GTA San Andreas APK MOD Remastered For All Devices

GTA San Andreas is now Remastered to work on All Android Devices including Android 11 and 12. Enjoy this classic Masterpiece on Latest Android Devices.
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Rockstar Games
Aug 18, 2022
7.0 and up to Android 12
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GTA San Andreas Remastered APK MOD Android free download with Unlimited Money and all Cleo Cheats. So how do you follow up runaway successes like 2001 s Grand Theft Auto 3 and 2002 s GTA vice city i mean GTA created the formula vice city gave it that sense of style but San Andreas APK Android takes the series to a new level by taking the action statewide and providing a delirious amount of variety in its gameplay. San Andreas MOD APK Unlimited Money is a premium game but on Andropalace you can download it easily.

San Andreas APK does a fantastic job of living up to the Grand Theft Auto name in fact it’s arguably the best in the series without saying too much about the game’s story it deserves to be said that the characters you meet along the storyline of San Andreas are some of the best parts of the game. they’re terrifically portrayed by a skilled cast of voice actors and they lead you down a number of really memorable storylines throughout the game.


There are plenty of high points but the one worthy of special mentioned is James Woods who plays a character named Mike Torino James Woods turns in a great performance and he has some fantastic dialogue to work with.

The game drops you into the Los Angeles like Los Santos and here the game introduces you to many of its new features you’ll ride a BMX bike almost immediately for example and later on you’ll become embroiled in a deep turf war with the other gangs of the region. once you leave Los Santos the game takes on a more traditional Grand Theft Auto type of feel relying solely on completing missions to progress the story. they’ll seem pretty familiar if you know the series well you’ll drive people around be people up perform drive-by shootings and the like it was the occasional casino heist and seizure of secret military hardware. there’s been a lot of talk over some of the game’s new features particularly CJ’s new ability to gain weight stay in shape build muscle and so on.

CJ will develop a number of other stats as well respect is a big one well you won’t get money from every single mission you complete you will almost always gain respect which affects your ability to recruit some members of your gang to roll alongside you. you also gain skill in wielding each weapon in the game as well as different vehicle categories such as cars boats airplanes and motorcycles.

The gameplay in san andreas is a lot like the previous games in the series but in a lot of ways it’s more refined. the missions are less frustrating because they do a better job of letting you know what you’re supposed to do and where you need to go. The main story arc is lengthy and just sticking to the main plot will sign you up for a 30 to 35 hour experience if you’re one of those people that just like to learn the cheat codes and cause as much chaos as possible.

San andreas APK Android has a lot to offer you as well though you should probably try to progress in the story far enough to open up the bridges that connect the game’s three cities. san Andreas however manages to packing a lot of varied action and better still it does almost all of it really really well. the story is great the characters are memorable and above all it’s just insanely fun to play sum it all up grand theft auto san andreas is a thrill ride that shouldn’t be missed.

What's new

GTA San Andreas now Finally working on Android 11 and Up. Now Game works fine on all android devices.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Money


51 comments on "GTA San Andreas APK MOD Remastered For All Devices 2.10"

  1. Dream says:

    Hey, RG can you please upload GTA Trilogy by Netflix if it’s available

  2. NOOBPLAYER says:

    RG when will you upload android 13 version of this game

  3. Kunle says:

    Hi there! RG
    I downloaded San Andreas last night, all i see whenever I’m about to launch the game is unknown download error. Please reinstall from Google Play store

  4. AiminLoveDurina says:

    Thank you so much for this masterpiece its perfectly working on my andoriod 11 device Good job sir …salute in this page

  5. whitebeard says:

    can you make apk normal and apk cleo mod in gta san andreas,they have new version 2.10

  6. Un known says:

    MIUI 13 Security app Powered by Avast detect the apk as Trojan Horse, Please fix it RG.

  7. Jhonny says:


    ¿O en su defecto alguna actualización? Solo encuentro esta, la 2.00. Hay otra, 2.01, pero creo que no es cierto, porque no me funciona. Y la 1.08 tampoco. Huawei al no tener los servicios de Google….

    Un saludo y mil gracias


    Or failing any update? I only find this one, the 2.00. There is another one, 2.01, but I think it’s not true, because it doesn’t work for me. And 1.08 either. Huawei not having Google services….

    Greetings and a thousands thanks

  8. Jhonny says:


    Yo tengo un problema con el juego. Os cuento un poco:
    Tras varias veces cargar la partida guardada y creer que lo había guardado en otro sitio… Finalmente me dio error el juego llevando a la primera novia algún lugar que aparecía con un icono de una copa de un coctel. Tras entrar en el lugar, se puso todo transparente y solo me aparecía el muñeco y el triangulo este amarillo que te indica que puedes entrar a algún lugar. En ese momento, tras varios intentos de salir de allí o de que lo cargara el lugar por dentro… finalmente me dio el error “Error al cargar. Se ha producido un error al cargar la partida actual. Compruebe el directorio de tu partida guardada y vuelva a intentarlo”.

    Tras ese suceso, no me guarda ninguna partida. He probado a matarme, que me arresten…. Leí que después de la primera misión, había que hacer algo importante para que el juego creara un punto de control… ¿Qué es algo importante o más importante que te maten o te arresten? No funcionó o es para PC.

    A ver si alguien me puede echar una mano. He descargado muchos GTA´S y no funcionan en mi dispositivo, solamente este en concreto.
    ¿Sabéis de algún apk que funcione en Huawei a parte de este de esta página?

    Decir, que no instalo el mod, instalo el juego en si.

    Un saludo y mil gracias de antemano



    I have a problem with the game. I’ll tell you a little:
    After several times loading the saved game and believing that I had saved it somewhere else… Finally the game gave me an error taking the first girlfriend somewhere that appeared with a cocktail glass icon. After entering the place, everything became transparent and only the doll and the yellow triangle appeared, which indicates that you can enter somewhere. At that point, after several attempts to get out of there or being loaded by the place inside… it finally gave me the error “Failed to load. There was an error loading the current game. Please check your game directory saved and try again.

    After that event, I do not save any game. I’ve tried killing myself, getting arrested… I read that after the first mission, you had to do something important for the game to create a checkpoint… What is something important or more important than being killed or arrest? It didn’t work or it’s for PC.

    Let’s see if someone can help me. I have downloaded many GTA’s and they don’t work on my device, only this one in particular.
    Do you know of any apk that works on Huawei apart from this one on this page?

    Say, I don’t install the mod, I install the game itself.

    A greeting and a thousand thanks in advance

  9. Matt says:

    Google Drive link seems to be invalid.

  10. aeron says:

    rg cleo gold for gta series please

  11. Jan says:

    You uploaded normal apk is not a normal apk please upload normal apk not cleo

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Start New Game and Money will be vanished and you will be able to play from the start and with 0 money

  12. Gamer says:

    Hey RG, is there anyway to install rocket league sideswipe on android tv?

  13. Anshad says:

    Hey RG, can Remaster the Jcheater for san andreas
    Make compatible with current android version

  14. Sam says:

    Hi RG, can you add GTA Vice City remastered to work with Android 12? Thanks for the awesome work btw!

  15. Steven says:

    Pls do remaster on nba2k16 rg 😞🥺

  16. karthick Dante says:

    Hi Rg, I’m using One plus Nord ce 2 there is a problem while moving data to obb folder, I tried many ways but it’s not not possible please help me !

    • Royal Gamer says:

      We have uploaded .zip file which contains APK+OBB DATA so use our Preferred Installer and install ZIP file using it. your game with OBB File will be installed automatically and you do not have to manually place data folder

      • karthick Dante says:

        I tried ZIP+XAPK+APK INSTALLER it’s not worked, finally ES file explorer helped me anyways thanks.

      • Godfather says:

        Please i opened the app . I don’t know what to Press or how to use it to make the GTA work. Any video to help out?

  17. MasProxy says:

    Thanks it’s work in harmony OS at my matepad R. I hope you are remastered Bully too

  18. SnappyTurtle says:

    Only the apk file or do you need the obb too? I already have the obb and i do not want to waste data.

  19. SilverCr0w says:

    Black screen on my xiaomi mi 11..i uwed the normal apk

  20. Lucian smith says:

    Not working anymore? Redmi note 8 pro. Mod apk cannot be installed over normal apk and mod apk by itself errors when run.

  21. Lucian says:

    Trying to install the gta mod apk over the normal says not installed. Installing just the mod does not work

  22. hanzel says:

    is it really a data or obb?

  23. Anonymous says:

    RG its not working on my phone HUAWEI Y7 PRO after clicking the resume or start after the loading it crash i tried the normal and the mod i was wondering why your gta SA is only 1.6 and when i look gta sa on playstore its 2.4 something so maybe thats why this game didnt work on me

  24. Anonymous says:

    RG its not working on my phone HUAWEI Y7 PRO

  25. Madkong says:

    Already with the cleo?

  26. panjul says:

    zippy link file does not exist

  27. Neupry says:

    Zippyshare link dead

  28. bioskopgratis21 says:

    Please add Cleo for this version.. 😭

  29. Ty says:

    Please, how do i extract it to obb after downloading

  30. Anonymous says:

    worked for me! thanks

  31. Anonymous says:

    add cleo RG

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