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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI APK MOD is a 4X Turn based Strategy Game, developed by Firaxis, published by 2K, and brought to android by Aspyr.
3.2/5 Votes: 33
Aspyr Media Inc.
August 13, 2020
Everyone 10+Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes, Drug Reference, LanguageLearn More
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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI APK MOD is a 4X Turn based Strategy Game, developed by Firaxis, published by 2K, and brought to android by Aspyr. A Free Demo With limited 60 Turns is available in the play store but if you want Unlimited Turns / Moves with All DLC Unlocked then you will need to download Civilization 6 MOD APK+DATA for it.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 has a rather stylized, cartoonish look that has broken with the traditional “realistic” feel of the past games. World leaders have almost a caricature quality to them, emphasizing bushy mustaches, bursting chest plates, or exaggerated noses. The play field has this feeling of looking at a map.

As the fog of war creeps back,map elements are preserved in an ink-like effect that I find particularly charming. The music in Civilization 6 is rather disjointed. The bombastic, choir-heavy menu music reminds me of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, yet then the in-game music feels primitive and understated.

Civilization 6 plays much like previous entries in the series. It’s a turn-based strategy game that feels a lot like a board game. Each turn you move your units, queue production for your cities, manage research and movement up the tech tree, engage in diplomacy, and push the boundaries of your civilization.

The in-game economy is complicated, consisting of production, gold, food, trade routes and more. That’s what’s the same with Civilization Vi APK MOD compared with it’s predecessors. However, the game has significantly broken with the traditional gameplay of the Civilization 6 MOD APK series.

If you’re a fan of other Civilization games, you should definitely try Civilization 6 MODDED APK on your Android devices. You may not like every change, but I certainly enjoyed my time with the game. If you’ve NEVER tried Civilization before, go ahead and try Civilizations 6. It’s serious amounts of fun and, while it’s not a perfect strategy game, it’s well worth your time.

What's new

Version 1.2.0 Release

What's In The MOD:-

Full Version Game/DLCs Unlocked



116 comments on "Civilization VI APK MOD 1.2.0"

  1. Jobu says:

    Any chance this will ever get an update to work on Android 13?

  2. Nkai says:

    Hi RG, can you update this on Android 1.2.5?

  3. Kenoshino says:

    Why does my game keeps crashing when creating a new game.The audio glitches and game force close

  4. Oknoy says:

    Hi RG can you update this game because my android version 13 is not working please a really want this game thank you

  5. Oknoy says:

    Hi RG please can u update this game because it’s not working in may android version 13 please update thank you

  6. Prod-uction says:

    Hi RG, would it be possible to make the game compatible android 13? The mod does not launch and the official application ends up asking to pay. S23ultra


  7. Vicky says:

    Can u update link zippyshare?

  8. Jack says:

    Hi, is it possible to have a functional version in French please? If I don’t put my phone in English, the game doesn’t open.

  9. HOSEIN says:

    Dude you have to force stop app each time. Then you can open the game

  10. Jake says:

    How to activate unli gold and turn mod?

  11. Danial says:

    Hi RG. Sorry to bother you. Game works perfectly fine on launch, but that’s it. On subsequent launches, game crashes every time. I’ve tried every info i could find here or on reddit, download from 3 other sites as well but this issue remains. Please let me know if there’s any solution

  12. C says:

    Works perfect
    When it comes to assign an adviser the screen goes mixed up flickering and not rendering properly
    My phone is note9

  13. abcd says:

    How can I solve Google login loop? I pushed back button several times but login screen just showed up again so can’t go after that.

  14. Armin says:

    It stuck in downloading data file.
    What should I do?

  15. Seleukus says:

    Doesn’t work. Stuck on downloading data files
    I have huawei nova 5t 50 gb storage free. It has been an hour still stuck on downloading data files. I have did the right procedure of extracting the obb.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      do not extract obb file. here follow this simple steps. start downloading this game from play store and when its downloading obb from the play store you have to install our mod apk. now wait for the obb to finish downloading obb files. then play

      • Seleukus says:

        It says incompatible, any solution?

      • Seleukus says:

        My device isnt compatible with the version it says on play store. Even though i have emui 10
        And a kirin 980 chipset. Any solution?

      • Nomnom says:

        Just reupload the 1.2 version…im been downloading this game like 4times…and after the successful can play the game connected to the internet but when you open it just looping around about signing in google…just pls man…reupload the 1.2 version..

  16. Charles says:

    My device is Redmi 9 4/64, there is no working version on Google Play, but it works when I install apk from other site with limit of 60 turns so I suppose it should be ok.

    Could you give step-by step instructions how to install it, language change (region also?), wifi/mobile on/off ?

    I just downloaded the apk extracted and installed it also copied main and patch files to android/obb cause of teh name of the files com.aspyr.civvi/main……obb.

    Am I doing this right?

  17. ja says:

    all working but language in phone/tablet (system language) must be set to english

  18. Erakz says:

    Rg its stuck again in data files just wait 30 minutes again i just do the playstore trick is not working :( btw i have Xioami mi9t with miui11 android 10 and i think my phone can handle it .

  19. Erakz says:

    ok ill try btw is this game required internet in first run?

  20. Erakz says:

    i wait like 1hr on loading data files still on loading data help i think it stuck i just follow your instructions

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Start downloading Civ6 from play store. when download starts cancel it. now install our MOD APK+DATA. game will work fine

  21. sadfs says:

    Stuck on endless loop Google sign also… :(

  22. Evander says:

    I have a galaxy s9 with android version 10 and have followed the directions for setup and can get the game to the menu and load it up but right after the tutorial/setup message it crashes and restarts. Idk if maybe I did something wrong but I cannot get the game to even first turn of the game.

  23. Sam says:

    Hi RG,
    If followed properly the instructions the game works but the game has bugs.
    The game doesn’t support officially by playstore on Poco F1 running MiUi 11 on Android 10. but anyway I downloaded from andropalace and installed it on device.
    The game opens properly and can be played on 1st start but when exited from the game and again when opening second time the game won’t load and crashes it doesn’t work.
    This is just a feedback from my side as a fan to those who won’t repeat the mistake and face issue that I faced.
    Thanks 😁

  24. Williams says:

    Hi All,

    It works on Honor 20 Pro, this means all Kirin 980 processors phone is compatible !

  25. Fatty says:

    Worked for me first try, Pixel 4a. Runs great.
    Question: do mods exist for Android version? If so, where can I get em and how do I install em?

  26. Humanse says:

    Stuck on endless loop Google sign, I already click on an account and the “back” button but I’m still stuck there, my device is oppo a31, please help.

  27. Keith says:

    Hey Rg I’m stuck at verifying data. I don’t know if it just takes too long to load
    BTW I’m using Huawei nova 7
    No Google play
    Don’t know if game will work

  28. Marlon Vertulfo says:

    its stock in the black screen say’s…..

    1855.16GB / 1904.23GB 97%

    always stock on that black screen

  29. 😁 says:

    I don’t know how to move on with my Google Account selection.

  30. fox5 says:

    To everybody who has a problem during second run. Open file manager, go to Android/data/com.aspyr.civvi/ and delete folder “firebase” and file “vkpipelinecache.bin”.

    DO NOT TOUCH “Sid_Meiers_Civilization_VI” FOLDER.

    You probably should do this every time. It only takes seconds after you get used to it. The game works fine if you do this.

    • fox5 says:

      Sorry, there’s a small mistake.

      You’re supposed to go to


      And then follow steps after that.

      • ja says:

        i delete this files and don’t work, only first run is ok, and only if i copy data files to android/obb directly from pc. galaxy tab s6

    • Anonymous says:

      It works sir, very much appreciated your help sir.. I have one more issue sir can u help me with the white/black color in the game

      • Anonymous says:

        For example sir the settlers at the start of the game they ar blinking black in white in colors not stable, is it my phone or there is a solution? Tnx in advance

        • fox5 says:

          I guess its the phone. Ive tried many things to fix that but ive failed. I think its the GPUs problem because it fails to render those textures.

          • Anonymous says:

            Aww, i thought it can be fix in the game settings, bec. it makes my eyes sore with the graphics. Thnks btw sir

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hello Guys, The data files should be renamed before moving them to obb folder. Also, allow the game to access the storage by allowing permission in Manage app-Settings.

  32. WabaLabaDabDab says:

    Working perfectly fine on Redmi Note 8 pro!. Thanks so much RG!!
    Takes around 30 mintues at first start so have patience folks. Don’t forget to turn mobile data or wifi off.

  33. Anonymous says:

    It works in ViVo Y91?

  34. andropalace fan says:

    Please help RG im really a fan of this game i love to play it on my redmi note 7, it works fine for the first time but force close for the second time. Heeeelp RG please.

  35. Terenz says:

    RG hi, i did install the apk and copy the data to android obb. Upon opening the game it does verify the data and then it ask for a google sign in , but its ok if you answer it or not you can still play the game. Now here comes the issue part, upon opening the game for the second time it does the looping part of google sign in. It does a loop unending loop asking for a google sign in. Even you answer it or not it still doing the loop. Please help RG.

  36. Williams says:

    A backscreen appears and it says 18.54GB / 19.65Gb 97%. How to handle it

  37. fox5 says:

    Works fine. All DLCs are installed by default. the files are packed into an APK file for automatic installation. Don’t decompress the files manually. And delete the installer after the game is installed.

    Don’t download if you have a weak phone, seriously.

    For a mid range phone, it takes a long time to load. I don’t expect 60 fps but getting to play one of the greatest video game series on phone is a great pleasure. Thank you RG for bringing us such a good game.

    • Humanse says:

      Did you put the obb folder in your SD card?

      • fox5 says:

        What obb folder? There’s an auto installer apk which adds the obb folder by itself so I don’t have to do any actual work except wait. You can extract files from the apk by yourself though, by converting it to zip, if you know what you’re doing.

  38. Catur Wijaya says:

    i using redmi 7 onclite rom x64 but first launch, force close.
    what need minimum specs?

  39. Nm says:

    Will it work on redmi note 7?

  40. Martin says:

    Stuck on downloading data Files at start, can u help?

  41. Madokaism says:

    Black and white texture glitch on my device, i guess my phone is too weak

  42. Raph says:

    Rg, can i play this on pocofone f1?

  43. cristina says:

    Hello sir rg, i think zippyshare link 1 is broken. Everytime i extract always got an error

  44. Red says:

    Thanks work on my vivo s1 pro
    More power RG

  45. Albazev says:

    It does not work tried it on three devices

  46. Paras Beriwal says:

    Its stuck on Verifying Data page.

  47. Jale says:

    Don’t work app can’t be installed

  48. Kpatti says:

    How much space required i got app not installed every time 6gb free space on internal.

  49. Holger Friedrich says:

    Is it possible to get it in german language?

  50. Avadis Janiashyan says:

    Hope it works, thank you in advance RG, one of my favorit games.

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