Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD APK is an Action RPG Android game from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. This game is based on famous Anime series Dragon Ball Z.Because of popularity of the anime this game has been downloaded million and millions of times from the play store.but with our MOD APK you will get GOD MODE feature.


Game is free in the play store and requires an active internet connection to start the battles.with our MOD APK of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle you get Damage Increased and unlimited health so enemies can not attack on you.

The diversion will give long-term DBZ MOD APK fans with lukewarm entertainment and heaps of fun nostalgic minutes. It’s an exceptionally normal amusement that conceals it’s absence of inventive substance behind brilliant characters from a tremendously adored TV Characters. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle MOD APK is justified regardless of a strive for fanatics or the establishment however is controlled by affectionate youth recollections more so than strong substance.DBZ DOKKAN BATTLE MOD APK

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan MOD APK Battle arrived for Android but only for select regions.This going to be a fantastic game because already positive 5 star reviews are shedding up in the play store. addicting game and if you love Dragonball you should definitely play this game on your android phone.if you enjoy strategy games this is definitely a strategy game. you just the reps whenever you play this game and once you get your favorite character you gather up the squad did you have a deck your eye a new div level up your squad in you go away and in units bank booty may have I’ll may I guess so high you just get his you have to each mission you pass your dragon so that you click five dragons and you’re able to summon a hero. I got the Frieza saga does a bunch a different variation characters and I just roll with him I got the super rares what they call those rare super. its pretty much the storyline has the little tweaks lot lotta tweaks were used to understand circumstance if you’re veteran drag him off and on, challenges there’s two tons of stuff to do in this game you will not be bored with this game.


What’s In The MOD APK of DBZ DOKKAN BATTLE : Thanks to Hokage242 for the MOD
God Mode
Damage Increased
Dice Always 123

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 4.7.0



Download Links:

Install APK and play online.



  1. Come on, yous are dropping the ball here. Please update. Yous are always lagging behind. Update with dice 1,2,3, god, high damage. Screw the auto-win, its annoying.

  2. I got banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure that by using this version of the hack during the World Tournament got me banned!!! With the previous version of the hack (high damage, not autowin), I’ve played the WT without any problems. It took me a year to get all of my characters and now what am I supposed to do? Just suck it up? Is there a way to get my account back?

  3. Sorry RG, but why the autowin? The previous mod was perfect! Now I’m playing the Tournament and it doesn’t even starts the fight…that means that not only it’s boring, but also that by winning like that we don’t receive a lot of points as a reward making it really hard to achieve standing goals…please increased damage instead of autowin!

  4. Can we please remove the autowin. Completely defeats the purpose of the game. The mod literally just needs to have the the 1 2 3 movement, increased damage, and god mode.
    Can we please get some consistency with the mods? I’ll Just go back to playing the regular version. Someone post a comment or have the post itself updated when its fixed

  5. Hi RG, can you please update to the new version and put the increased damage back?
    Thanks for your awesome work!!!

  6. Really glad you removed the autowin, but there’s no increased damage…can you please put it back RG? It takes forever…

    • What’s your argument for auto win? You might as well collect real life trading cards at that point since you won’t be able to see any animations.

  7. Hello RG!!! 3.8.4 update is out, can you please update whenever you have the chance? Waiting for the Tournament rewards…
    Thanks for your awesome work!!!

  8. Era mejor el hack de la versión anterior
    Before you could connect to Facebook, now no longer, and it is better to win, return it, please :c

  9. Can you please make the mod how it used to be? With autowin you don’t even get to see any of the animations for super attacks.

    Just the damage buff, 123 dice, and god mode. If there’s one with no autowin in the links, can someone please tell me which one it is lol.

  10. Hey Guys,

    Quick question. I cant seem to re link my account from facebook. Keeps saying that an error occured. Any idea what to do? Thanks very much :)

    • Create a transfer code. Do a full clean uninstall and then reinstall the game. On the home screen before you click to go into your account. Bottom right should be a button that will let you use the code to load your account.

  11. since the last patch with the autowin i had some crashes and the game closes so i cant finish the fight, please remove the autowin if you can so the game doesnt crash anymore, just like before…

  12. since the last patch with the autowin i had some crashes in fights and cant gfinish the fight, please if you can remove the autowin….

    • Hello I didn’t like auto win either at first..but I do see where it can come in handy for events that you need tons of medal’s. And you don’t have all day or week to get 777 medal’s for some characters that requires them. The solution is to make more than one hack version of the game. Some people are already doing that. They go back and forth on the version that is needed.

      • Does anybody know what to do in order not to lose the login bonus while waiting for the mod 3.8.1 update? Trying to enter the game it says new version will be downloaded and it redirects me to play store and doesn’t allow me to open the game… I don’t wanna lose the login bonus…it’s been almost 90 days…

  13. Hi guys! I was wondering…I’ve just cleared the Super 3 stage 3 of the Boss Rush. Wasn’t I supposed to be awarded with 30 dragon stones? It’s the third time I clear the Boss Rush with no awards whatsoever. Is it a bug or that’s how it is? Does somebody else have the same problem?

  14. Please put the God mode back! I don’t want a one shot kill, but the event stages are nearly impossible to clear, Super Gogeta UR MAX level in Dokkan mode didn’t even scratch Majinbu, and with his 400000 hp recovery skill it’s impossible to beat!

    • you gotta be doing something wrong. Key to beating him is to beat him in his first 2 phases befor he starts his HP recovery. I beat it long b4 Int Gogeta came out and now that he is out, beat it without even trying really. If you need help with a team formation or strategy I would be happy to help a fellow player!

  15. Hi! Quick question…after the update it seems like I barely scratch the enemy…I have a team with all UR max level characters and it’s taking forever to clear the stages. Before the update after collecting the ki spheres my characters had over 300000 attacking power, now it’s a miracle if they get around 100000, and it’s barely tickling the enemy. Did something happen? Am I the only one with this issue? Besides that thanks for your great work, you guys are awesome. I download everything from AP!!!

    • Hello, it seems your chars attacks are what they actually should be. This mod did not have raise atk anymore, wait for RG to fix and make a better team lol.

      • Ah ok, thanks! ‘Cause I’ve been playing some events and boy…it’s been a nightmare…it took me like a couple of hours to defeat Frieza, but against enemies with regeneration skill like Cell or Majinbu forget it…I had to drop it! It would have taken days…lol

        • Just curious, are you forming your teams correctly? Linking skills and type all have great effects. Im using a Realm of Gods team and focusing on defeating all INT type bosses. My team is PSY for the Buu Event. Pick your teams based on what skills and type are needed and you will blow through them.

  16. Hi RG, I’m a big fan! Thank you for all the hard work! Really love it. May i ask for you to mod a game called Saiyan Warriors. All i ask for is god health or high damage. Thanks man!

  17. Just as a heads up RG, the anniversary is in a couple days and there’ll probably be an update out tomorrow.

    • If you have RG’s previous version of the app installed, you just download the new version and install over it. Your old data will still be there.
      Now for transferring your data, you can create the transfer code in game and send a copy of it to your email. Then you can uninstall the game and reinstall the legit version of the app. Once you have that installed you enter in that transfer code you created and then you can link to Facebook. I don’t recommend linking to Facebook with an account that has a mod on it though, because it increases your chances of being banned.
      If you can’t make a transfer code and you’re locked out of the app in the “update app loop” then you need to download the newest version of the app from the same source you got that version of the game. This is because there’s a conflict of signatures on the apk itself. This is what causes apps to not properly overwrite each other when you go to install them.
      Hope I answered your question and any other questions you may have

  18. 3.1.2 just came out BTW RG. If at all possible could you put the 1,2,3 back in? If not that’s perfectly fine.
    And just as a heads up there will probably be another update mid July for SSJ4 coming into the game (3.1.3 I think)

  19. i cant link my facebook with v3.1.1
    last time i can use facebook backup/restore on v3.0.1
    could you please look into this RG.

  20. Damn. I miss the old mod where u the steps taken are just 1,2 and 3. Now ill be missiong out on so much zeni and medals.

  21. Hi Rg isn’t there any way to hack Dragon Stones or speed up proces to collect them
    Also if I enter Tournament with mod will I get banned or no

  22. TY RC for everything! Please mod this apk once more, because if you use the version with god mode, is like 3 hours to pass the new doflamingo stage, and if you use super damage, you got killed in the first turn.

    Can you do a mod with both hacks activated, like the old ones? Please, helps us!

  23. Is there a way to avoid downloading the entire game over and over and over everytime there is an update? I loose 2 days of gameplay when this happens and worst is that right now I havent even created a single code cause I linked it with my fb account and cant recover it from the modded version . HELP!

  24. I dont think the maximum damage output counts, Ive noticed I am only dealing like 4k damage when before it was 100k+. Its taking forever to beat these levels its like each boss is a sponge for damage. Just wish there was a way to get dragon stones and certain cards to build your team how you want. That random select stinks you get the same boring dull characters its like winning lotto to get the elite fighters

  25. Why Download always failed, at the first section after satan screen?? I already tried to uninstalled then install again but it always failed

    • Have patience, it always has issues downloading (Thats the way they programed the app). It let me finish it like in the 20 try.


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