GRIS APK+DATA Game Download (PC Game on Android)

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Gris APK is a soothing and emotional journey that takes you through tranquil environments while engaging with light platforming and puzzle sections. Its wonderful art style, fluid animations, and elegant music leave a lasting impression. The design philosophy behind Gris is a bit unconventional, focused on delivering a serene and evocative experience free of frustration. You cannot die, and there are no enemies nor pitfalls to fall into throughout the game.

There’s no dialogue or text used to tell the story; instead, everything is conveyed through its imagery, with an emphasis on symbolism. For the most part, the game does a good job at presenting its story. The few cut-scenes in Gris have gorgeous visuals and help make some events on your expedition more clear while the music progresses along with your journey, peaking at emotional moments. The areas that you visit are all varied and distinct.

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The game GRIS APK on Android starts in a desert littered with huge rocks and ancient ruins. From there, you move into a lush forest with deep tunnels and shapeshifting trees. As you discover this world, there are plenty of moments dedicated to getting the vibe of an area, whether it be a long stretch of uninterrupted running or a slide down a massive hillside. These moments help to accentuate the sense of space and they’re easy to appreciate since the world you explore is so visually appealing.

Along your travels, Gris will acquire new abilities to aid her on her journey. The first power you get turns her dress into a heavy square which can be used to keep you from getting blown away by strong winds. There’s also a double jump that lets Gris glide gracefully through the air. The puzzle and platforming sections found throughout the game are straightforward and stress-free. This includes activities like timing jumps to line up with moving objects or acting as a weight to lower floating rocks.

Gris is much more about going at an easy and relaxed pace, rather than spending large chunks of time on one puzzle or dying over and over again on platform sections. The visual direction of artist Conrad Roset is fantastic and wonderfully brings the world to life. Animations are fluid and elegant, and each area you visit invokes a strong sense of isolation and mystery. The game’s use of color is also fantastic. Gris takes you on a relaxing yet emotional adventure, encouraging you to take your time and soak up its world along the way.

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.0




Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.