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Mickey Mouse is set off to save mini mouse in this cult classic Castle of Illusion game. This is a remastered or remade version of Snes version of this game including new animations and optimizations in same old classic gameplay. We have decided to reupload this classic game so Mickey Mouse Fans can enjoy this game on their latest android devices.
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December 21, 2021
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It’s Castle of illusion starring Mickey Mouse, Castle of illusion was developed by Sega and released on the genesis in 1990. the evil witch mizrabel has captured Minnie Mouse in order to steal her youth and beauty. Mickey has to travel through various worlds of illusion to gather seven magical gems in order to defeat the Witch and save many from the evil witch.

The Castle of Illusion APK is an action game. This game remakes the 90s classic game “Illusion Castle”. The game not only improves the screen effect by a level, but also optimizes various classic levels to make this game once again. Remastered.

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The game tells the story of Mickey Mouse alone in the Phantom Castle and defeating the witch. The Gameplay of the game is still in the original way, but the level design of the game is very good, and the current game focuses on innovation and colorful graphics. It is a very meaningful way for these remade games to bring back the forgotten classics back to people’s sight.

The levels are gorgeous and colorful and the sprites are really well animated second Mickey doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to help Minnie. the gameplay mechanics are quite simple you can jump and you can throw the limited use items you come across in each level or you can bash things by jumping.

If you’re a fan of Disney or platformers then don’t ask too much. Just download it and play it on your android devices. it will be worth replaying in this remastered version of this game.


4 comments on "Castle of Illusion APK 1.4.4"

  1. Naruhodo says:

    Hey rg why in my device pvr android oreo the texture game broken just chinese word on screen cant see anything ? How to fix ?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      uploaded files are original. check if this game is supported by your phone or not. search this game in play store if you can see it then this game is officially supported on your phone

      • Naruhodo says:

        Yes i can see this game on my playstore RG i dont know why the texture broken just chinese word on screen all on screen

        • Royal Gamer says:

          Maybe its not optimized for your device since i have uploaded files which are untouched and taken directly from play store. nothing have changed in the Files

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