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Garena Free Fire MOD APK or Free Fire battlegrounds MOD APK is the newest adrenaline fueled fun game With amazing tactical gameplay experiences.
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Sep 18, 2023
4.0.3 and up
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Garena Free Fire MOD APK or Free Fire battlegrounds MOD APK is the newest adrenaline fueled fun game With amazing tactical gameplay experiences. the game is more like battle royale style It’s an awesome sky diving, good will hunting & last man standing war. Just land on an island where 100 players are dropped off from a plane find the hidden loot & battle to the death. If you have played PUBG MOBILE then you will not need any instructions about this game at all. Free Fire MOD APK is simply a lite version of PUBG Mobile.

Just like Any battle royale game you will be jumping from the sky. Find weapons and survive in the open field. Don’t stay hidden at one place only as the map keeps on shrinking every minute You are warned before this happens. But once it starts and you’re caught outside the circle your health starts dropping until you die or come inside the circle to stop health from dropping. The good thing about Garena Free Fire MOD APK is that it is exactly the same as any battle royale game.

Auto sprint is a welcome feature with heavily tuned touchscreen playability. The game wants you to sign in either through guest username or facebook ID but the drawback about guest ID is that whenever delete the game & reinstall it you will lose all your progression. so the Facebook ID is the only option. The MOD APK Free Fire also gives you the freedom to create your character which involves gender, skin, color & hair but it has nothing to do with the gameplay.

FreeFire BattleGrounds MOD APK Latest Version Features No Grass and No Fog.

You can also purchase additional in-game items for your characters like clothing & accessories. since its an online game so Free Fire MOD APK for Unlimited Money is not possible. and also Free Fire Offline APK is not possible at all. Talking about the controls, player has joystick on the screen left side for moving the character and on the right side of the screen are the controls to shoot, aim, jump, crouch, go prone, and reload. That might sound like a messed up but don’t worry you will get used to within few minutes.

The game FreeFire MOD APK also gives you the choice to play solo duo or as a squad. If you are playing as a duo or a squad the last team standing wins In both modes, you can either select your team manually by using your friend usernames or let the game pick random players for your group. In terms of graphics FreeFire Mobile is pretty good. Moreover it runs really well on mid-end devices as well. so overall Garena Free Fire is a solid battle royale game available on Android.

What's In The MOD:-

– Shooting Range Increased
– Aim Assist
– No Recoil



32 comments on "Garena Free Fire APK MOD 1.101.1"

  1. Rudeboy says:

    Works in android 12

  2. Junko says:

    Work in android 11?

  3. KUTU666 says:


  4. Devil says:

    Is the mod working in this game 😕

  5. Darkevil says:

    Its not working in my phone :( or i cant use the file game..
    Tutorial plise..

  6. Huzaifa says:

    Is it need extract in obb

  7. Ronald Miranda says:

    Rg why no zip files mod

  8. Lukoluko says:

    Make mod for CALL OF DUTY MOBILE, Aim assist will be very appriciated.

  9. srtya says:

    only nooooobsss play w/ hacked mod

  10. Carlos says:

    I could upload one with a targeted car, more sensitivity, more vest resistance and quick recharge

  11. Silva says:

    Hey RG ….Can u add aim assist for headshoot??


  12. Zero_Kun says:

    It’s anti ban?

  13. Stupid says:

    Add radar hack please..

  14. Xykowitz says:

    New update out….. Pls update

  15. White walker says:

    How do i update without losing my Profile and progress?? I’m using a guest..

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Install it over your installed game

      • Anonymous says:

        Do i just install the APK n skip the data ??? In order to save my acc… Any kind of guidance would be much appreciated.. thx..

      • White walker says:

        So, do i just install the APK file that you have provided in the post and skip on the data file?? In order to save my guest acc.. or.. do i have to just install a file that is required to be downloaded within the game?? Any kind of guidance would be much appreciated.. thanks..

        • AshuraYami says:

          1. Bound your account on fb
          So you can load it specifically

          Or …

          2. Go to Android/data/rename the FreeFire sight *check out at first if there’s any character.dat or etc. ( Some game doesn’t have any files which mean you can’t doing this way )
          3. Uninstall Play Version n Install the mod

  16. Legacy says:

    Once Call of Duty Mobile officially comes to US… It’s a done deal for PUBG, FORTENITE, APEX and whatever other games that they have… I’m already playing the beta version from India and I can easily tell you that Call of duty MOBILE is hands down WAY BETTER then the rest of them.

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