Dragons Titan Uprising MOD APK 1.10.8


Developers Ludia They are behind amazing android games like Jurassic World Alive and Dragons Rise of Berk game. These are Canadian developers and they are famous for working with blockbuster licenses and making huge android/ios games. And recently with DreamWorks They have released another game called Dragons Titan Uprising MOD APK. Its based on their upcoming movie How To Train Your Dragon 3. Though the MOD APK Dragons Titans Uprising for Unlimited Money is not possible so the Enemy wont attack MOD has been added.

Download Dragons Titan Uprising MOD APK Latest Version 1.10.8

The Gameplay of Dragons Titan Uprising MODDED APK is simple match 3 gameplay. You will have to match three or more colors in a battle settings. On The battle screen you will see your enemies on the above line and your dragons are in the frontline. Match colors in order to damage A.I Enemies. Since its a Dragons Titans Uprising MOD APK your enemies will not attack. Different colors are matched with your dragons in your team. Match proper unique colors to deal more damage to enemy dragons. You might have seen this gameplay in almost all match 3 games because ludia did not do anything new here. The gameplay is simple and less innovative.

There are more features into the game like a resources collecting gameplay where you will need to collect fishes and foods for your dragons in order to increase their levels. Its more like a resources collecting village builder game. You can unlock and release more unique dragons using the crates that requires Runes. Runes are premium currency here. You can still get fee dragons using hourly free chests. Since its an online game so Dragons Titan Uprising MOD APK for Unlimited Money is not possible here. If you like match 3 puzzle games and you are a fan of How To Train your Dragons Movies then you will love this game.


What’s New: v 1.10.8
– Winter fun has arrived on Berk!
– Kick off Snoggletog with exclusive Dragon events all season long!
– Join in all-new Trust events for your chanced to collect Snoggletog Toothless and New Year’s Stormfly!

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Enemies Will Not Attack

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.10.8



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.



  1. Is there anyway to play the Modded APK with logging into GooglePlay? Entirely new to this, since the last time I played with modded APK’s was Avengers Academy. (And then too much and ended up crashing the game/having to not play anymore) I REAAALLY don’t want to Root my phone, due to high intimidation.
    I attempted to do the install over the gamestore version but kept getting “App not Installed” so I had to install fresh with the modded.

  2. thanks again RG for updating the latest version in a very short time . I guess we can’t use this version to join in the Arena as I have tried several time. whenever I land an attack, it pops up a notification saying “a discrepancy between client and server was detected. correcting.” just a report for RG and every user here. once again Thank you very much RG .

  3. RG, cant login with facebook.
    Tried with FB and messenger unistalled. But when i press “login with fb”, it force closes, instead of opening a ingame webpage requesting login credentials. Tried with FB installed, the same.
    Cant install apk over original game.
    Can you please help us in this matter?

  4. Hello, again :)., could you update the game at 1.7.13??? thank you very much for your support, as always.

    P.D. Can you make dragons hit with more damage, please?

  5. Hey Royal Gamer

    New update out, version 1.7.13, required update.
    New event starting this thursday, can you try to update the mod by then?

    Thank you for your great work

  6. Tomorrow, at 8am ET the game has a scheduled maintenance for a new update.
    Again, i want to ask you to help us and please mod the new version of the game.
    I hope you find time and mod it as fast as possible, so we dont miss out on any event.
    Thank you for your dedication! And, as others said: YOU ARE THE BEST!

  7. Hello, thx for the update once again, but game is crashing when I try to login with Facebook… Can you take a look at it please? Thx again for the awesome work

    • Same here I can’t log in with Facebook it crash the nodded app. Can’t play the new event atm. Hope it gets fixed soon and by the way great work and thank you RG

      • I’ve been running it on multiple phones and android emulators like Bluestack and MemuPlay with android 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 OS so far there’s not even single crash lol

  8. Hello, again :)., could you update the game at 1.6.13??? thank you very much for your support, as always.

    P.D. Can you make dragons hit with more damage, please?

  9. Hello, again. could you update the game at 1.6.11??? thank you very much for your support, as always.

    P.D. Can you make dragons hit harder, please?

    • please be understanding. RG mentioned bout server sided means there’re formulas which they can’t modify . It will lend to exposure that we’re not using the original version and hence our account will be detected fake and being banded from playing. we should be thankful for what RG has done. no offences .

    • The mod is perfect, don’t be a greedy bitch. Thank you RG for your continuous efforts, I and many appreciate this mod greatly.

  10. Hello, could you update the game at 1.6.10??? thank you very much for your support, as always.

    P.D. Can you make dragons hit harder?

  11. hi, RG ! first of all , I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for uploading the latest update 1.6.9 for the Titan uprising! I can continue my life as Berk again! I hope RG can check maybe there’s a bug I guess. it’s the duties. I know there’s only four duties previously and after it upgraded, it has added task and become five in order to open the chest. my problem here is the first task in the duties just stay there without showing any progress though I have won 7 fight using each colour of the dragon or use yellow dragon in 7 fights so on. hope RG can take a look. Thank you in advance.

  12. New update is implemented now, so i want to ask you again to please update the mod! Thank you for your work! I am sure you will upload it fast, as always. (If you can, because the update is scheduled right before an event and we dont want to miss the advantages that your mod gives us!)

  13. Did anyone with this mod get the toothless trust points in the mail? I didn’t and am afraid to contact support in fear that they will ban my account.

  14. RG, there is a new ingame update, version is still the same but it requires an update when starting, can you mod it?

  15. Thank you for the mod! It gave us, free players a chance to not feel miserable.
    But an update is coming Tuesday, June 18th, around 9am (ET).
    So please, RG, if you have time, mod the new version, too!

  16. first of all, thank you so so so much for the mod apk mode for Titan uprising . hence I could play without feeling the miserable of getting beaten by powerful dragons. the thing I concern now is bout the clan members. is it risk to add other members? what if they report my server saying I’m using mod apk mode? will that happen? I would want to defeat the alphas so badly but I can’t with my own only strength. please guide me through this .thank you so much.

    • use computer install nox and then install the offical one and then you can just open nox to fight the alpha then exit.I think it so irrational if let someone know I am using a mod with the game.The important for me isI just wanna play with happy and alone.

      • thanks for advice. I thought so too. that’s Why I open a clan just for myself will do. however, I noticed many times I hardly able to defeat the 1 star alpha. thought of inviting just one member enough to defeat the alpha and get the bonus keys. just want to know the result of what I will get if defeating one alpha before it escape.


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