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Download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK and you will get unlimited Money Keys Gems and Money in your game.
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Gameloft SE
September 8, 2021
4.1 and up
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Looks like gameloft is all set to ditch its brand new gangstar game new orleans and set sails to update gangstar vegas. Their new Game Road Maps are more than an amazing real new contents. Watching its Fan Following increase gameloft has decided to update Gangstar vegas again with new patches,content updates and new events. So Offline Gamers of Gangstar Vegas will now have more contents to enjoy.

Gangstar Vegas is an Open World Action Packed game with so many awesome contents.  Jason has sold himself to devils. how’s he gonna survive, well you have to find it out your self. feature that you can not be banned.but feel much more appropriate to be in update to bring up the hype creating a granted human world does take ace in stunning Las Vegas but due to its abysmal graphic rendering. handiwork though can become quite tedious whenever it comes to navigating chasing around readers open-world. the series was just have blamed its environment was which is why they recreated a much more intriguing but as any fantasies with no what makes their playground so far those big bad guns in gangster Vegas doesn’t let you down by any means other vehicle selection weapon inventory in apparel are all conveniently located. Game is packed with solid actions and heart pumping storyline which wont make you stop playing and regular contents which are coming is so amazing.

What's new

Unstoppable giant robots have appeared across the city to wreak havoc.

The Oni Rises
West meets East in this new Battle Pass season!

Rising Star
Meet Mei -- a new perspective on life in Vegas.

Vicious Circle
Try the new zombie-themed Portals!

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money VIP Account (Must Play Offline)



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Use This ZIP+XAPK+APK INSTALLER and you can easily install APK+OBB DATA Automatically. (No Need to manually Extract Rar Files Now)

Play Gangstar Vegas World of Crime MOD APK Unlimited Money VIP 5.4.1a on PC

Play Gangstar Vegas World of Crime MOD APK Unlimited Money VIP 5.4.1a on PC

116 comments on "Gangstar Vegas World of Crime MOD APK Unlimited Money VIP 5.4.1a"

  1. Philippe Aquino says:

    Rg it says App not installed how can install the mod version

  2. Jibrin says:

    I have Gangstar Vegas 5.2.1b do I need to download latest 5.3.0o data files

  3. Edwin says:

    Hi RG i have a question, everytime i open the game i got banned, but if i turn off the internet i can’t open the game without intetnet. So how can i fix it?

  4. Naruhodo says:

    Hey rg how to pass age add popup coz it need internet and i always got banned when i turn on internet ? Please help or can u upload the save data only so i no need to waste 2gb again to download it

  5. Jibrin says:

    I uninstalled other Gameloft games as u advised, it worked perfectly fine ,thank u great gamer

  6. BananaMan says:

    I got banned as soon as I logged in. Help RG Please! I wasted 2.2 GB on this please

  7. Yosmeli mendoza says:

    Hola , quisiera que suban muchos mas juegos de gameloft offline a esta pagina , que para mi es la mejor , tanto de acción , aventura y rpg .

  8. tapaikokotapioka says:

    I got banned after filling the gender box and age box (in the first launch). Can u explain what happened and how to install this modded game properly. Thx

  9. Ajo says:

    Hello, The first time mod works fine. But after few hours the controls disappeared from screen is there any way to fix this RG?

  10. Ashish Mokale says:

    I am getting get the game from playstore error, please help.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Get license from the play store. start downloading this game from play store and when download starts cancel it. now you have a license for this game. use our mod apk then

  11. Klaus says:

    Can you upload an older version full offline?

  12. Xman66 says:

    Can I play it offline from the start, every time I have to open wifi to check the files then i can play offline, can this be fixed or it something permanent.

  13. RAFA says:

    Do I have to play it offline ?

  14. Kawal says:

    Does this update gonna get stuck on turtorial mission of area.i have downloaded this game from other website it was working fine and the it gets stuck on that mission on that mission

  15. Polen says:

    Its working great though controls (walking/running) are a bit bugged. The only real problem I had is that my account gets banned too often too quick, within 2hrs of playing or so. And you have to reinstall it, restart the game :( is there a way to diable the online purchasing (i think when you accidentally click it, they will detect you – just a guess though). Thanks, RG!! You’re the best!

  16. Himanshu says:

    Hi i have placed game data folder in obb folder still its crashing even i thought lets try data folder pasted the file their too but it still gives error

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Sorry i dint understand. if you want to test if data is placed properly then go to Manage Apps>gangstar>check its storage. you should see 2GB+ size in there.

    • Polen says:

      @Himanshu, i think you dont have a license. Try to download it in Playstore, when the download starts, you will have a license, the cancel the download and use this MOD again.

  17. Anonymous says:

    RG can you update link for mega, gdrive or mediafire?

  18. BOLABULU says:

    RG, is this version has VIP mod actived or its just the money that modded, and when it say unlimited money are all of the currency is unlimited or only 1 currency that unlimited?

  19. Tom says:

    RG I tryed all but this not gave nothing effects, really. ☹️

    • Fumitzu says:

      Rg I thought I can able to play it online, but I got banned now and always still once I play it online.
      Is there a way to save the progress of data files before I reinstall it?

      • Royal Gamer says:

        You can do one thing. Install MOD and connect with Facebook to save your progress then uninstall this MOD Version and install Original version from play store and restore data using facebook

  20. Tom says:

    Royal Gamer but i have the same issues with original google play store version how to fix load data failed issue with gangstar vegas?

  21. Tom says:

    Hello Royal Gamer how i can fix load data failed issue with gangstar vegas? I tryed all methoods reinstalling game, installing with original google play store obb and next the same situation all of time i see load data failed and crashing me at main screen, how to fix it?

  22. AHAMED says:

    Salut la vérification de licence ne marche pas
    Je rentre dans play store ça écrit jeux introuvable
    Comment faire SVP ?


  23. Aldred says:

    Diamond not working

  24. Saif Tarek says:

    I got app not installed proplem

  25. Mex says:

    Hi RG,
    I can’t find the movement controller buttons don’t display on my screen. So I can’t even get past the first stage of the game aka the cage fight. Nothing to control my character. I use a P30 Pro.

  26. Anonymous says:

    will i be banned if i play it online? tnx RG

  27. Billy says:

    RG, thanks for the unlimited money, but why i can’t use the diamond?

  28. J says:

    Hey , rg can you remake nova3 and rainbow 6 shadow vangard??

  29. Domthelol says:

    Admin help me I got Invalid License how to fix it?

  30. Yamuzn says:

    Hey RG, is it possible to mod Gangstar Rio? Thanks very much

  31. Anonymous says:

    How to avoid ban with this mod?

  32. J says:

    Thanks! Bro, Could you remake nova2??

  33. danny says:

    rg,can i send the game from my old phone to the new one

  34. Limjay says:

    Is this working Android version 9.0 ? Plsss ! Tell me cuz in your past Update it’s stock on screen loading

  35. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know whats the problem whenevr i tried to open this game and it suddenly says “this game has been banned” something like that.. i was so enjoyed playing this game

  36. Vian says:

    Why on my smartphone does the gangstar vegas game always come out?

  37. Xboyfriend says:

    Hi RG, this version don’t have VIP mod? Or can you please add another mod version with save game inside the apk so when we instal the apk it will load saved game progress and we don’t need to play from the beginning. Because when we want to apply a saved game progress it required titanium backup and it must have rooted device. Maybe the only way to apply saved game progress to unrooted phone is installing the apk with saved game inside.

  38. Danny says:

    Pls mine isn’t working tell me the link I should use to downloading

  39. punteue says:

    Rg, pls fix the link. All link are dead thx

  40. Superman says:

    I have no other gamelort game and it still says “apps not installed”

  41. Blaac says:

    GTA downloaded
    It doesn’t finish loading the first screen
    It automatically stops loading and comes back to my main menu

  42. Aeon says:

    Mediafire and Zippyshare links are dead, please fix RG

  43. Peter says:

    Thanks, this game works perfectly but there is no VIP in game . can you add VIP please?

  44. Koolest says:

    How many file are there in side the obb folder my is one and game is required I should download adictional file

  45. Koolest says:

    I’m seen only one file inside the obb folder, which is the main file what about the patch file? Can it work that way I guess no

  46. Koolest says:

    How many space for apk mod

  47. Stupid says:

    Not working, only visual. I can’t buy anything.

  48. Stupid says:

    Can I play it online?

  49. Ifeanyi says:

    RG please can the mod apk work 4.0.0i data

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