Auto Chess MOD APK Free Summon 1.0.1

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You’ve probably heard of Auto Chess game on PC Right. But you will have no idea what its about. Its a chess or something. Auto Chess is Originally a DOTA2 Game Mode. after response from the FANS Auto Chess MOD APK has now arrived on Android. Dragonest, the game’s developer has done amazing job bringing this Competitive game to the play store. A PVP Strategic Android game which is surely a big thing now.

Download Auto Chess MOD APK Mobile 1.0.1

Auto Chess MOD APK is quite slow and looks dull at the first impression. If you have not played the PC Mode then you will need to finish the tutorial first. You will have 3 different login options at the start. sadly there is no guest account option available. So Download the Auto Chess MODDED APK and do your thing like farming and all and save them on your Facebook id.

If you have no idea what auto chess is about then do not worry. A tutorial will be waiting for you at the first launch.You will be taught the absolute basics in the tutorial like how to buy units and place them on the board each round. But for the advanced tutorial and tips about unit types, roles, counters, and all you will need to search it on Reddit or YouTube. This thing is completely skipped over. The game surely plays like chess on chessboard, but you’re free to place units wherever you like. and your units will attack enemy units. its an Auto Battle for sure, but Auto Chess? Auto Chess Mobile MOD APK is now added for your comfort. Play as per your liking and make sure to safe guard your progress.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
1. Free card purchases during matches
2. High sale

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0.1


Download Links:

Install MOD APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

45 comments on "Auto Chess MOD APK Free Summon 1.0.1"

  1. Ardian teyebe says:

    How i can login for this game?

  2. Dontknow says:

    will this ban my account? I know that is the risk.. but, im just curious is there someone who already got banned bcz using cheat in autochess?

  3. Natha says:

    FC in middle game

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please update this mod rg..

  5. Dy1625 says:

    update required.

  6. Natha says:

    Still working ?

  7. Oneechan says:

    RG why i always lose in the 17 round when i have good troops?

  8. arturo says:

    still doesn’t work.
    you will be kicked at raid 19

  9. kendobendo says:

    Please Update 0.2.1 .. thank you before RG

  10. Ricardo says:

    Why is not it working for me? I did the installation copied the folder with the file to the obb folder but the creatures continues to come with more than 1 coins

  11. Nurdiin says:

    Ditunggu yang versi 0.2.0, terimakasih..

  12. Deon says:

    Hi RG, please update to the newest version 0.2.0 with the same mod (cost 1 coin) because it works for me :)

  13. Kimmo says:

    Update please!!

  14. NomNom says:

    keep loosing even ur playing normal

  15. iGalaxy says:

    Hey RG, fix this mod, i always AFK and lose the game.. FIX IT!!!

  16. Natha says:

    Any candy mod ?

  17. Anonymous says:

    You’ll end up loosing

  18. Anonymous says:

    Login error using Fb Rg.. Please help.. Only working when i uninstall the Fb app..

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t I login using my fb? I always need to uninstall the FB app to login to Auto Chess.. Please help Rg

  20. ian says:

    i cannot login developer error..

  21. BudakBangor says:

    If level 15 up, game always broken, like a surrender, please fix in RG, however this mod very help us

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please rg fix about “using a trick you lose the game” Develover say

  23. otep says:

    Hi rg How can i log in?

  24. Macoy says:

    You cannot create account on this apk mod..

  25. Adyrmdh says:

    Online or offline ?

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