Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

Ubisoft's Sequel to Mighty Quest Epic Loot has arrived. Partnered with Netflix you will be able to play full offline game on your android devices. One of the unique features of "Mighty Quest Rogue Adventure" is its "rogue-lite" gameplay style. Each time a player enters the Palace of the Gods, the dungeon layout and enemy placement is randomized, providing a fresh challenge every time. Enjoy the game and you do not need any LOGIN ID to play this game.
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Netflix Inc.
Apr 11, 2023
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Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is a premium game that offers an excellent mobile roguelite experience for players. The game takes place in the rogue palace, where players embark on a quest rogue to collect epic loot. In my first hours playing the game, I was immediately hooked by its extremely enjoyable formula. Everything, from the graphics to the gameplay, is top-notch and will keep you coming back for more.

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Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is an epic game that offers players the chance to customize their characters, upgrade their abilities and armor, and unlock new abilities. This roguelite dungeon crawler is filled with dungeons and weapons that players can use to defend the castle against enemies. The game features a special add-on pack that includes major changes, such as dogs themed content for players to enjoy. Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and weapons. The game rewards players with epic loot as they progress through the dungeon, making it even more exciting to play. Everything, from the graphics to the gameplay, is top-notch and will keep you coming back for more.

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is a mobile roguelite action game that takes place in the kingdom of Oblivion. The kingdom has fallen into darkness due to the machinations of a super evil CEO, Kristian. The fallen king, who has been in an endless slumber, can only be awakened by a team of hero heroes. The fate of the great kingdom of Opulentia rests on their shoulders. Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is set in the same universe as a forthcoming Netflix film series called Brink.

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8 comments on "Mighty Quest Rogue Palace"

  1. BLakes says:

    it freeze my phone when loading in final boss even pressing home button or power button doesnt work what a powerfull useless game it will destroy my phone dont try to download it

  2. Bonnnzzz says:

    This game version have bugs, when u move the character it always going upward and going back to that same direction, sometimes when the character runs it shakes.. i think it is still an early version im hoping for the updates, anyways good game.

  3. Ari says:

    Bug pada pengendalian karakter, karakter selalu jalan sendiri. (Indonesia)

    Device : Redmi Note 10 5G

  4. thumper says:

    Seems like it might be a fun game to play but the movement stick gets stuck going up and to the right making the game damn near unplayable. will try again after they patch it. thanks for the upload

  5. Balck says:

    it keeps on running straight everytime I use the joystick it goes on continuously after I remove my thumb in the screen

  6. Leostar says:

    Is there any way the stuck control can be fixed?

  7. K says:

    When i start game why the character is always moving to one direction, and i must hold the button to keep it. I think the problem is in my phone, but when i try to the another phone then it’s same, still moving. Please fix it RG, thanks.

  8. Jefferson calderon says:

    Is this normal? When i strt to walk it duddenly auto running

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