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Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is an offline adventure game from Deep Silver. Its a premium game with no IAP and NO ADS at all and you do not need a MOD APK at all. but from you can get this games APK+DATA for free. every once in awhile you stumble upon a game that you know will make it into your Android game of the year list. regardless of what anyone else thinks the book of unwritten tales 2 APK is one of those games a point-and-click adventure game from the developer king art and published by Nordic games that is an absolute thrill to play. Its huge in size around 2 GB of Unwritten Tales APK with Data Files but its worth it.

Free Download Book of Unwritten Tales 2 APK Obb DATA Android Download

This Adventure APK game is packed full of tributes references jokes and hat tips to countless beloved fantasy works ranging from monsters incorporated to the Lord of the Rings from portal to Minecraft. this game brings it all into a tasteful and hysterical adventure that doesn’t match all the tributes into one hodgepodge of a story but tells its own completely unique story with easter eggs at every corner seeing the Allspark next to the helm from skyrim and the character comment on both in passing was nothing short of brilliant.

The gameplay or story of the game itself however goes beyond the traditional game rules for a point-and-click adventure even to the extent of changing graphical audio and gameplay styles midway through a section of chapter 2. now each chapter is given to a different main character with a whole different part of the story to tell each character is alive and rich giving you a completely different enjoyment. The voice acting and fun character designs give the dialogue and adventure full and laughable experience the detail within even the characters clothing or move is impeccable and worthy of note.

Creative and dangerous adventure with mind-blowing puzzles then you have an idea of what the book of unwritten tales 2 APK is like the puzzles. these are full complex puzzles that require either uninterruptedly contemplating or a step-by-step guide alongside you with the which are completely plausible methods of gaming.

This game is so polished and detailed and looking gorgeous on my Android phone. there are bound to be issues that hide in the cracks bugs that surface periodically that must be mentioned. first there are several places where the text dialog and the verbal dialogue do not match where the character is verbally saying one thing and the text is displaying another. amazing game design and mechanics its a worthy download.

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.0.0



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Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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