Apollo Justice Ace Attorney APK

Star as rookie defense attorney, Apollo Justice, as he visits crime scenes, questions key witnesses and collects vital evidence before stepping into the courtroom to prove his clients’ innocence.
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December 13, 2016
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Apollo Justice Ace Attorney APK is an adventure Android game.Apollo Justice ace attorney was actually the first game in the series made for the nintendo DS the first three phoenix wright games for all game boy advance games in Japan originally. but now game is ported for Android as well.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney APK

This game isn’t as highly regarded as the original ones. i still think it packs a lot of firepower and doesn’t do much wrong but doesn’t really try to do anything different. overall though it’s a worthy sequel and a great title. Apollo Justice follows the story of Apollo Justice rookie defense lawyer about to take his first case a murder trial on a restaurant. it isn’t long before the cases begin to get stranger and more elaborate Phoenix Wright returns but not in the way anyone expected.

Destiny begin to get intertwined as Apollo gets tested as an attorney I know that really wasn’t a detailed summary but the plot twists start basically half an hour into the game as an aside.it definitely isn’t a half-assed sequel it ties into the other games pretty neatly though some things are left unexplained leaving this aura of mystery and imagination to the plot. The game packs a lot of emotions and exciting moments typical of a series and there are a few more twists and insights into the characters.


The story except it’s on par with the other games and deals with Apollo’s maturity revenge justice murder Redemption everything you know and love about the Ace Attorney series the characters are all pretty good apollo isn’t that much different from Phoenix although his hair is somehow more ridiculous. phoenix wright is hilarious and awesome but kind of bad because the more original personality would have been more fun than the typical sarcastic. Game has an incredible soundtrack in fact the corner theme is still my phone. Justice ace attorney is a worthy sequel to the phoenix wright games and I think it was a smart decision by capcom to change the story up the original characters of the phoenix wright trilogy left in their prime and it was time for some fresh faces and gameplay in that same vein.Save



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    Where Ace Attorney Trilogy ?

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