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Dragon Quest on the mobile devices the game runs on Android and IOS and I’m actually playing this to write review.only releasing the game on mobile devices and I really wanted on dedicated gaming hardware now not so sure this was actually a bad decision for Square Enix and i will explain here first of you all know the history of Dragon Quest this is a series that really doesn’t need any introduction in a shirt Ian consul RPG’s yes wizardry and Ultima may have been the forefathers of RPG’s on home car comes his way home computers but I consoles it’s basically Dragon Quest and yes the series never been super popular outside of Japan but hopefully with the use mobile offerings things can turn around so the absolute best feature a Dragon Quest on more bile is the fact that this is absolutely without a doubt the very best version of the original Dragon Quest ever released outside Japan while can you imagine I actually said those words. all we have ever had in the original Dragon Quest which for its time was called Dragon Warrior back here was the original NES version and the Game Boy Color port and this one blows them completely out on the water you can see and hear the difference right now I don’t really need to go into further detail it looks and sounds just fantastic now the gameplay while incredibly archaic by today’s standards it really does hold up perfectly fine it’s the perfect type A game to just pick up and play the interface has been completely streamline for your mobile device you can free mudslide your thumb anywhere on the screen in order to get your character to move around yeah there is a visual trackpad for you to use but you don’t actually need to use it you just tap to attack in things like that it was designed for single hand use and that was intuitive but with no tactile feedback yes it is going to take you time to get used to but you know what it does work a lot better than I thought it would it took me about 10 minutes to sort of adapt to the trackpad and then after that I was good to go as in the original Dragon Warrior you play as a descendant over Drake whose out to stop the evil dragon lord they go that’s the story in a nutshell doesn’t get any deeper there’s no plot twist is no you know even like in terms gameplay is no giant level trees in all this this is as simple as you can possibly get. I gotta admit that ‘m kinda surprised that they actually kept a lot of the original old English from the Dragon Warrior game I mean it should have given you a clue what I said urged Rick instead I’ve lost which was the original Japanese name for the main characters so I really enjoyed.

What’s In The MOD APK:
Unlimited Money (Use saved game)
Or create new profile if you want to play it normally

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.0.6



Download Links:

Install APK and play.
Use saved profile for unlimited money.

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