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Cloud chasers is about a surviving family in the endless desert. This small RPG Offline game recently popped up in the play store and the App store so its not that famous yet. Our fellow Mobile gamers are all up to waiting for big titles and they forget about the little small games that can easily win your heart and keeps you playing for hours. Developers have tried hard to make unique game and so they did. Completely unique looking game with awesome survival story to tell. Your journey starts when you first start the game, tutorial goes by tapping on the ground to move your entire team at that place and then you have the open world to explore. There are main quests as well as side and hidden quests which can be triggered on particulars places. At very first place your journey starts by collecting waters for surviving by collecting drops from the cloud as it is named as cloud chasers you have to chase clouds and gather water supplies. Game is packed with different story and gameplay and the graphics are quite memorable as it looks colorful and friendly.Cloud chasers APK android free. As it is a premium game there is no IAPs in the game its a great thing about it nobody will stop you for purchasing IAPs and make them millionaire. You can start your journey as soon as you download it and its completely worth every penny if you even pay $1 for the game. simple controls RPG elements like looting and equipping best equipment.

Reasons to play this game:
Small File Size Huge Fun
Offline Play
RPG Elements and Unique gameplay/story

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 102



Download Links:

Install APK and play.

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