Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money Free Craft

"Last Day On Earth MOD APK" is a very popular wild survival adventure game. Players need to find construction resources and survival resources on the map in the game, and then build their own base and defensive wall defense towers. There will be zombies attacking, players only need to work hard to survive, and there will be zombies attacks in the next few waves!
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Mar 14, 2024
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“Last Day On Earth MOD APK” is a very popular wild survival adventure game. Players need to find construction resources and survival resources on the map in the game, and then build their own base and defensive wall defense towers. There will be zombies attacking, players only need to work hard to survive, and there will be zombies attacks in the next few waves!

Last Day on Earth is a free multiplayer zombie-themed survival strategy game. All survivors have only one goal: to survive and live as long as possible, while shooting dead zombies. There is no room for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly outbreak has turned this area into a dead zone. In this post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the living dead and zombies, you can only trust yourself.

In this content-rich zombie survival strategy role-playing shooting game, you have to fight against other players and an army of living dead zombies alone. Kill zombies and other enemies to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, or they will kill you.

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK or LDOE MOD APK Features:-

You can craft free items and Weapons
Split Items as much as you life
Free Purchase using Golds
Magic Split

What's In The MOD:-

Free Craft and Build Materials
Unlimited Craft Points
Max Durability
Magic Split (duplicate items, even without quantity)
Increase Hunger Supply


265 comments on "Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK 1.22.0 Unlimited Money Free Craft"

  1. Jay says:

    Not working

  2. Lyhn says:

    The game mod is updated, just updated last night. This afternoon I couldn’t connect because of a Playstore update.

  3. Daniel San says:

    I hate to be that guy, but this version is outdated. Could you please update it or maybe gives us the site where you get the mods from?

  4. Hisham says:

    Pls update this game huhu.. now new version release must update i cant play pls pls pls..

  5. jecewo1766 says:

    Please Update

  6. Breach says:

    How to import saves on Bluestuck?

  7. Casual player says:

    This may be a odd request but how can I extract the music from this game? Some of the tracks are pretty nice

  8. Mk says:

    Hi, I suppose the mod doesn’t support settlement build modes? After collecting all the stuff needed to build the barracks I was greeted with “Synchronization error. Please restart the game”

    Is there anything that I should have done?

  9. John Steven says:

    Kindly brick back free purchase using gold coins, well if you can also add infinite gold coin and ration supply that would be amazing.

  10. Eli says:

    RG i can’t build control desk: storehouse

  11. X4X says:

    Hay RG. it stuck in the middle of game and it says
    (Connection lost) but my internet works fine

  12. BananaMan says:

    Oh for fucks sake!! Why is the game telling me to update? Isn’t this the latest version? RG sometimes I feel like you’re just consuming our data.

  13. Myguy says:

    Hey rg,i can’t put control desk in the settlement,can you fix it plz,thank you very much:)

  14. Jjone says:

    Hi Rg is any update available for it? Thanks ik advance!!!

  15. Ge says:

    Same here… Can’t quick build and split items…

  16. Myguy says:

    I can’t build wall in settlement,any solutions

  17. Ivan the VSS guy says:

    I cannot connect my Google Play account to the modded game. That means if I delete the game I will lose all my progress. Could you please help me? (NOT THE KEFIR CONNECT, GOOGLE PLAY CONNECT)

    unlimited gold and purchase does NOT work.

  18. AstroBoy01 says:

    Hello RG, Does the “Free purchase using gold” still working?

  19. BananaMan says:

    thanks for the update RG

  20. Bee says:

    Hey RG,This is the one and only best survival game I played so far…Believe me I played a lot,but if its possible to play it offline I would really appreciate it…

  21. Rendangdaging says:

    Hi RG, i can’t put the control desk store room at the settlement. Any solution?

    • aznautovic says:

      Yea, same here. I can’t put it anywhere at the Settlement while the mod features “free craft & build materials”, and I can’t even build it with materials available in my inventory. But I have something in mind that since the Settlement is a multiplayer feature from the game probably they (developer) can detect in real time which player is trying to finish the Settlement with limited resources, which is, using modded game version because we can do almost everything with this mod and the devs are obviously not gonna let us do that. Unless it’s a glitch/bug from the modded version, so RG has to fix it.

  22. WaterMelon says:

    New update for MOD, RG?

  23. Roy says:

    when installing this application, don’t overwrite the mod folder, just download it from the application, if the download is complete, and it stops, force close the application first, then run it again, the problem is solved :)
    I hope it helps if you find a problem with the application not running…
    Thanks RG…

  24. Rendangdaging says:

    Hi RG.. this game has been installed and can be played, but if you exit the game and re-enter the game, the screen becomes blank and cannot be played even though previously you could. What’s the solution? My device is Redmi Note 10 Pro

  25. BananaMan says:

    That’s it. I’m so done with this website. Goodbye RG that’s for all the memories and all the good modded games.
    I’ll never forget the day I found andropalace. The first modded game i ever downloaded from this website was Dream League Soccer. Back then this website was very trustworthy but not it’s not the same anymore. I guess that’s why they all say “all good things must come to and end”.
    I can’t trust this website anymore. I lost a lot of MB.
    Thank You.

    yours faithfully

  26. BananaMan says:

    I did everything correctly but it’s still downloading resources yo!! I kept the main file in OBB but it’s still does that downloading resources. For real RG sometimes i feel like you’re just stealing our data. losing trust in the website man

    • Royal Gamer says:

      well i have played this game MOD with latest version and its working fine. if you are unable to place data properly then you can download data directly from play store as well. just start downloading data from play store and when download starts you have to install MOD APK and then wait for the data to finish downloading from play store.

  27. BananaMan says:

    I have the latest version but it still tells me to update!! Wtf is this RG?

  28. Bill says:

    Really need an update newer version updated on the 13th

  29. Sam says:

    The current version which is available on this website is Beta v. but on the play Store it shows Beta v. after installing the mod version it still asking for update please fix this

  30. Frost says:

    hello… I downloaded the latest version, but it still asks me to update the game to 1.18.16

  31. Isaias says:

    Hola podrías decirme porque no me deja armar el generador? Me deja colocarlo pero no me deja terminar de armarlo

  32. daniel says:

    Modifies, grand survival – ocean adventure. please

  33. Prince Kira says:

    RG I want to go to oil rig but I cant build the hellicopter

    Please fix it thank you so much

  34. Ghaud says:

    How can I save my progress from the previous version? Please reply RG

  35. hisoka says:

    please update RG,. work well first then stuck on loading screen :(

    • Adam says:

      Same…RG please fix this issue….I even played last year around February or March but it stuck on loading screen….still facing the same issue…please bro help fix this …

  36. alejandro says:

    hola hay una nueva actualización porque solo me aparece la pantalla negra y pienso que es porque salió una nueva actualización

  37. BananaMan says:

    RG the file is corrupted. I can’t install.

  38. Jea says:

    No me carga y sigue apareciendo la pantalla negra

  39. Jerry says:

    I have a problem with bunker alfa. It keep loading forever the rest of the game work fine.

  40. ozil says:

    can U mod coins or other character plz ?????

  41. ozil says:

    Thnx bro

  42. elie says:

    hey, please upload new updated version today there was an update and we can’t play the game anymore also please tell us how to keep progress from previous version as there is no data folder to be found and copied samsung a11 android version 11

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Latest version is already uploaded. To install easily on Android 11 we have uploaded APK+OBB File in an optimized ZIP File is it can be easily installed using our INSTALLER. the data folder will be placed automatically in Android/obb/

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