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Asphalt 8 MOD APK is an arcade racer with unlimited money which can be played offline.
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November 23, 2021
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Asphalt 8 is an arcade racer from gameloft. Asphalt series has been tremendous for its unique and exciting racing game. game has been downloaded millions times since it was arrived back in 2013. After almost 4 years of its release date Gameloft has released biggest content update yet. Its named BIKE UPDATE.

MOD APK Asphalt 8 arcade racer from gameloft is one of the best Android racing game ever created. to be playing classic racing mode in one of their very many tracks Iceland has some amazing graphics and visuals involving let us know here a bunch different areas are you transition from different areas one to I really love the lens flares returning the warner’s kinda had is nice to can see all the clouds everything just has the amazing graphics build into now as you guys know last fall even the little bit more along. arcade style so were slammed cars on the way doing these huge job collecting money.somewhat different cool arcade style features built in the game ome games like real racing and need for speed: try to allow these a little bit more in-depth racing experience in the house. different features that you have with asphalt eight now you can see here theres different classes of cars going all the way up to you I the high-powered cars. upgrades you can add your cars you have an acceleration. nitrous upgrades all the stuff really adds to the way your car handles, now unlike some other games the paint jobs are free so you can change the paint.

What's new

Asphalt 8 is turning 8! So we’ve prepared an equally momentous update with special time-limited events, new features, and a completely new look for the game!

Take part in a series of celebratory time-limited events with exciting rewards!

Create a Racer Avatar with loads of clothes and accessories to show off your unique style!

A completely revamped user interface with a fresh look and feel. Even more improvements on the way!

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money



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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

Play Asphalt 8 Airborne MOD APK Unlimited Money 6.0.0i on PC

Play Asphalt 8 Airborne MOD APK Unlimited Money 6.0.0i on PC

44 comments on "Asphalt 8 Airborne MOD APK Unlimited Money 6.0.0i"

  1. iAm Lester says:

    How to fix. Ban notification. Even im not using wifi or data in game? Do u need reinstall it again?
    And where is the folder of asphalt 2.6gb files. All i see is just 500mb.

  2. Hackerboy says:

    Why no data? do i need to install the apk mod first and then let mod apk downloads its data? or I need to download the full original asphalt 8 with data and then install the apk mod? pls help I don’t see any instruction on to install the mod.

  3. Gamer Leo says:

    Can i download other locations in this game or put manually in game’s directory or obb folder when i try to download i got banned

  4. Rusdy says:

    Thanks RG, the mod is working 100%. However, it’s pointless, you’ll still need to be online to buy upgrades. Also some car won’t be available until a certain time when you go online. You’ll get banned if you try to go online. For anyone who have trouble with downloading data, just download the original from playstore until all data have been downloaded, then install the apk mod.

  5. Chetan Oswal says:

    Hi RG… Earlier I had download this game from here and it worked fine. Today I downloaded this updated version and tried to install, bit it failed. Application not installed it says. Any idea?

    • Chetan Oswal says:

      Hey RG, please provide a solution for this… I want to play the new features but am not able to… Do I need to uninstall previous version? But in that case I’ll lose my data.

  6. McKenzie says:

    Rg what should i do it keep on crashing while opening data file download progress.. :(

  7. Arftro says:

    Why all item must use blue token to buy RG? And its not free shopping

  8. Tola says:

    Can’t open the game, it keeps crashing.

  9. Chetan Oswal says:

    Can I install this version on my Asus ROG phone 2? When tried to download from playstore, it says cannot install everytime. And I read the comments in this post. I have installed 4 Gameloft games and have reached certain level in them. I cannot uninstall those games to install this. Do you have any other idea?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      If you have installed MODDED GAMELOFT Game then you can not install original Gameloft games at all and if NORMAL APK is installed then you can not install other modded gameloft games

      • blakes says:

        app not installed what is the problem here

      • Chetan Oswal says:

        Hey Bro… Thanks for advice… The APK file that I downloaded from here worked for me… And yes I downloaded 2 Gameloft games which are modded and 2 are not. But those 2 which are not modded are working fine. Isn’t that strange?

        • Royal Gamer says:

          I have this Asphalt8 MOD APK installed in my ROG2 and its working fine. usually i test these MODS on Bluestacks and ROG2….

  10. Edd says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve been looking for this mod for a while now. Would it be possible to mod it further so that you can upgrade the cars? Thanks so very much!

  11. Aditya says:

    I can’t shop free it always tells transaction error (9002)

    • Deepak says:

      Yup it tells me the same
      I hope a solution might come in near future

    • Melk says:

      Hey Admin, It’s is possible to only mod the credits ?, like cheat engine for Windows ?, so we can purchase the other cars with token normally?, I noticed that cars that only can be purchased with token, show his value in credits too with this mod, and when we are tuning the car, it shows around 205/300 credits at levels 2/4 and the game return with the error 9002.

  12. Kunaon says:

    V 4.3.0j
    Still can NOT tuning the cars OFFLINE…

  13. Amit says:

    If you are banned install the samsung app lock from playstore.Then mask the asphalt 8 game.Then unmask it immediately.You will be unbanned.By this method your game progress will be reset but you will not have to download the whole game offline as much as possible.

  14. Freeman says:

    4.3.0j also get banned after buying car & upgraded

  15. Kunaon says:

    V 4.2.0l
    I can not tuning the car offline bro! :-( 😧
    Please, remod this version bro.

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