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Donut County APK is an offline story based puzzle game which were released on PC and Consoles and its finally available on Android Devices. This award winning puzzle game is unique and fresh. The gameplay and story based puzzles are well made that will make you play it till the very end.
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Annapurna Interactive
December 1, 2020
6.0 and up
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Do you remember the mobile game Black Hole Battle that was very popular some times ago? The Donut County APK will remind that it is the source of the gameplay of the Black Hole Battle. This game tells a story about a city called Donut City. The story of being slowly swallowed by a hole in the ground. The colorful scenes and silly animals make this simple game very interesting. If you like this polygonal style, you can download this Donut County game with a hole and try it out.

Download PC Console Game Donut County APK on your Android Devices

Donut County is a humorous narrative offline puzzle game. A raccoon wanted to steal items from the town through a “hole” in the ground. However, as more and more items were swallowed, the hole became bigger and bigger, and finally swallowed the entire Donut City. The little friends fell into the cave. They sat around the campfire and told the story of being swallowed by the cave.

The low-polygon style, colorful scenes, cute and silly animals, and nonsensical narratives make this seemingly simple or even younger work extremely interesting. The details in the game are also amazing. Many subtle changes that you can hardly notice will make you laugh when you find it by accident.

Game features:
-Combine various objects in the cave to get magical effects: boil soup, raise rabbits, launch fireworks, etc.

-Explore the home of each character, and notice that everyone’s home has a unique environment.

-Move the hole to swallow their things, the hole will become bigger and bigger with each swallow.

-Eject all kinds of things out of the hole. You can solve the puzzles by this means…or simply be the king of destruction.

-Swallow everything. The cave will always exist until the entire town disappears.



8 comments on "Donut County APK 1.1.0"

  1. Lone Wolf says:

    no, that’s not the latest. this version still has touchscreen bug. but the one in play store has a bug fix even though the app ver didn’t change.

  2. Lone Wolf says:

    hey RG, there’s an update.

  3. anky ninja says:

    Showing blank after game started

  4. Kontolbapakkaupecah says:

    Same here on redmi note 9

  5. Ray says:

    The touch doesn’t work at all..any solution?

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