i too suffer from the same problem…trying to install Asphalt 8 Mod Apk

    Need help from experts

  47. Download asphalt 8 from playstore normal intall. Then download asphalt mod.apk. Cut the obb files and place it somewhere from ur storage. Uninstall the asphalt 8.apk after that install the modes apk. Then move the obb files from android folder then paste it from obb folder.

  48. RG now please start making highly compressed data files for this game atleast. Its a pain everytime to download all data again after updating.

  49. looks like every one got an issue with unable to purchase car or the mod didnt work…
    you can use this trick, works for me on both my phone (xiaomi mi4c) & tablet (asus fonepad 8)

    1. download the apk mod from this site and then install it
    2. once u open it, u’ll asked for download the additional data, download it (about 1,2gb)
    3. after all the data downloaded, u’ll see asphalt main menu
    4. close/exit asphalt, and then turn off ur internet, make sure to force close ashalt from app setting
    5. open asphalt, and play the tutorial
    6. repeat step no: 4
    7. turn on internet and then open the asphalt game, BUT DONT DO ANYTHING YET!
    8. you need to download the DLC/additional data first, to do this, click on PLAY menu (bottom right) and search for the race events / tracks with an ARROW DOWN BUTTON (hence: download), for example, Dubai & San Diego… (after download, it should be more than 2gb)
    9. after you download the DLC, repeat step no: 4… and u can play the game…

    PS: to prevent asphalt use ur internet when u online, u can use third party app like NetGuard, so u can receive bbm/ whatsapp while playing…
    Good luck…

  50. This mod is useless !!! Rg do something whats the point have unlimited everything but couldnt even buy anything !!! So waste !

  51. I have tried the game and unlimited gold is worked but the unlimited token is not working, i run the game online but it says transaction failed. Maybe u can change the currency of the car that sale with token to sale with gold.

  52. Hi Royalgamer. If you mod v2.7.0r then pls do only unlimited money and anti-ban mod like before and also fix the major issue found in v2.6.1a mod of cars not unlocking.


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