Football Manager 2021 Mobile APK (With Real Player Names)

Football Manager 2021 Mobile APK or FM21 APK is now finally arrived on Android. We have managed to bring FM21 with Real Player Names for all android devices.
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March 26, 2021
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Football Manager 2021 Mobile APK or FM2021 APK is a simulation football game. The whole game has a variety of different football stars gathered here. Players can develop various game tactics by themselves to continuously improve the physical fitness of each player. Only to be able to ensure that they can easily win on the court, interested players should quickly download and experience it!

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Mobile Description:-
1. Choose the best coach for you to coach your team.

2. More than 50 countries and 2500 clubs, choose one to start your career.

3. Immerse yourself in the grand view of the game day and enjoy the pleasure of your plan becoming a reality on the green field.

Features of Football Manager 2021 Mobile:-
1. Give full play to your unlimited potential, diverge your thinking, and develop a lot of potential players and stars.

2. Active interaction becomes stronger, hard work, complete different tasks, and collect more gold coins.

3. Buy top-notch facilities, train different players, team up with each other, and cooperate to achieve good results.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile mobile content:-

1. Various competitions and activities are waiting for you to participate, actively show different tactics, and participate in competitions to win;

2. These players earn more rewards for you, and the combination of tactics is more important than SSR players.

3. Constantly challenge, rush into the World Cup, win the championship, and build a super giant team.

4. Face a variety of opponents at any time, match powerful players, and adopt powerful tactics to defeat opponents.

Real Name Installing Instructions:-

First of all Thank You to Androidoyun for the Amazing Patched Game:-
1) Install APK+OBB Data just like Normal Games
2) After Installing the game,start the game and load it and exit the game.
3) Now you have to download Club Save File with Real Player Names. Download your favorite club files from the download links.
4) copy the file “fm_save1.fms” in “Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2021 Mobile \ normal \ games” folder path in the device home directory.
5) Now start the game and continue using saved profile. You Now Have a Real Names.


63 comments on "Football Manager 2021 Mobile APK 12.3.1 (With Real Player Names)"

  1. Rutar says:

    Pls I need the FM 2020 64-bit version for android

  2. Rod mik says:

    Is it safe? The data is scanned as a potential virus

  3. Dicky says:

    There is no Juventus save file bro ?

  4. Lyon says:

    Have downloaded the club file how should I post is to make it work??

  5. Ajith says:

    Is this a mod apk? I want original game(not mod).

  6. Adebowale says:

    Is the award overhaul updated… cus when my player win world best player award .it doesn’t show under world award

  7. ryan says:

    why its still say download failed? i already copy the com.sega.score folder to obb folder

    • Royal Gamer says:

      First place data then install apk

      • Jon says:

        Favorite club my ass.
        What we need is one file that fixes all the names, namely an edited DB.
        Jeez folks wtf? Some years ago you d find these things easily. Now it’s favorite clubs, 5his sux heavily

      • Syazwan says:

        Hello, i already do like your instructions, but it mention ” Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”. So i need to purchase from google playstore?

        • Royal Gamer says:

          Place data folder properly in Android/obb/
          to check if your game is properly installed please check its storage size it should show size of APK+DATA. we have tested and only then uploaded this game

          • Syazwan says:

            Yes, i already do. I play your download games since 2013 already 😂😂😂 still, i follow your instructions, its still same. Download failed because you may have not purchased. Huhuhu

  8. AwReltz says:

    Am i need download all save ? Or just 1 team i want ?

  9. Bracradge says:

    Hey rg i got problem when installing,where i place the patch file and the main file,please help me rg🙏🏼

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Do not have to place those main and patch file separately. you need to place entire data folder in android/obb/
      please read how to install APK+OBB DATA Guide on andropalace

  10. d says:

    are the real names fix now?

  11. Nx says:

    Please, how many countries can you possibly coach, apart from England, Spanish and Italian. Because the previous ones only accept those 3 countries. You can’t move to other countries

  12. Dude says:

    Are the save data files updated with January Transfers?

  13. Nx says:

    Please, how many countries can you possibly coach, apart from England, Spanish and Italian. Because the previous ones only accept those 3 countries. You can’t move to other countries

  14. Andri says:

    Barcelona player pack file not found
    PLEASE fix it rq thanks

  15. Confused says:

    I’m stuck tried all the steps multiple times and still get fake players. Any help appreciated 🙏🏽🤯

  16. Luke says:

    Wil I be able to start a new game with a different club

  17. LovePromise says:

    How can I save club with my own names as the manager.

  18. Jeager says:

    Rg i have downloaded the real player names file but it does seem to work please can you explain better

  19. Massimo Bucci says:

    E possibile il file di salvataggio del parma ?

  20. Dalibor says:

    Can I download all real player save files, and place downloaded files in proper location to have real player names for all clubs? Or it’s just one save per club and if i put different save (for other club) it’ll overwrite previous one? Thank you

  21. SilvAsh says:

    I have a question RG, so if I want to use all the real names, i need to download all the name files and copy to the folder or just need 1 file?

  22. Ukemeobong Udofia says:

    Is the in game editor unlocked?

  23. Diluc says:

    Is this fake players or real players?

  24. Daniel says:

    Would not play on my redmi note says download failed,u may not have purchased this game.
    Rg pls help

  25. Daniel says:

    Rg are we to unzip the club file?

  26. Nanautea says:

    Where is the CLUB SAVE FILE?

  27. Zain says:

    Offline or Online Dude ?

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