The fate franchise is back on PC,Consoles and Android.
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July 25, 2020
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The fate franchise is back on PC,Consoles and Android. The game combines the visual novel aspect that the franchise is known for with the hack and slash genre providing for a very cool mix. After Years of PC and Console Release Fate/Extella Links APK is Finally Landed on Android. with English Version APK+DATA you can easily install it on your Android Devices and play it offline.

The combat is satisfying the characters are fun to play around. the mission design is actually pretty decent for a hack and slash game. however the game does have some issues mainly on the more technical side of things. the satisfying combat considering that Fate/EXTELLA LINK APK is a hack and slash game. the combat should be the game’s top priority fortunately it does a great job delivering on that front.

The skills are fun to use and can be customized to suit one’s play style. overall though the combat serves as a nice stress ball of sorts when playing a hack of such game like this. enjoy just mowing down waves upon waves of enemies in the most spectacular fashion.

There’s also a decently sized cast of characters to play around with pulling from several different entries in the Fate universe. you have your characters from phase zero fate Apocrypha fate Grand order and of course in the original fate/stay night each character is given their own special basic attacks skills and ultimate ability.

Normally a hack-and-slash game like this suffers from overly repetitive gameplay while Fate/EXTELLA LINK APK styling can be repetitive at times it manages to shake things up just enough to keep it interesting. this is largely due to the game’s surprisingly decent mission designs. Its Definitely a Hack and Slash Console Game on Android which you should check out and try it on your Android Devices.



25 comments on "Fate/EXTELLA LINK APK 1.0.2"

  1. Jacky Ido says:

    Can you update the apk to 1.0.3?

  2. Dj TecHH 89 E.M.X says:

    all good except for one small but important detail.
    It is played at 4: 3, not Full Screen.
    Try to adapt it to the notch of my device but it doesn’t let me, .. in the worst case the app closes by itself.
    And when starting the story mode the name of our player is limited to 4 letters?
    From there on out, I can’t say no to a good Fate Stay Night.

  3. Rishi says:

    So i can’t rotate my screen with the game is it a normal thing?

  4. Random dud says:

    I cant play it. It says i might havent oayed the game :((( help pls

  5. Kakarot says:

    Hi. I put both the “main” and “patch” files into the jp.Marvelous.link folder. And then placed this folder with the contents into my Android/obb path. Next, I installed the apk but when i try to run the game it just says “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”. Any solutions to this? Appreciate the help. thanks

  6. AllenYu1984 says:

    Is this paid app and cracked?

  7. Reyashu says:

    Can someone tell me what i need play first for this fate/extella game
    Coz this have 2 game?

  8. iyot says:

    on google play the devs recommend Snapdragon 835 (minimum? since the description is japs)
    but i can run successfully on my 2016 model phone “Asus 012d” with Adreno 501, Snapdragon 625.i’m just on my first test run of the game (tutorials (need more adjustments) ;P) and the movement and graphics are pretty decent imo. i don’t have enough time to test on the next chaps maybe someone also confirm if the dlcs are available?

  9. Anggi says:

    can’t play in full screen :(
    Device : Redmi Note 7 android 10

  10. Anonymous says:

    cant install on my phone

  11. Anonymous says:

    RG is this include All DLC costume and All Story ??

  12. iyot says:

    is there an English option?

  13. dyann says:

    Hi thanks for the upload!
    wow your upload is quick since the game is released recently
    now if you want you could also upload the other game which was also release together with extella link which is umbral star

  14. dyann says:

    thanks for uploading
    wow your upload is quick since the game was recently released
    also could i request the other game
    Fate extella umbral star also released together with extella link

  15. Haziq says:

    Thanks you rg..I just downloaded this game.i never forgot your website.😘😘

  16. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work to my oneplus 8

  17. Anonymous says:

    i hope you upload the other extella game thank you

  18. Touma says:

    RG is this game for 64bit only?

  19. Arcadia says:

    Wow, thank you so much Sir. Really great offline game. I hope you upload the first Fate/Extella too

  20. Darknature says:

    There is 2 Extella games that was ported on android i hope you considered to upload the other one

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