Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money Free Craft

"Last Day On Earth MOD APK" is a very popular wild survival adventure game. Players need to find construction resources and survival resources on the map in the game, and then build their own base and defensive wall defense towers. There will be zombies attacking, players only need to work hard to survive, and there will be zombies attacks in the next few waves!
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May 24, 2023
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“Last Day On Earth MOD APK” is a very popular wild survival adventure game. Players need to find construction resources and survival resources on the map in the game, and then build their own base and defensive wall defense towers. There will be zombies attacking, players only need to work hard to survive, and there will be zombies attacks in the next few waves!

Last Day on Earth is a free multiplayer zombie-themed survival strategy game. All survivors have only one goal: to survive and live as long as possible, while shooting dead zombies. There is no room for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly outbreak has turned this area into a dead zone. In this post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the living dead and zombies, you can only trust yourself.

In this content-rich zombie survival strategy role-playing shooting game, you have to fight against other players and an army of living dead zombies alone. Kill zombies and other enemies to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, or they will kill you.

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK or LDOE MOD APK Features:-

You can craft free items and Weapons
Split Items as much as you life
Free Purchase using Golds
Magic Split

What's In The MOD:-

Free Craft and Build Materials
Unlimited Craft Points
Max Durability
Magic Split (duplicate items, even without quantity)
Increase Hunger Supply


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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

246 comments on "Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK 1.20.7 Unlimited Money Free Craft"

  1. Nero says:

    How to retain progress from previous version??

  2. pankaj motiram dhake says:

    Game not starts….It’s close immediately after open.

  3. Truff says:

    Upon equipping dragunov cannot change weapon and it hangs

  4. JaCkaLRulez says:

    The Suspecious mineral turns negative in value, can not play the ECO state

  5. sun says:

    hi please help me. i cant go outside my base, cant go to the map. im stuck at my base

  6. Armin says:

    Hi RG
    At first when i opened the game a download page
    and i download 500 mb data.
    and now The game stuck in loading page.

  7. Rendang daging says:

    I cant play this game “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

  8. Ard says:

    My phone is redmi note 9 pro

  9. Ard says:

    Why my phone if play this game is force close

  10. Shinta says:

    Hi RG, im updating my ldoe. I replace the obb first then instal the mod apk, but it keep saying that “the apps didnt installed”. Help me please

  11. Ernadohs says:

    No me deja entrar al juego osea puedo entrar por el last day on eart por el de play store normal pero cuando instalo el hack inicia la imagen de inicio y 2 segundos despues me saca ayudame instale todo correctamentw

  12. Lara says:

    How do you activate the unlimited coins mod? Thanks!

  13. Joseph says:

    Anyone missing the swamp watchtower too?

  14. Alex says:

    I have a question. Why does my game close without loading? The screen turns gray and closes

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Is play store version of this game working fine?

        • Joshua says:

          I’m having trouble running the game. I installed the game and put the obb files correctly and yet stuck in the loading screen. Keep on force closing after that. Running the game in Android 11.

          • Rohit says:

            You hold on application then go to apk info,there allow storage permission which is denied by default then force stop the application.then open ,if still dosent work then again apk info force close then open repeat this untill open .it will open in 2-4 tries.

  15. babymilo says:

    Thanks for this new update. I can stop playing right now. When i tried upgrade lv 5 tier defense. I got kick from the game. Im happy to retired now. I lost all my data becoz of it. Tq so much RG.

  16. Breach says:

    It can’t connect to the game server, need a fix

  17. Sam says:

    How to preserve my saved data while updating the game

  18. Levants says:

    Hello, i have LDOE from playstore, if i install this apk mod, will it replace the prev LDOE or create new app with new name?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      if you have original version installed then you will have to uninstall it first then install our MOD Game

  19. Zera says:

    Pls update RG, thanks

  20. juan says:

    hola me puedes ayudar, en el juego utilice el mortero porque no sabia cuales artículos no se podían utilizar y en un instante dejo de funcionar y espere pero el jugador no se mueve ni entra a configuración, nada….
    me salí y no me deja entrar se queda cargando, me puedes ayudar porque no quiero perder el progreso.

  21. Frost says:

    Hi, download the latest version and it gets stuck, just download the mod since I had it from the previous version. if I install the obb folder I must start over from the beginning.

  22. Surya says:

    I Just di the new versione download and as sono ad I tried to install the game I hot all my previous data deleted….. Why?????

  23. Alex says:

    Hello, i just want to ask, I’m trying to login/connect to my google acct to save my game but it’s not working. What do I need to do? Thank you

  24. Benny says:

    Can you hack the coins too?

  25. Ahsan says:

    Hi. Thanks for the great mod. But the zombie truck, helicopter & some other things can be crated but can’t be placed. What to do with that. And I can’t finish building the ATV because one component is missing. what to do with that. And still can’t activate the terminal in bunker Alfa.
    please reply to me .

    • Zykerio says:

      Those things are not actually added to the game. They are considered uncraftable items in the not modded game.

    • Your mom says:

      Please study before play. You cant build zombie truck and helicopter because the tungsten component is not in the game yet. To get inside bunker alfa, you need to find a A card. Please study before you play

  26. Daniel says:

    The unlimited durability isn’t working in the 1.17.9 version

  27. Darda Andisa says:

    Sorry just ask in this mod no free buy in shop or incrase coin after buy ?? BTW thanks for the mod….

    • Pixy says:

      There’s no free shop, they changing the pricing system long ago in the earlier version, as for coin they patched it, so Rip.

  28. Noquitauz says:

    Does the future MOD have a chance to double the money when spending ?? I would love to know

  29. Jorge Luiz says:

    this new MOD update, has a chance to come with a currency multiplier as it would be great for the game to advance

    and sorry for english because i’m brazilian and i don’t speak english

  30. BeruangSarkis says:

    Hi rg, why cant i ride the chopper to other maps? Example i need to deliver electric generator to other maps. How can i do it?

  31. Sd16 says:

    Thanks RG.. since I found way to connect to Google Play Account, some crash is fine.

  32. GM_MaDaFaKa says:

    RG it’s me again. I really wanted to ask if the MOD really works on the Crater. Because every time I check it, it’s still not working. It just shows that the durability bar is still but after a couple of use, it will automatically broke. Can you please help me know how it will also work on the Crater. Much much thanks and also Happy New year to you RG.

  33. Jeff L. says:

    Is there OBB for this? Stucked in the loading screen

  34. gHeCy says:

    Hey RG,
    the medkit was not working for food and water refiLL anymore??

  35. Reptilians says:

    Hi RG.. How to move the game data to another phone without resetting the data because it can’t be connected to Google Play? Thank You

    • Royal Gamer says:

      you can use Facebook login to save your progress right?

      • Reptilians says:

        can you explain to me steps to connect with facebook account? Thank you RG

      • Sandipan das says:

        Is this game have Facebook login option? I mean any game mod don’t work with google play games account, u can’t save your progress if the game is hacked version right? But then you told him he can use Facebook login. Is that possible? I really want to know please. I want to download this game mod please tell me I will be able to save my progress or not

        • Spaghetti Souls says:

          You need to use a file explorer to copy the saved data from the last day on earth folder to somewhere else or by simply changing the folders name.
          Search on youtube how to save data from last day on earth.

  36. Heri says:

    just a suggestion from me the game is not stable when opening looting and the game always comes out by itself, thank you sir admin for reading my comments

  37. Syafiq says:

    Thank you for providing us with this awesome mods rg, keep up the good work :)

  38. Anonymous says:

    Magic Split (duplicate items, even without quantity)

    Says in the description ‘Even without quantity’ it means what? And how does it work?

    • Mr. Pickles says:

      Good day RG, Just wanted to ask if the mod also works on outside wall? Because on the previous update(which is my first time creating a new character on the other wall), the magic split doesn’t work, even the durability doesn’t. All of the mod doesn’t work on the outside wall.

  39. taufiq says:

    instead uploading this shity game. can i request some good games? like muse dash. thank u somuch rg

  40. Lelouch says:

    Sir RG sorry to bother you but there is no humanitarian drop which requires by the raiders to raide bases, I’ve been waiting for it for several weeks now. Hope this will be fix, thanks

  41. Lelouch says:

    I’m stuck at the loading screen

  42. Lelouch says:

    How to update the game without losing your progress?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Why it says update the game

  44. Mawardi says:

    Stuck at early screen loading…how to fix it RG ?

  45. Samosir says:

    How to get fuel tank for chooper.. i cant get it at the Alfa and Old Farm
    Please, tell me how to get fuel tank..?

    • Ariane says:

      I think we have to keep trying. It’s a rare item so it’s not positive we will get it on the first few tries. I wasn’t lucky either yet (tried twice, both in the farm and the alfa bunker).

  46. TRiis says:

    Yeah me too. Was wondering as well got a lot of weapon mods blueprints but it doesn’t show up on the Gunsmith Workbench. Pls help RG.

  47. Thegeo says:

    Esta genial el juego así como la jugabilidad solo tiene un pequeño problema, el que no pues construir el helicóptero y una mesa de trabajo de creacion de materiales de computación de ahí en fuera corre genial. Y otro detalle tendrás la actualización del mes de mayo. Saludos

  48. anon says:

    so, this mod can’t participate in season event?
    when duplicating item and input to the event, got billion minus point.
    also, when the duplicated item move to other place, the amount change differenly.
    please fix immediately, thanks..

    • Fulgoso says:

      You have to click it twice bro, the 2nd click will work. Dont use the no numbers dups. Use the billion ones. Its unlimited and safety. But i have a problem, just now. I can’t connect to the server, this mod might be cracked down already. Hope our generous RG will solve it, thanks idol.

  49. Mimmo says:

    please need update…ty

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