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Welcome back to Vice City. Welcome back to the 1980s.
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Aug 9, 2022
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Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK MOD or GTA Vice City APK MOD is the follow-up to last open world game grand theft auto 3. it’s not a full sequel to the game it keeps a lot of the same mechanics that were found in grand theft auto 3. but like any good sequel it’s just bigger badder and better. they’ve managed to cram a whole lot more content in there and made some really nice gameplay. GTA Vice City APK is a premium game but you can download XAPK FILE VERIFICATION FAILED Error Fixed Obb APK+DATA from Andropalace.

For anyone who’s played GTA 3 to death probably the biggest obvious change in the gameplay is the addition of motorcycles to the world. there are quite a few different two wheelers in the game you can ride scooters and mopeds. there are street bikes dirt bikes and big ol hogs that you can just really get moving on a lot of the faster motorcycles. vice city APK MOD also lets you go indoors you can’t walk into every single building in the game but the buildings that you can walk into are used really well.

other smaller tweaks to the gameplay include the ability to duck which is good because you can get behind cover and it also studies out your aim also helping out your aim is a completely redesigned targeting system. this was one of the minor problems in GTA 3 the kind of let cops sneak up behind you and things like that but the targeting system in GTA Vice City is a much easier to deal with.

Tommy’s role played by Ray Liotta and he does a very nice job at voicing the character. In Vice City you’ll kind of eventually become the crime lord of sorts of Vice City and be calling a lot of the shots on your own since Tommy you’ll sort of be calling the shots through a good portion of the game. you will get your missions from a lot of different sources you’ll start out with your own mansion of course which unless you kind of shakedown people for protection money. controls in Android devices are key part in here. you can use joystick button to move your character and shooting mechanism is a lot easier than you think. if you have loved GTA Vice City on PC then you will love this Android port as well.

What's new

Support for Latest Android Devices and Firmware

What's In The MOD:-

Mega mod: (select save)
2nd slot – the game is 100% complete;
3rd slot – the beginning of the game with a lot of money;
4th slot – all available side quests are completed, but the storyline is not completed;
5th slot – completed a mission with a helicopter.



11 comments on "Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK MOD 1.12"

  1. dfdsfdsfsdfs says:


  2. Oremo says:

    Hi RG. There’s a problem, the game won’t load/launch and starts to force close.How to fix??

    I use Poco X3 with Android 10, Snapdragon 732G and adreno gpu.

  3. Spectre says:

    Is this support Cleo without root?

  4. M.A says:

    Plis solution RG.

    *No activity found handle intent
    {Act=android.intent.action.view dat=file:///storage/emulated/0/stg extracted apps/instal.apk typ=application/ }

  5. M.A says:

    Plis solution Rg

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is it full game

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