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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing MOD APK 2.20.1 is a RPG android game from BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT INC. i have played this game when it was not even out in English.so today i will write a short review about this game Ultimate Ninja Blazing.

Latest Version Android Download Ultimate Ninja Blazing MOD APK 2.21.1

Ultimate ninja blazing now I heard that the global version the English version is actually out already but I checked my place or time again and I don’t see it personally over here in the US so I hop on the Japanese version i wanted to check it out and see if it’s any good or whatever silver starters I did the whole little beginning and honestly it’s Aking annoying in the beginning kakashi give you a little tutorial and yes not little it’s really Long in term of tutorial thing.and he constantly keeps talking so let’s jump into stage one little off because I I don’t know Japanese like that I know a little bit. At first place it does not look like much of an innovative game like for example on BLEACH BRAVE SOULS MOD APK. but use our MOD APK of Ultimate Naruto Ninja Blazing you will get GOD MODE in gameplay.

Gameplay definitely feels like something different. Graphics are good enough to keep you motivated in playing. talking about gameplay and in-game currencies you can learn it easily. Nartuo Ulitmate Ninja Blazing MOD APK takes to deeper in to the RPG world. Each stages are branded with different enemies. and different levels are rewarding coins differently. you can use it to update your character starts easily. but you are using OUR MOD APK FILE so you are already immune to dying.you have GOD MODE ENABLED. enjoy the game.


What’s In The MOD APK of Ultimate Ninja Blazing:
Voice = 0 | Normal
Sound FX = 0 | God Mode Only (Except NWC)
Sound FX > 0 | God Mode + High Attack (Except NWC)

Requires Android: 4.2 and Up

Version: 2.21.1



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.



  1. This isn’t installing for me ever since I changed phones to Galaxy A20. It gets to almost the end of the install bar then says it failed to install. I’ve tried downloading multiple times thinking maybe the apk got corrupted, but it happens every time

  2. Its works, but obviosly only used with a fake acount to help ur main account, dont be fools, dont make ur main account banned

  3. This latest version 2.14.0 isn’t working like the last one Idk what you changed but I keep dying and not one shotting everybody it’s like I’m playing the normal except I have unlimited chakra

  4. Thanks for the mod RG, i really like it, btw can you update for 2.8.1. or whatever next update is ?
    I’m really grateful if you did.
    Thx again RG.

  5. Yo can you update the mod because after this pass update 2.7.0 on July 23 2018, the God Mode and high damage mods stopped working.

  6. hi RG thank you for the latest mod, and bdw, can you mod the game Ninja Rebirth? like the mod you did the high damage god mode thing? i hope so…. thsnk you so much

  7. what it say about the voice ? 0 = normal pvp ? what pvp sir. is this ninja world clash ? and what happen when you max the voice ?

  8. Hey is anyone getting this while doing data transfer that you cannot do it because you haven’t completed the tutorial?
    I am a high ninja rank player I have completed even the rookie missions… What should I do? Any help rg?

  9. Hey when I am tryng to do data transfer it says you haven’t completed the turorial, so you can’t transfer.. I have already completed the tutorial

  10. Please make applications mod game naruto ultimate ninja blazing mod unlimited ninja pearl and unlimited stamina, so fun to play. 😊😊

  11. Earlier if I turn off the god mode, I didn’t loose. Now if my health reaches zero when god mode is off I get defeated.. Why?

  12. cant connect when im using a modded apk tried diffrent versions in diffrent sites but still cant go through. I managed to access my acct by downloading the playstore app and it went smoothly am I the only one getting this problem?

  13. Hey after few days a new update is coming… Maybe about 2 days.. So please update it fast as soon as it comes… Thank you

  14. Can you please update the game, ninja road has come… Can you mod it for ninja road so that we can play in GOD MODE in Ninja road and also in phantom castle… Please update it to 1.8.1 sooner……

  15. Hi man i always download the mode regularly from here but this time the high damage is not working for some reason and i even played with the sound many times and still nothing works

    Any advice about it!?

  16. I wish you could mod pearls.. and anyway the mod doesn’t work when in the phantom castle mode.. can you make it immortal as emergency mode or ninja road? But anyway great job dude :)

  17. I don’t need to disable the GOD MODE, i need the game don’t crash during the ninja road or other events when i’m using it.

  18. Hi! The game crash during ninja road and the Pain’s event mission. Can i play these levels with the “god mode”? Can you fix it please?


  20. This may be a silly question. I had the game already installed and been playing for a while. Then I installed the mod on here and finished all installing and everything on my phone. Do I need to re install the game or will the mod start working on the pre existing game I already had?

  21. Hey RG, love your mods work everytime for me, but this time it says “an exiting package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed”. Never had this happen before, just wondering what to do? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks RG keep making greats mods :)

    • remove the game but make sure you have your code to make a data transfer and then after you remove it install this one ;)

    • save your code for data transfer and remove the game and istall this one then make data transfer with your code ;)

    • Remove the app and install the new one and then do data transfer
      Make sure that you have your ID first and the transfer code before removing the app

    • Remove the app and install the new one and then do data transfer
      Make sure that you have your ID first and the transfer code before removing the app

  22. Sir Rg i know you probably busy fix the update problems with alot of other games as i played you sao version and it is having problems to but i wanted to know if there was a time when you will be able to fix naruto because i would as would many others like to do the phantom castle.

  23. RG im a huge fan of your works…can you please help me…please try to hack HEROES LEGEND because if you are a player of this game..it keeps asking for a real money to be able to go to top…I just want to get the best character of naruto shippuden in that game..please RG just try…THANK YOU AND A HAPPY CHRISTMASS.

      • Hi rg I have big request for you
        Can you Mod a Chinese game
        It is called *Naruto Mobile Fighter*

        Like moding vip if possible and High Attack and God Mode on Pvp with antiban

        Now I know you may say impossible but please can you give it a shot

        Also reply to me please


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