Cartel Kings MOD APK 1.701

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Another Gang War online game arrived this time its named as cartel kings. the previously they worked on all guns blazing am so you can tell that this is going to have a sort of tongue in cheek over-the-top massively explosive tone so the whole thing I am and yeah it really does it really does deliver on that some just reloading there with the bottom left hand corner button and then tap you hold on the screen where to shoot. health little too vulnerable look at me become big and chunky I am always got great likely insert deal with these guys keep on reloading at prime mmmm lotsa destruction lots of the bits have seen a review session smash into game really reminds me in this area games like time crisis actually and back on a first-person over-the-top action movie claimed if gameplay a so now these a load screens not too bad as you’ll see and because we completed the stage we go ahead and get some cash we get looted into thinks that this is management section B into Justin the jobs section and you can see here that we’ve got this whole city right and and we can let’s do much we do well we can grab region paid 2002 by that airs land and then we can develop on it what we want develop well we go to develop a restaurant conde or more bank so if we wanna due to a condo for example that’s gonna generate us a constant seven come we can use of currency or premium currency Cartel Kings MOD APK 1.701 build it I’m going to use the software in see him alaska at 6am appear time cookies go currency to just have it done immediately you see on the right hand side a you’ve got your logo bank you constantly getting rewards and such throughout this game I’m that is just a time it ticks down everyones or just get free stuff really nice May eight forty minutes or so more free stuff money coming in from there and you notice that as you build stuff and as you buy land the price for that I’ll that the new air is a plan comes much much higher so we’ve got all that good and units have on that we can also upgrade and mention if you want to as well so gonna go ahead and well if it wants to I can do that I can complete the improper spoke. different cartels and you can be competing with these different cartels throughout the game and going on different jobs I was just in a previous job just to kind of get into the game.

What’s New: 1.701
Introducing the all new ‘Blades’ booster cards! There’s never been a better time to stock up on cards as these awesome boosters provide some seriously powerful buff combinations!
We’ve also managed to bash some pesky bugs too!
** Note : the Blades Cards will become available in the game a few days after this version of the game is live, via a scheduled data update **

What’s In The MOD:
1. Unlimited Ammo
2. Unlimited Skill
3. No reload
4. God Mod

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.701



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

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